Posting Guideline

General Notes

  • These rules are applied either for future or existing story submissions. Some older stories may violate newer rules and we moderators will begin periodical maintenance for better community standard.
  • By what we have stated before, stories and/or images that not meet our quality standard will be unpublished or removed at moderators discretion.
  • All story will be reviewed and some will get editing (proofreading, censoring, editing, etc) for proper writing format and you will give your consent to this. We must do this because not all writers are following the best practices and rules of writing a story. If you are not satisfied with this, you can contact us and we can discuss it together. You are the owner of your stories, we only help you to make your stories reader-friendly.
  • Always back up your work locally and periodically. Even though our system has backup and draft system, you can’t still rely on this because we are not cloud storage service. This system is meant to assist you for a short period of time so you will not lose your work easily. We are not responsible for any lost work due to neglecting this. Our moderators will do maintenance and “cleaning” periodically and this could be resulted in deletion of your stories or image assets.
  • Draft/unpublished stories older than 60 days will be trashed. Trashed stories will be permanently deleted by system automatically after 30 days. In short, you have 90 days to recover your work before permanent deletion, that is plenty of time. For images, it will treated same as their attached stories. If they are not attached to any stories, deletion may occur as soon as system detects them. Published stories will not affected by this rule.
  • Submitted story will be credited to its author. Normally, creepypasta will use CC-BY-SA license (follow the link for explanation). We only help to display it to readers. Your stories will be publicly available so you will need to give us royalty-free, transferable, perpetual license to display your stories in our medias. By submitting your story, you agree to this.

Posting Guidelines

  • Do not post anything that violates local, European, United States, or any law.
  • Do not post any personal information of either yourself or someone else. Use an alias or false name, or just don’t post anything that can violate our privacy policy.
  • Do not post any content that’s unsuitable with our IARC Rating. This will be further explained in the IARC Rating section (click here for explanation). This includes but not limited to anything adult themed, racism, bullying, violence, gore, etc. Please follow this link for better explanation.
  • All stories must be a horror themed story. Horror stories have a primary purpose to frighten, scare, or startle readers by inducing feelings of horror. To further expand upon this topic:
    • Elements of suspense or eeriness are often integral to a horror story.
    • Adult themed horror while they can be scary, are not appropriate. Do not post it.
  • Swearing words will be censored automatically by system. Always preview your work before submitting.
  • Your submission must be a story. This means it has to have a plot – something must happen, and then something else must happen as a result.
  • The recommended word count for stories is 500 words. If your story does not meet that minimum, as long as it is really good, we will tolerate it.
  • If it is a story from a series (e.g. Chapter 1 or Part 1 etc) then it must be longer than 800 words.
  • It is against the rules to repost the exact same story (under the same user name or another user name) for the sole purpose of getting more attention for that story. However, if we think that your story is good and need more audience, we will repost it after a certain period of time.
  • Add a category other than Uncategorized. You may add up to 3 (three) categories per story.
  • Do not explain something on your title e.g. “Jeff the Killer (hope you enjoy it and blah blah blah)”.
  • If you make a story based on the original pasta, give ‘extension’ to the title so it will not be a duplicate and confuse readers e.g. “True Story of Ben Drowned”, “Jeff the Killer 2015”.

Image/Video Upload Guidelines

  • If you put image(s) into your story, they must be lower than 100KB in file size and smaller than 640px at both dimensions. Violating this will result in deletion or resize. If you need bigger image to shown, use external image hosting service, we will not tell you what, just search it on the internet.
  • Images should be cropped into square-shaped. It is not mandatory but we will represent them in square size.
  • Do not upload animated image. GIF file extension is not allowed if it is animated. If it’s not, better use PNG or JPG instead by converting it.
  • Do not upload videos. We will reject your submission and delete your video.
  • Never upload copyrighted works. We will delete them immediately.
  • Even though we are creepypasta community that dealing with horror, do not upload sadistic, gore, excessive blood image, and so on. Let just keep your images as merely a representative or let’s say “book cover”. No one will put gore image on their book cover, right?
  • This above rule also indicated that you are following our IARC Rating.


  • Accepted stories will be published in a queue. They will not appear immediately. We do this to give proper exposure to every stories submitted.
  • The system is not First In First Out. It means that even you submit your story earlier, it can be scheduled last. Scheduling system is depending on:
    • Word count. The more the merrier. It is also an indicator that you are writing your story seriously and it has some plots. Better plotted stories will be scheduled on prime time to gain as many readers as possible.
    • Writing format. If it is easy on the eyes (has good paragraph, proper grammar, spelling, etc), then we will prioritize it.
    • Reputation. Based on your last stories ratings, we can prioritize you.
    • Luck. Yes it does. If your story being reviewed by not so strict moderator, then you will get an easy pass.
  • Because of scheduling system, if you have more than one story, it is advised to just submit them without waiting for your first story being published. Our moderator will schedule series based on their chronological chapter as long as the title tells it. So don’t worry. For independent stories, they will be randomly published according to the rule above.


  • Do not do flaming, trash talk, insulting, or some other behaviors that is not tolerable in real life.
  • Spam comments will likely being blocked automatically by system. But even if it’s not, we will delete them manually.
  • We will moderate comment as best as we could, but maybe some comments that are not appropriate will still displayed. Report them to us using available link, or flag them.
  • You should not post any link in the comment section. It will be filtered though.
  • Be a good community member.

These rules will be applied immediately. If there are any changes, it will be written here without notification. So check it out periodically before submitting a story.