Wicked Innocence

–October 16th, 2008–
(Siya’s 13th birthday)

“Happy birthday sweetie! I’ve made your favorite.” Leena said in a cheerful tone as she was carrying an all chocolate cake with the candle number thirteen placed on top. She gently placed the cake on the dining table.

“Thanks mom, you’re the best!” Siya said as she gazed at the dessert in amazement.

“You’re welcome dear, now go get your father it’s almost time for dinner.”

Siya nodded and headed to the living room where she saw her father watching t.v. “Dad it’s time for dinner.” Siya said as she approached her father.

“Okay honey.” Thomas replied. He turned the television off before proceeding to pick the girl up and the two went to the dining room.

After the forester family finished eating dinner, Leena and Thomas sung the birthday song to their daughter before cutting the cake. Siya quickly devoured her slice, which didn’t surprise her parents since they knew how much she loved chocolate. She waited in anticipation for the other two to finish before she jumped out of her seat.

“Can I open my presents now please?!” The girl asked excitedly. The parents laughed at their daughter’s eagerness. Thomas got up from his seat and went to the closet, he returned moments later with a thin rectangular black box with white wrapping on it.

“Sure kiddo, here you go.” Thomas said happily as he gave her the box. Siya quickly opened the box to reveal two blades.

Siya looked at her father, confusion written all over her face.

“They’re for protection while i’m gone, when i’m away from you two all I can think about is if you both are safe. If anything happened to either of you I just couldn’t live with myself.” Thomas said solemnly as he ruffled the girl’s hair while his wife was comforting him.

“Thanks dad, I’ll treasure them forever.” Siya hugged her father lovingly.

“Here Siya here’s my gift, I hope you like it.” Leena said as she handed a medium rectangle sized white box with a red bow on the top. Siya open the box, when she saw what was inside she shrieked in joy.

“A Laptop!? I love it! You’re the best parents ever!” Siya examined her new laptop in astonishment, her mouth formed into a wide smile.


–April 25th, 2010–
(Siya is 14 years old)

Siya gazed out the window at the gray sky, it was currently 6:30 P.M. on a Tuesday. The teen was currently waiting for her mother to come home from work so she can spend some quality time together with her. Her father had to return to the military so after school she would come home to an empty house until her mom returns from her late night shifts. Days like these were special though since her mom had early shifts therefore she would be home early.

Some may think that Siya would be lonely, but she was actually content being alone. She never had a friend before, mostly because while in school she focused on her studies. She wanted to make her parents proud, her report card often had A’s and B’s. Siya perked up at the sound  of the door being opened.

“I’m home, how was school today?” Leena asked as she stepped inside the house and closed her umbrella.

“Today was great, how was your day?” Siya asked as she got up from the sofa.

“Oh you know the usual, I have to get a few things from the market but I wanted to check on you first. By the way did you make any friends today?”

Siya shook her head. “No, I just did my school work today.” Siya replied.

Leena frowned “Siya girls around your age usually have at least one or two friends, I know you want to make me and your father proud but we also want you to be happy.”

“Okay mom, I will try to make a few friends tomorrow. Can I come with you to the market?” Siya asked.

“I was only getting a few things but sure sweetie.” Siya hurried up the steps to get her coat before they left.

The rain was coming down hard as the two was making their way to the market. The streets were quiet and there was only a few people outside. Siya walked close to her mother as the umbrella hovered over them.

“Mom can’t we just go to the market another day? It’s starting to get really bad out here.” Siya suggested.

“I wish we could but we are running low on food, not to mention a certain someone said that she would “die” if she didn’t have her favorite snack.” Leena chuckled as Siya blushed in embarrassment.

“I-I was just craving for chocolate that day.”

Once they were finished shopping Leena and her daughter returned to their home.

“Mom I’m gonna go and video chat with dad.” Siya said as she finished putting the groceries away.

“Alright dear, I’ll call you once dinner is ready.” Siya nodded before going upstairs.

