Who was That?

As I lay in bed, as the moonlight leaked in through my window, and painted the walls with shadows of enlarged dressers and my TV, I reflected on my day which was a very peculiar one to say the least. I kept catching a glimpse of a man… well, what resembled a man, but something was off about him. Whenever I see him, it seems as if he was there for a long time until I spotted him and then he moves out of sight. His movements were stiff and he looked like he had some type of condition with his legs. The weirdest part about him was his clothes. They were worn and old, he has no shoes, and he was wearing a big winter coat. I live in Georgia and its 90 degrees during the day time. He also has no facial hair at all, not even eyebrows. His pale skin had an almost bluish tint to it as if he’s walking around in shock.

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t go to sleep. I had been laying in bed for three hours thinking about this mysterious fellow. It wouldn’t be as bad if I saw him a couple of times today. I’ve seen him literally everywhere I’ve went today. The last time I saw him, he was at the end of my street, before I pulled in my driveway. He actually took notice to me that time and he looked at me and smiled with an eerie grin that gave me goosebumps. I parked, hopped out of the car, went into my house, and locked the door. I went to my living room window which faced that direction and found that he had left again. Although, I could hear my dog going nuts outside. I began to wonder, was this guy following me?

I was just dozing off, when what I thought sounded like bare feet walking on the floor up to my bed. I froze for a second and thought to myself, “Is this man really in my room?” I was frozen in fear and the room was dead silent. My nose then began to pick up the worse smell I had ever experienced in my life. I turned over to see where it was coming from. My eyes locked on to my dog who lay on the floor in a pool of blood. He was split down the middle and peeled to each side leaving his organs exposed.

I sprung out of bed in a mixture of anger and fear, went as quietly as I could to my closet, opened the door slowly, and reached in to pull my twelve gauge shotgun out of the corner. It was fitted with a flashlight and I clicked it on and shined the light back on my dog. I noticed a trail of blood leading out of the door with foot prints in the trail leading out of the door. What kind of sick b*****d is this? I slowly followed the trail out of the door. I have a big house and the trail led downstairs in the direction of the backdoor. As I cleared the stairs and rounded the corner, my mouth dropped in awe. My back door, which was a heavy door made out of oak, was ripped off the hinges and laid on the ground outside. Who the f**k is this guy?!

  • Rebecca

    Could have been longer or had a cliffhanger other then that I like it

    • Sheepz

      It actually has a cliffhanger bc we don’t get to know who the guy is… I wanna know! 😐

      • Rebecca

        Oh I didn’t think about that the😊

  • Ernest Mobley

    part 2 coming soon 👀👀👀👀👀

  • EricDraven

    It’s as almost like the story didn’t end.

    • Ernest Mobley

      hence the part 2 coming