The Obsession

Rain tapped on the window as a young woman was driving down the long dirt road, the hospital she worked at as very isolated and away from everything just in case someone escaped. She had short red hair and black glasses, her bright blue eyes shimmered in the light, there was high expectations of this woman at her work place. Many people loved her even the patients enjoyed talking to her, but there was one patient who interested her, his name was Dominika Grant, he had an obsession of a fictional character and he would not talk to anyone, not even her.

The woman parked up by the large building and made her way through the rain and swiped a card to open the two large front doors, with a grunt she forced them open and walked inside. “Hello, you know the drill Alex, you got to sign in before you enter.” The man behind the shatter proof glass booth opened a little hatchet and passed her a signing in log book. She sighed and signed her name and time she arrived, Alex smiled at the man. “There you go.” Alex passed the book back to him and walked up to the two heavy iron doors. “Oh yeah sorry.” The man pressed a button and a loud buzz sounded and the doors swung open like magic.

Alex walked down the halls and entered through a door with a sign saying “Doctor Alexandra Black.” She shut the door behind her and sat down in the chair. The room was small, two chairs and a large table, no wonder nobody talks. She put her bag down by the chair and took out a large file and placed it onto the table. “PATIENT 606, Name, Dominika Grant, Age, 20.” Alex made a sad face. “Such a young age…” She sighed and started to carry on reading. “He was found in his house with a bloody knife in his hand, he was stood over his parents dead bodies and he had carved a smile into both of their faces. When this incident occurred he was only 16 years old, the second incident was serious self harm, he was adamant that the fictional character he was obsessed with called Jeff The Killer carved a smile into the sides of his cheeks and slashed his wrists. But from being diagnosed with Psychosis, Paranoia and schizophrenia and a possible case of Borderline Personality Disorder, he could have been harming himself whilst hallucinating this character.”

A sudden knock at the door made Alex jump out of her skin. “C- Come in!” She said hesitantly. The door opened and a very tall and skinny man walked in, he was in a straight jacket with a mask around his mouth, the two men walking him in sat the man down in the chair across from Alex. She looked at the two large men. “May you remove the mask?” She asked. The men shook their heads. “For his safety and of course yours, it needs to remain on him.” Alex grunted. “I need to talk to him, I won’t be able to hear him with that mask on.” She spoke in an annoyed tone. “Fine.” One of the men removed the mask.

Alex nodded to the two men and looked at the shaking man in front of her. “So, Dominika, right? My name is Alexandra Black and I’m a professional Psychiatrist, I am here to help you so please tell me what’s wrong.” She took out a note pad and pen and leant back in her chair. The man shook even more. “I can’t tell you….” The man whispered with a tremor in his voice. “What can’t you not tell me, Dominika?” Alex leant forwards. “If I speak he will come and punish me…” He closed his dull grey eyes. “Who will punish you?” She questioned him. “Jeff…” He seemed to shaking out of control now. “Jeff isn’t real, Dominika, he’s just a fictional character.” Alex pushed her glasses on top of her head. “He’s real!” Somehow he got out of the restraints and tried to attack her but before he was able to get near her the two men pulled out syringes and injected him with some green fluid which made him fall asleep instantly. “Thank you, take him back to his cell and keep a 24 hour surveillance on him.” Alex got up and picked her bag up. “Good day ma’am.” The two men picked Dominika up and walked out the room.

Alexandra sighed with relief and walked out the room, she went to her office and sat by the computer. She opened up the internet and typed in Jeff The Killer, she started to read his story and her heart jumped at the sight of his face, just like Dominika, they both had scared mouths. Alexandra checked the date of when this “killer” murdered his parents and her breakfast almost came back up. The day Jeff killed his parents, the very next day Dominika killed his.

Alex looked at the picture of Jeff again and she felt something, a weird feeling, like someone was watching her through her window. Of course it wouldn’t be possible, it was just forest surrounding the place, she looked through the window and her face turned white. “No…” He was stood there, Jeff with his grin. Alex jumped out of her chair and yelled out the window but Jeff took off into the forest behind him.