“Hey dad, how have you been?” Siya asked. She was currently sitting on her bed legs crossed with her laptop in front of her.

“I’ve been good, I wish I could be there with you and your mother. How are you two doing? I hope You are doing well in school.”

“We’re fine, we miss you dad. I help mom by doing the chores before she gets home from work and I always try my best with school work. Also I tried to make dinner to surprise mom one night but it didn’t go too well.” Siya rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

Her father chuckled at her expression. “Well everyone’s not perfect, we all have our faults. At least you tried that’s what counts.” Thomas said with a reassuring smile.

“Thanks dad, when are you coming back to visit?”

“I don’t know honey it’s crazy out here, but I will see if I can make it there before your birthday.” Siya was saddened by her father’s answer, but she understood.

“Siya it’s time for dinner!” Leena yelled.

“Okay mom, dad I will talk to you again soon. I love you.” Siya closed her laptop and headed downstairs for dinner. Afterwards, she helped her mom with the dishes and changed into her night-clothes before going to bed.

Siya woke up with a start at the sound of a muffled scream. Realizing it was her mother she quickly got out of bed and grabbed one of the blades her father gave her. When she was at the staircase she heard a male’s voice.

“Are you the only one living here?” the man asked.

“Y-yes I am, no one else lives here.” Siya heard her mom reply in a fearful tone. There was a slight pause for a moment, Siya assumed that he was probably trying to see if she was lying or not. A second man suddenly spoke up.

“Ethan i’ll go check upstairs just in case.” Siya’s heart rate sped up as she swiftly tiptoed back to her room. She hesitated before going into her closet. She was claustrophobic so cramped spaces always made her panic, but this was no time to worry about that. Footsteps echoed loudly as the man walked up the staircase.

When the man reached Siya’s room she covered her mouth so she wouldn’t get caught.

She watched as the man looked around the room, he went over to her bed and placed a gloved hand on the mattress to see if it was warm from body heat. He chuckled to himself.

“Come out, come out little mouse.” He cooed while creeping slowly towards the closet. Siya’s grip on the blade tightened as she prepared herself to attack.once he opened the closet Siya launched at him slashing his left arm.

“That stings you brat! You’re gonna pay for that!” He yelled as he slapped Siya down, causing her to drop her blade. Tears swelled up in the girl’s eyes as she touched her cheek gingerly. She looked up at the man who loomed over her threateningly. Siya couldn’t tell what he looked like since he was wearing a ski mask.

He hoisted her on his shoulders and carried her downstairs. Siya tried to get out of his grip but to no avail.

“What was with all the commotion? What happened philip?” Ethan asked his partner.

“The b***h’s daughter was upstairs. I would keep an eye on her, she’s feisty.” Philip dropped Siya to the ground before he took care of his wound. Ethan pointed his pistol at Siya.

“Go over there with you mother.” He said in a harsh tone while pointing to the sofa where Leena was sitting. The girl did as she was told and was then embraced by her mother.

“What do you want from us?! If it’s money just take it!” Leena yelled.

“We were going to take your valuables, but you lied to us so i’m gonna make you regret that. Philip go gather the rest of their stuff, i’ll deal with them.”

“You got it.” Philip said with a smirk as he walked up the steps.

“Please don’t do this, I only lied to you so I could protect my daughter.” Leena pleaded.

“Looks like you failed in protecting her.” Ethan aimed his pistol at Siya. The teenage girl closed her eyes, the sound of a gunshot rung in her ears.

The room was silent, Siya didn’t feel any pain. She thought that she was dead, but she realized that her heart was still beating in her chest. She slowly opened her eyes to see that her assumed killer was standing in front of her, smoke was slightly coming from his gun.

The girl then noticed her mother was on the floor and that she had blood on her. “Mom? MOM!!” Siya walked over to her mother’s lifeless body, she saw that the bullet went between her mother’s eyes.

