Dear Diary

This diary was found in an abandoned building we assume housed a serial killer that has evaded capture for the past several weeks. It was released in the hope that someone would speak up with any tips on “Tina’s” whereabouts.


August 3rd

My therapist said that writing a diary might help with my… overactive imagination. I don’t know about that, but there is some relief in knowing that there’s a record of those… Things.

[Almost all of the rest of the page is filled with doodles of large humanoid figures with impossibly large smiles and giant scribbled in circular eyes. A small message is scrawled under a doodle of a slightly more menacing figure.]

This one is the leader. I call him Steve.

August 4th

Dr. Carson told me that I should take medication today. It’s the twelfth time she’s told me that. But the meds would make it so that I can’t see the ‘things’… And I think me being able to see them is the only thing keeping them from tearing me apart. I like keeping my skin, thank you. 


August 6th

I forgot to write yesterday. Too much happened. While I was driving home from Dr. Carson’s, one of them walked right in front of my car. I swerved to avoid it, and almost hit someone. I think they want to hurt me.


August 7th

I heard scratching last night. I didn’t sleep a wink, I was too busy waiting for one of them to break through my door and eat me. I don’t think being able to see them is keeping me safe anymore, but it can warn me if they’re coming…


August 8th

I got one. It came through my door even though I locked it, but I got it. Good thing I always keep a knife handy… I thought the body would disappear when I killed it, but it’s still there. I’m not sure if anyone could see it, but it’s blocking the way to the kitchen. I’m gonna bury it in the backyard tonight.


August 9th

Oh my god. They got her. They got my sister. I saw her on TV, she’s missing. But I don’t think they’ll find her… Oh, god…

I’ll hunt every last one of those bastards down for hurting her. I promise, Kate.


August 10th

I left. I had to, they were trying to break in. I don’t know how they couldn’t get in and the first one could, but I ran out the back door into the woods. I know, not the smartest move, but better than just sitting there and letting them tear me apart. I ran until I stopped hearing movement behind me, then I ran some more. I’m in an abandoned cabin right now… I don’t know why I brought you with me, but it’s soothing to write.


August 11th

I got another one today. I don’t think it even noticed me, I snuck up behind it and stabbed it right through the back of the skull. Easier to reach than I thought it would be… I hid the body sort of under a bush, so the others wouldn’t find it. At least, not until I’m long gone. I only stayed in the cabin for one night, I found a cave for tonight. But my phone’s dying, and I’m hungry… Hopefully, I’ll find a place I can rest a bit, get a charger, get some food… I’m gonna wait to write again until I find a light source, I need to conserve my battery.


August 13th

I found a bush with raspberries on it yesterday. And I actually checked internet to make sure they weren’t a poisonous berry that just looked like raspberries. They were the most delicious thing I had ever eaten. Oh, and I found a gas station today. I had to lie in order to charge my phone and get some real food, but at least I’ll stay alive. And so will my phone. I hope… [The rest of the page is illegible]

August 14th

Back in the woods. It was a close call, the things nearly got me. Steve was there, I think. It was hard to tell, I had to book it so that they didn’t catch me. I can take on one, but when they group up?

…I don’t even want to know. Oh, god, Kate must have been so scared…


August 15th

Got another one today. Sacrificed its body to a hungry animal. So much for being discreet… Oh well. At least my knife works on them. One by one, I’ll kill every last one of those scumbags.

For Kate.


August 17th

I saw a bunch of campers around a fire. One of them left, and I… Oh, god, it was so disgusting. I saw one of those things crawl out of his skin, but the skin was… absorbed by the thing. I was so shocked I almost missed my window to save those people. But I was sloppy, I only wounded it at first. Luckily, I killed it before it called for help, but… I don’t like it when they suffer. I want them dead, not tortured. Michael is the sadist of the family, not me.

Speaking of Michael… I wonder if he’s okay. And Susan, and their kids… And mom and dad, too. But I can’t contact them. If I do, they could be in danger. I can’t put my family in danger.


August 18th

I’m hurt… One of them shot a… thing, at me. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know how they did it, but now I’m bleeding and I’m scared. I don’t want to die. And I’m not becoming one of them.

…Heh. My pen’s almost out of ink. Is this the end?



I fell asleep, and I woke up in a house. I don’t know how long it’s been, but my wound was patched up. Whoever it was left you, untouched, (Well, you are locked so it would be hard for them to peep anyways). I’m still in my old clothes, thankfully, but my phone is missing.

[A large line encompasses most of the remaining space on the page]

August 23rd

So I met my savior. She’s just an old woman… I don’t know how she carried me to her house, but she fed me, and I’m tired. So I’ll trust her for now. But I’m putting a chair on the door in case she’s just fattening me up to eat. I don’t take chances. Oh, and I’m sorry for the line on the last page. She knocked on my door, and I got spooked. Silly me. Plus she was just charging my phone… Not surprising that she could, it’s the most common charging cord in the world, Micro USB.


August 24th(?)

I slept for what felt like forever, and my phone keeps glitching out on me. I don’t know what happened… Maybe I bled on it and it caused a short. It worked yesterday though. The woman is nice. She told me her name, it’s Bernice. Fitting for an old lady, right? Don’t let her catch me telling you, though, she leads a very youthful life. She exercises where she can, and she goes on walks every morning. I might go with her tomorrow. Bringing my knife, though.


August 25th(?)

The walk was nice. I didn’t see any of the things, either. I’ve been thinking about naming them. Not individually, but as a species. I’ll brainstorm ideas while I’m trying to fall asleep.


August 26th(?)

Bernice might be one of them. I’ve decided to call them ‘Mortes’ I read in a book once that ‘morte’ (or was it just mort? I’m not sure) means death. It’s pretty fitting, in my opinion. Oh, but back to Bernice. She’s a little too friendly, she disappears without saying anything, and the hiker showed me that they can take human form. Or… Do they just use people as cocoons? I’m not sure. But I’m gonna keep an eye on Bernice either way.


August 27th(?)

Bernice is gone. I woke up, and she wasn’t there. It’s like she never was. My phone won’t even turn on anymore. I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do. I looked through the house, and it looks like it’s been empty for years. I’m starving, and there’s nothing to eat anywhere. I think I saw a fruit tree somewhere out there when I was walking with Bernice, I’m going to go look for it. I’m leaving you here, just in case. If I die, someone might be able to find you. Protect themselves from the Mortes. I hope so.



Again, if any of you have any tips on the whereabouts of this killer, or happen to spot her, please contact the police immediately.