I slowly walk towards my warehouse. I know inside it is the person who changed me into what I am today, a murderer. After about five minutes I reach the door. Unlocking it and walking into the building I hear him start to move around. Is the tranquilizer already wearing off? It shouldn’t be, I put enough in him to keep him under for at least two days, it has only been one.

I jog into his holding area, I didn’t have the budget for the fancy cells, so I got an old mental hospital bed. The ones with the leather bonds, they looked nice and durable.

I jog to the bed, examining my “patient” I notice that he is only pretending to sleep. To scare him further I decide to pull up a chair and while watching him, I sing him nursery rhymes. An hour into this he finally snaps,

“WHY ARE YOU SINGING? What is the point if you are just going to kill me?”

“Because darling, I want to see you die on the inside as well as on the outside. I mean what is the point in isolating you if I can’t have some sort of fun?” I softly said.

“But why did you pick me? I thought we were friends.” He whimpered.

“Maybe once, but that was before you abandoned me.” I go back to singing, this time more angrily.

I leave the warehouse late in the evening, almost 6:30. As I walk to my work, I am a security officer, I am confronted by two “real” cops.

“Excuse me, Maya? May I ask you a few questions? A young male is missing and reports say you two were close once.” Officer aggressive asked.

“Sure, I mean, my work doesn’t really matter since I am not a real cop now right?” I used to be a cop like them, we even used to be friends, but the second I refused to sleep with the boss I was gone. I don’t blame them, they didn’t know. No one does, the bossman gave a fake reason and everyone believed him.

“Oh haha, But seriously this guy may need help. We aren’t supposed to say anything about this lest it get to the public but I think you are safe. Here’s the thing, we have found about three bodies in this city.” My other “friend” confides in me. Their real names are Carson and Wyatt. Well crap, the police have found three bodies already. That doesn’t agree with my plan.

The plan was for them to find the bodies in about four years, enough time to really mess with my closest friend. After my run in with Carson and Wyatt I hurry to work. Ugh, another long and boring night at the local science research center. I think I will play some online game, or maybe actually walk around tonight. At 7 o’clock in the morning I am relieved of duty. I trudge back to my apartment for some food and sleep.

I wake up screaming bloody murder, another nightmare. Man this s***s! It was about when he abandoned me again, when I needed him the most. Maybe the bodies being found isn’t the worst thing in the world. It could be a sign that it is almost time to go. I will still deal with my abandoner. The only problem is what to do with him. Should I leave him and let him starve and dehydrate? Maybe slowly break every bone in his body? If I do that I will need to pad the walls. I should do that anyway, I mean what if someone is walking by and hears him? Wait, does he know or remember who I am? I hear masking is a good idea. Oh I can mess with him more if I get one from a tv show. That way if anyone does find him before I am through, he will seem even crazier than he his.

I finally decide to break every bone, I did some research and if I do that with a mask on it will be like a scene from Tokyo Ghoul. Before I go to him, I pick up the mask from a custom store and plyers from the hardware store. This takes me about an hour, I know this town very well since I grew up in the mafia here in New York City. Pulling on my new mask I walk into the warehouse holding my patient, I start singing again, this time singing Dream a Little Dream of Me. He starts to sob.

“Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper I love you,”

“If you really love me you wouldn’t be doing this,” He choked on his words.

“Oh, but I used to, this seems right for the occasion.” I giggled.

“What do you mean by occasion?” He inquired.

“Well, I am going to break you, ever so slowly. Much like you did to me, driving me over the edge. I did love you, once long ago.” I confessed.

I took the plyers out in front of him, waiting for him to realize what I was going to do. His eyes widen at the thought of me beating his skull in. I think that’ll be the last thing I do to him before, at least, hiding his body too. Starting the song again, I bring his left foot up to where we both can see it. I notice it is bruised, probably from an escape attempt. Holding the plyers in my left hand, I break his little toe in a minute. His screams started to fill the warehouse.

A few days later, he is dead. His body is in the sewage system cut up into little pieces, it is harder to find and identify that way. I go on with my life for about a month, the month he had left me to the worst mafia in the world. I had decided long ago that I would disappear forever on that day, January 21. After work, I go to my apartment complex. I walk up the long stairways, passing children. As I pass them I tell them to go inside, I know they don’t want to be around for what happens next. Reluctantly they go inside their home. I soon hear delighted laughter from the other side of the door, I continue. As I climb, I pray for their souls and lives. Children mean everything, they are innocent and helpless, which is why I even pray. Other than that why bother? If there is a creator then he sure doesn’t care for me. I reach the top of the building, getting out onto the roof, an old man stares at me. I smile and wink at him, then I let myself fall.

  • Puddin Tane

    Could have drawn the “patient’s” torture out a bit more and maybe said how he was connected to “you”. Ie: father, lover, husband. Pretty good though.

    • Angel

      Thank you!!! Is there anything I could do to be better? I love writing and want to be the best O can be, so any tips help!!! (Signed out author)