She ran out her office and told the security guard who was supposed to be walking the grounds to check for intruders was sat in the staff room eating his lunch, he laughed at her and called her a lunatic. “I seen a man with white skin, a white hoodie and black jeans! He was staring at me through my window!” Alex started to shout and the manager of the hospital walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. “Aren’t you describing the person Patient 606 sees?” He raised an eyebrow and Alex stopped. “So if everyone’s here… Who’s watching Dominika?” Alex’s eyes widened and they all heard a loud scream coming from the cell block. “Call the guards now!” Alex ran off and went straight to Dominika’s cell and opened the door. She threw up.

Everywhere in the cell was blood and from the ceiling, Dominika’s body hung, his guts all over the floor. “F*****g hell… Call the cops and the paramedics.” The chief guard patted Alex’s back as she was throwing up. “And check every patient, just in case they got hurt as well” He rubbed his forehead and Alex started to cry, she put her hands over her mouth.

After the hours of cleaning and investigating it turns out someone got into his cell by the front door and stole the security tapes so they couldn’t find out who it was. “I should’ve listened to him…” Alex shook, the sheriff put a blanket around her and gave her a coffee. “Thank you…” She tried to drink it but her hands shook violently. “Can you describe the person you saw through your window?” He asked her. “This patient was obsessed with a man called Jeffery Woods, he was burnt and he went insane, he killed his parents and carved a smile into his face and burnt his eyelids off.” Alex’s eyes started to water. “It was that man I saw, his face…” Alex got up. “I need to find him.” She ran out the room and got into her car and drove through the forest.

She found an old mansion and she stopped the car, she quickly got out and ran towards it. “You b*****d…” Alex walked up the steps and opened the front door, the smell was horrid and made her stomach turn. It was lots of little children, hung up on the wall with nails through their hands, feet and forehead. “Oh god…” Suddenly, the front door slammed shut and she jumped. A cold, leathery hand gripped her throat and pulled her back. Alexandra tried to scream but another hand was placed over her mouth. “You shouldn’t of followed me, you stupid b***h.” Jeff said in a deep voice, she slammed her foot into his knee and he let go of her, she turned around to see the horrific sight of what was once a sweet child who loved his family. “F**k!” He looked up with psychotic eyes bordered in black. He smiled and the cuts on his face split and started to bleed, he pinned her to the wall. Jeff pulled a knife out of his pocket and placed it over her neck. “Tell me, do you love the smell of blood?” He grinned. “I don’t know…” She whimpered. He rolled up her sleeves to see lots of scars light and deep. “I knew you did.” He laughed slightly and pulled the knife away from her.

“You have two choices, I think you’d make a pretty good killer… Join me or die.” He put his pale hand out and she gritted her teeth. “I only have one option, don’t I?” Alex sighed and grabbed his hand.

“News report, the forest near the Albury asylum was burnt down last night, killing many people. It also took down the whole asylum, killing everyone in it. Two survivors described seeing two figures, a short girl with short red hair and glasses and a tall skinny man with long black hair walking through the forest holding a red gasoline tank. If anyone has any information on these people please report to your nearest sheriff.”

There once was a woman called Alexandra Black, she was very good at her job and loved all the patients, but time went on and she realised that maybe she wasn’t mentally right in the head. Over time she found a man, who led her to a more exciting life of murder and crime, his name was Jeff.

The end… For now.

  • Mythical_Sisyphus

    Okay, so no offense, but the story s***s. You don’t really dive into what caused Dom to start trying to be Jeff. Not only that, but, and this is just me, you shouldn’t ever bring in another popular Creepypasta into your story if you want it to really stand out and be a good story. Although, I will come clean with my own faults. I am a little biased since I just absolutely hate Jeff the Killer. I’ll be honest, the second I saw his name in the story, I groaned from sheer disappointment. But don’t take this as me just hating on you, because I’m not. I actually believe that anybody can write a great pasta, they just need some help, so consider this my help to you: try to flesh out the story and build up some character in your characters, y’know? So give it another try, maybe you’ll hit gold next time!

  • Keni Suriya

    nice story! and i love jeff so much!
    you really create a nice plot, but i was hoping the patient showed up more, cuz i like his character and i once thinking his obsession of jeff because he loved it, not being forced by jeff to kill his own parents :’)