“What a pity, now it’s your turn.” Siya just stared at her mother in disbelief as Ethan was about to end her life as well. Suddenly police barged through the front door, two officers pointed their guns at Ethan while two more searched the house. Siya was in her own world as everything went in slow motion, the only thing that she could think about was that if she were stronger she would have prevented her mother’s death.


–August 20th, 2010–
(Siya’s first friend)

Four months have passed since that fateful night, news of the incident had passed and Siya mourned for her mother every day. Thomas went into hysterics after hearing the news, he thought that he lost both of his entire family. Siya wanted to talk to her father but decided against it since she felt dead inside. Siya watched as people carried out their everyday lives smiling cheerfully and enjoying life, she despised them. ‘How come they they get to have happiness while mine was taken away?’ Siya thought bitterly. After her mother’s death she moved into a group home. She could’ve moved in with another relative, in fact a few them even offered. She just wanted to be alone so she politely declined.

Siya was so focused on her thoughts that she didn’t notice that a girl walked up to her.

“Hey you’re the new girl right?” Siya turned to look at her. The girl’s eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, her bobbed hair was black, she wore a sleeveless green top with tan capris and green sneakers with white shoelaces.

“Yeah, what of it?” Siya asked in a harsh tone.

“Whoa easy there, tiger, you seem pretty lonely so I thought you needed a friend.” The girl held up her hands in surrender.

“I’m not interested in making friends.” Siya said before taking out a candy bar from her pocket.

“Fine, be that way chocolate monster!” She whispered the last part before she started to walk away. Siya felt bad about how she treated the girl, she was only trying to be friendly.

“Hey wait!” Siya called out.

“What is it?” The girl asked as she turned back around with a scowl.

“I’m sorry for being rude, what’s your name?” The girl’s expression became cheerful again.

“The name’s Megan, nice to meet ya!” A small smile appeared on Siya’s face at the girl’s cheerful demeanor.

“My name is Siya, it’s nice to meet you as well Megan.”


–February 14th 2017–
(The rise of the vigilante)

Megan pounced on Siya’s sleeping form causing the girl to wake up.

“Good morning chocolate monster.” Megan said as she sat on the woman’s belly. The smell of burnt food filled Siya’s nostrils.

“Good morning, did you try to make breakfast?” Megan rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

“I wanted to let you sleep in for once since you always make it.”

“I appreciate the thought Megan. Now can you please get up, you’re crushing me.”

While at the group home Siya had gotten a part-time job as a fast food cashier. It was very difficult since she was in her final years of high school as well, but she saved up enough money and moved into a small apartment with help from Megan when she turned eighteen. Six years have passed and things was starting to look up. The young woman wasn’t as distant anymore, she started to return to being cheerful though she were very suspicious around new people. She would often visit her mother’s grave as well.

Breakfast was actually pretty good albeit the bacon was burnt.

“You’re going over Matt’s house tonight right? I know you will have a great time.” Siya said while giving her friend a wink.

“W-We’re just gonna watch a movie that’s all.” A red tint spread across Megan’s face. “Besides what about you? When are you going to start dating?” Megan smirked.

Siya was the one blushing now. “I will when I find the right guy, I’ll see you later or maybe tomorrow being as though you will be quite occupied.”

“J-Just get out of here before you be late!” Megan yelled while blushing madly. Siya gave a quick smile before heading out.

After an exhausting day at work Siya returned home and took a short nap. When she woke up she looked at the clock and saw that it was a little bit past ten. Siya went to get a glass of water then noticed that Megan hasn’t returned yet. She thought about calling her, but she didn’t want to ruin their moment. She ate a quick meal before doing her night routine and went to sleep. Siya’s eyes shoot open to the sound of loud knocking.

“Hold your horses I’m coming!” She opened the door and saw two police officers standing there. “Can I help you officers?” Siya asked giving them a confused look.

“Sorry to bother you so early miss, but do you know a woman by the name of Megan Brooks?” Officer 1 asked.

“Y-Yes, she’s my friend. Is she okay?” Her heart quickened its pace anxiously. She hoped that it wasn’t nothing too serious. The officers looked at each other before the second officer spoke up.

