My Big Barbie Family

I was home alone, it was raining pretty heavily. I just moved to a new house, leaving my old childhood neighborhood behind. I couldnt wait to get out of that house, it was falling apart, peice by peice. My new house seemed really beautiful, I loved it so far, but just one thing about it creeped me out. The Attic. Oh how I feared that one little room. Ive always been scared of dark areas, and just my luck, the attic didn’t have a light. I love the house’s features, like how the walls were already a nice, Baby Blue color, it was really nice. I live alone, I guess I havent met that special someone.Anyways, about the attic…..the Landlord  didnt show me the attic, but I didn’t question it. Y’know what they say…”just go with the flow”.  But, I thought it was weird that, she didnt show me the attic, she even showed me the extra “supposed to be” SECRET room! But not the attic, I would have to ask her that when we go out. Also, she was really nice when I met her, so I asked her to a Café tthe day I moved in…….so basically today. Being the charming man I am, she said yes. I was almost finished moving the furniture in. After I finished I texted her saying I was done. She responded with an ‘Ok meet me at the Café’ and I replied ‘Ok cya there’ So I went and got ready, I entered my car and started driving to the Café. Halfway there, I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like a doll in my backseat. I blinked, and it was gone. I just shrugged it off and kept driving. Once I arrived, I saw a tall girl about 5’6 with tan skin, and long brown hair, she looked EXACTLY like my Landlord, so i knew it was her.

“Hey! Ms.Hall!” I yelled, trying to get her attention. She turned looked at me, and smiled showing her big brown eyes, and slightly crooked teeth.

“Hey, James!” She responded, with a slight giggle. We got ourselves a table.

“Oh, and call me Paige, please?” I nodded and started to ask her the question thats been running through my mind for the past 8 hours.

“So, Paige, when you showed me the house…why didnt you show me the attic..?” I asked, in pure curiosity. She seemed to have froze when I asked her that.

“Uuh….” She looks at her phone turning it on and then turning it off “oh would you look at the time? I best be going” She got up waved to me and forced a smile “Bye James!” She waived as she walked out. ‘What? why did she just leave me here hanging? Whydidn’t she answer me? Im getting kinda suspicious..’

Once I returned home, I realized ‘Wait…I have a flashlight from my old house..’ I grabbed the flashlight from one of the boxes, and headed up to the attic. I gently let down the ladder, and opened the hatch, as I could only hear my heartbeat, and the slight creaking noise the hatch made. I turned on the flashlight so I could brighten my path, to whatever objects were up here. I swiftly moved my flashlight around until I saw something that made me freeze. It was a box, an ordinary box. I dont know why it was so interesting, but it felt like, something was drawing me to it. I climbed the rest of the ladder, and gently crawled over to it. There was a warning saying ‘WARNING! DO NOT OPEN BOX’ in black sharpie, me also being he nosy guy I am. I slowly but surely, opened the box. Revealing weird realistic looking dolls. One of them had Long blonde hair with green eyes, and on the back, it said ‘Miranda’, one was a little bigger than Miranda, he had black hair, blue eyes, and was marked ‘Devon’, next to Miranda and Devon, were two kids, the little girl had black hair and green eyes, and was marked ‘Alex’, the boy had had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was marked ‘Kevin’, and when I turned over, I saw a Doll, with really long brown hair, and brown eyes. She looked nothing like Miranda, Devon, Alex, or Kevin…I looked for a name, and stoped on the letter ‘E’ but the rest was scribbled out. ‘Hmmmm….I wonder what the rest says..’ I looked up as I hear light footsteps from the other side of the room….where the other dolls were…I looked over to their direction, and saw that Alex was gone. My heart started racing, more than when I started entering the attic. I freaked when my flashlight started flickering, I practically, jumped down the hatch and slammed it shut. I was horrified, only God knows where, Alex wouldve went. I was starting to fear the little female doll. ‘Theres no way, that that doll, moved! Its just not possible!’ I thought to myself, all my thoughts were racing past each other, most of them rying to talk over the other thoughts my mind came up with. Each one getting louder every second. I walked to my bedroom, and froze in my place when I saw Alex sitting on the edge of my bed, in a human like position. A position no doll could make unless they had those bendy knees.

I went into panic, freaking out, about how in the world that doll couldve ended up in my room!

