Was it Just a Dream?

I was sleeping peacefully on my bed, dreaming. I awoke up to a thump at the front door. I rubbed my sleepless eyes, my mom always told me to go to sleep earlier. I never listened.

Taking my small blanket with me, I sleepily walked over to my door to open it. Once I had opened it, me and my blanket walked to the front door of my house. I took a chair, which was next to me, and put it next to the door. I had to because I was too short to look out of the eye hole.

Nobody, or nothing was there. I started to get worried. But why? Was it the fact that my parents were gone? Or that I heard a thump at the front door and nothing was there? I made up my mind as it were an animal searching for food on my front porch. Still holding onto my blanket, I put back my chair where it had been originally and walked back to my room. Yet again, I hear another thump, but it was from the back door.

I shook it off as a coincidence that maybe another animal was at the back door. My curiosity had gotten a hold of me. I went to the back door, opened the curtains and yet again, nothing was there. But when I looked farther in the back yard, I saw someone. Fear took over me.

I raced to my bedroom, my blanket trailing behind me as I held onto it. Never had I been so scared in my life. I hid under my bed, like any other 8-year-old would do.

I heard the back door handle jiggling. I’d forgotten to lock the back door. How stupid I was. The door swung open, very quietly. I silently cried as I heard footsteps walking around the house, getting closer and closer to my room.

“Ashlyn… Ashlyn…” the person went, looking into all of the rooms. How did he know my name?

I stopped crying, hearing my door knob twist and turned until the person got my door open. Hearing this, I wanted to scream, but I quickly covered my mouth once the person had walked inside. I didn’t know what the person’s intentions were, but I saw he, I think it was a he, had matches in his hands. That quickly reminded me that my birthday was tomorrow.

I couldn’t help it, I uncovered my hand and started breathing, I already knew that the person was going to find me. I wouldn’t be able to turn 9 tomorrow, I might be dead. My brown hair stuck to my face as my tears were drying. I saw the person take out a match, as lit the match.

He looked under the bed, and our eyes locked. My eyes were full of fear, while his eyes were full of pure amusement. He looked at the match and giggled.

“Happy birthday, Ashlyn!” I screamed as he flung the match at me.

I woke up in a sweat. Beads of sweat were on my face. Was it all just a dream? My parents were gone that night, but I didn’t worry too much, and my birthday was tomorrow. That’s when I heard it, a thump, at the front door.

  • Oliver

    I liked the scene of them meeting and the ending and the storyline was well written. Altho I was quit annoyed that I’m suppose to be reading a story by an eight yearold so either it suppose to be simpler or at least have some of the charmish attitude of that age which the fear of goin to bed late was a nice addition. Nevertheless i might be wrong but maybe got you thinking. Thanks for a great bedtime story.

  • Emily Hudson

    Wish it was longer.

  • M.p_23

    Loved​ the story