Part 1: The Prologue Past

Listen, or at the very least, take notice. I never wanted to meet him. I never wanted to meet them. I never wanted to become involved with them. And yet here I stand. I’ve met them all, followed them, worked with them, just like what she said I would do. Nobody escapes Destiny.

I should explain myself quickly. My true name is Surrilia von Síceapath. Last name meaning “psychopath.” Yeah, laugh or scream all you want. You would regret that later on when you find my knife at your mouth. Short for my blood, 4’11 tall for a 11 year old. You might find it tall, but it’s not. One of my more sensitive info is what I am. I’m not one of those “I am the Armageddon God of Everything succumb to my heed” thank you. Those tend to tick me off.

Anyways, about them. They’re just like me somehow in someway. Some are murderous. Some are mentally ill. All work for the one guy I never wanted to meet in my life. Just thinking about it is just sickening. I started to see them about 5 months prior to starting this. I woke up next to Leo after about 5 in the morning when I saw Destiny at the foot of my bed. Her glassy clock and space eyes stared right at me.

“The f**k you doing watching me sleep, kid?!” I hushed at her. I’ve got a big habit of randomly cursing.

“Shush, lest you want him to wake. I have come here to warn you of your fate. It is rather a lengthy one.” she whispered.

I held in a small groan, but she could sense it.

“Sometime soon, you will meet a group of people. The term ‘people’ may be a little loose to describe them. You must have trust in them, or they’ll make you succumb what you have down to others. Give my regards to the boss. He vaguely knows me, but he does not forget. See you.”

She then proceeds to disappear into her room until she needs to tell someone how to die. Wonderful s**t. I just hate her. You wake up and already you know that you might die again, go get caught by some group of dudes, and not even get a chance of a peaceful day. Dunno how you do, but I envy you.

Now, this is where is get really unnerving. I’m outside on top of the lab, just starin’ out into the traffic sky when I see someone. Not in the sky or road, but in a locked, abandoned ally way. A man maybe, really tall with a suit on just blankly staring at me. The next second, he’s gone out and he’s not there anymore.

“No lovely wolf child, nobody but me wears such a formal suit. Not even Alkronix when going somewhere fancy.” chided Zangus. He’s a devil, about 10’5 feet tall, teakwood-ish skin, and crazy long horns. Like all his other brothers and sister, he doesn’t have a clue who I’m talking about. Typical for me. Nobody ever has a clue what I’m talking about.

It keeps happening every day. I see him, the unusually tall and faceless man. Sometimes it’s when I’m just staring out and he just happens to appear into my sight. Sometimes it’s when I’m in for a satisfying kill and at the last second before I plunge my knife into a man’s throat, I see him. The last straw was just a month ago from now. I managed to drive a group of 3 kids near the edge of a forest. Their small, tiny bodies are nowhere strong enough to drive me back. Swiftly, I charged with two blades open, easily tearing apart two of them. The third shrieked with fear as his comrades fell with a duplicate thump, slashed across their tender flesh. The silence between me and him was enjoyable, his heartbeats increasing with every second. The musty, morning smell of heavy fog filled the forest floor. Without giving a sign, I darted to my last young, screaming victim when it happened.

It was nothing at first, but it grew painfully within seconds. A white static sound, like an old tv would make. Soon, I couldn’t hear myself or anything. Clamping my ears doesn’t block the sound, but it increases the pain. I struggle towards to the victim before he runs and goes to tell about me, but black spots begin the appear. Whatever or whoever is in charge of the static is clearly not used to so much resistance. My knife raised to pierce, but a sudden surge of noise comes buzzing through is enough to knock me out cold.

“This is not real, right? She looks like a little girl, not a killer.”

“She murdered two kids and maybe a third one near the woods. And that’s not all what I heard from the boss.”

“Dunno, looks like another psycho from an asylum breakout.”

“Shut up! The boss says she’s dangerous and that we shouldn’t even be talking about it.”

“The boss just came in with two knifes, a revolver, and a little girl soaked in blood. That is a totally normal day for us, huh?!”

“I wanna play with her. Couldn’t she wake up by now?”

“Have you got any brains? The boss’ usual doesn’t work as well on her. Probably tired himself out too.”

“Shut up!”

At this point, I can guess that a fight broke out before I passed out again. After what seemed like an eternity again, I wake up fully and see chains. Chains that wrapped around me, restricting almost all of my movements. Now, as a free roaming animal, getting chained was one thing I absolutely dreaded, other than loosing Leo which would be literally the end of me. You can’t move around and if you were really unlucky, you couldn’t speak either. The room was empty, nothing out of what I could see was helpful. My weapons. The few prized items I’d protect to the end were right across the room from me, shinning with a crimson gleam. Someone had used them while I was out and that was not helping me over my already rising thoughts.

After about 2 more hours listening to chains being clanked around, the door creaked open ever so slightly inwards.

“Hey, she awake! Grab the boss over here and get it done with!” a voice called out, with rushed footsteps afterwards. Behind the door, I could see them looking into the crack, shoving each other to see, but not open the door anymore than it was. At last, the door swung open softly with echoing footsteps entering my room. An unnaturally tall man entered. The same man from before. The same black suit and tie. The same long, thin tentacles from his back. The same pale, faceless man from before. A group of people followed him inside, locking the door when all of them were in.

A horrible chill went through me. He was him. And they were them. And I was going to suffer what I would have once called fun.

“F**k today.”

Author Note: Thank you for giving this story a chance, either that you got it my random or you read it by luck, it doesn’t matter! The series will continue if I can get enough support from myself and from the readers. I dunno how long it’s going to take, but any suggestions are read daily and are acknowledged. Thanks once again and if you will excuse me, I must get back to the library. I think I can see a thief.

~ Destiny