“W-what kind of sick joke is this?! Paige?! I know your here! Your jokes up!” I yelled in fear, in hopes that Paige would walk out of my closet, or jump out from under the bed. I waited….and waited..and for about three minutes….nothing….nothing happend….I sighed and grabbed Alex, hoping that she wouldnt pull a Chucky move and come alive in my hand. But nope, she just stared at me. With her glassy green eyes. Her eyes looked so real, they were freaky. After I picked her up, I was going to place her in the attic again until I heard–BUMP!–I held onto Alex and ran to the noise, wich was right by the attic. I rushed to the noise and froze at the sight, Kevin was on the floor, slightly looking at me. I was horrified at this moment. Paige obviously new something was going to happen so I called her.

Ring……Ring……..Ring….click “Hello?” Paige answered in a tiring voice.

“Hey I have a slight problem..”I answered. After a long silence, she answered.

“W-what..?” she said in a slightly scared tone.

“Ok so…I went into the attic and found some creepy dolls that the old owners left behind, and now!” I raised my arm in anger” They’re all moving!” I lowered my arm and waited for a response.

“O-ok I will tel you whats going on..” she said in a depressing tone of voice. “Before you, I was the Landlord of the Fann family. Such a sweet family, but, they didn’t stay long…” she answered.

“Why? did they leave?” I questioned, trying to get more information.

“N-no.T-they….they disappeared…so one day I decided to go looking for them…I looked everywhere in the house, except the attic…when I checked there…..I saw four dolls….who looked exactly like them…..I already knew what happend…..Ive seen WAY too horror movies to take my whole life to peice that together!” by this time, she sounded like she was on the verge of tears. I noticed some smal figure walking by the hallway so I looked over.

“H-hey babe. I will call you right back ok?” I asked.

“O-ok. W-wait WHAT?!” before she said anything else, I hung up, to investigate where the figure went. I walked around the halls, each time I would turn I would see the end of the figure. When I walked into the “secret” room, I stopped. There stood a little girl with brown hair, and brown eyes with a torn little nightgown-like dress on. She looked exactly like the mystery doll!

“W-who are you?!” I asked, shouting a little, becuase ho wouldnt shout at a time like this?!

“I am the one you always hear but never see…” she said simply. I was so confused and scared right now.

“What..?” I asked before I could say anything  else, the lights went off and I hear little girl giggles.

“I am the one, you held in the attic, your warmth was really comforting……..too bad I have to take that away” She said as my eyes adjusted to the dark showing tons of pictures of familys with red ‘X’s in there faces.

“W-what is your name?!” I yelled.

“My name is Elvira, Elvira Grace, but you can call me ‘E’ ” i was confused…wait….the reason why she looks like the ystery doll is ecuase she is the mystery doll! She turned the lights back on.

“W-why ‘E’…?” I asked in a scared tone.

“Becuase….your big meany landlord crossed me out, when she left me up there…alone to rot….all by myself….” She answered looking down in disappointment.

“Y-you mean Paige..?!” I asked. She just nodded in response…

“Follow me….” She said as she started walking away. I did as I was told and followed Elvira. She led me to a small hatch in the ground. She opened it and asked me.

“Do you hear that?” I shook my head answering her question.

“Get closer and you will hear” I got closer and felt a hand push me into the hatch. I screamed and flew into the dark cupboard ike area…except…inside was bigger..the light from up above me was shing through the darkness. It was silent until I heard some groaning in front of me. I looked closer and saw a huge pile of torn, broken, and deceased baby dolls, crawling towards me. I tried to back up, but there was a wall behind me….just my luck..they kept crawling towards me, in a scary motion. Before they reached me, I heard Elvira say

“Now you can be a part of my big barbie family…” and then I blacked out

I woke in a dark area, and it looked familiar, wait…..this was……MY ATTIC!!! Was it all a dream? I hope so…I tried to move but couldn’t move..I tried some more…nope..nothing….I was freaking out, until I looked at my hands and saw……..plastic….oh no…oh no no no! I looked around, some more, oh my god no…..MY BODY IS PLASTIC!!!! I heard, some footsteps below me and geard someone calling my name….I immediately new it as Paige..I tried calling for help but nothing escaped yy now plastic throat…I saw the hatch open and revealed Paige, she looked around then stopped at me. Fear in her eyes…

“O-oh! no! n-not you too!” She said as a few tears escaped her eyes. Then I saw Elvira emerge from the darkness and walked behind Paige.

“Your next” Elvira whispered before strangling Paige to death, I was forced to watch, a tear escaping my glassy eye as I had to watch that horrific scene.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    … The grammar could use some work, there are words that are capitalized for no reason, spaces missing, the spelling was mediocre at best and OH BOY don’t get me started on how clichè it was. That being said, it was better than some stories I’ve read. Keep writing, read other stories… I started with stories way worse. You got dis.