“She was found dead in the woods around 4:30 this morning. She had eight stab wounds in her torso.” Siya’s eyes widened in shock as tears slowly started to form. It was just like that time six years ago, once again she was unable to save someone she cared deeply for.

“D-Did you arrest the m-murderer?”

“No not yet sadly, but we do know that the murderer is a male. We will let you know if we find any more evidence.” Officer 1 said in a solemn tone. The woman just nodded in understanding and closed the door.

Weeks have past since Siya was told the horrible news. She lost twenty-five pounds from barely eating, her eyes had dark rings around them from lack of sleep, and she stopped going to work which ended in her getting fired. She didn’t care about anything anymore, quite frankly she wanted to end it all. Something prevented her from doing so, she didn’t know if it was Megan cheering her on or her own stubbornness.

After hearing a knock on the door she slowly approached it.

“Who is it?” She asked in a low raspy voice.

“It’s the police ms. Forester.” Siya quickly opened the door, a small ray of hope shown in her eyes. She could finally get closure.

“Did you find him, did you finally find that b*****d?!” Siya asked eagerly.

“Are you okay ms. Forrester?” The officer asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m fine, now tell me who killed my best friend?”

“We haven’t found him yet, but we-”

“What do you mean you haven’t found him yet?! How can you not find that f****r! You’re all f*****g useless, just leave me alone!” Siya yelled, the small light in her eyes diminished into the darkness. Some of the civilians watched as she slammed the door in the officer’s face.

Siya couldn’t believe it, she f*****g couldn’t believe after all this time the police still couldn’t find the murderer. Then she smirked, since they couldn’t find him she will. Her smirk grew into a wide smile as she thought of how she would make him suffer.

She went to her closet and pulled out the two blades from the top shelf. She kept them for safekeeping, she never knew that she would use them again but all she cared about at the moment was revenge. She proceeded to take out a black cloak that she used for a Halloween party and finally she needed a mask to hide her identity. When she looked up how to make a mask she found many results but chose to make one out of duct tape since she had some left over.

Just as she was adding the finishing touches her phone ranged. She groaned in annoyance as she picked it up. She saw that it was Matt and decided to answer it.

“Hey Matt what’s up? Are you okay? I know that things are hard for you since Megan died.”

“Yeah, but I’ve been doing pretty well. I was wondering if you would like to come over to hang out. I know you must be feeling pretty depressed after hearing the news, I wanted to invite you over sooner but you haven’t been answering your phone lately.”

Siya wanted to find the killer instead of hanging out, then it hit her. She could ask Matt what happened. She was very suspicious of him, especially since when he would be waiting for Megan he would give her weird looks from time to time. She never told her about it  because she thought it would damage their relationship. Hell she could’ve just been imagining things.

“Hey Siya, it’s good to see you.” Matt greeted as he gave her a hug.

“It’s good to see you as well.” Siya gave him a small smile. Matthew looked pretty well for the most part, he wore a long sleeve top with some baggy pants.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened the night before Megan died? Did she leave after the movie?” Matt seemed taken aback by the questions.

“Afterwards she said that she wanted to go home so she could make dinner for the two of you. I of course wanted her to stay for a little bit longer since it was valentines day. I swear she would always try her best to make you happy. I’m jealous actually.”

Siya seemed surprised by this revelation.

”It was always Siya this and Siya that. It was like you two were in a relationship and I was the third wheel.” Sadness laced his voice near the end of his sentence.

“Matt you know that Megan loved you alot.”

“I know, it just gets to me sometimes.”

The two talked for a while until Siya asked if she could use the restroom. Matt gave her the directions and she went do her business. Once she was finished she were about to leave the bathroom but she saw something that looked very familiar from the corner of her eye, it was Megan’s phone! It was angled in such a way that you wouldn’t have noticed it. Siya picked the item up gingerly and inspected it.

Obviously it was dead, so she put it inside her pocket for later on, it might have clues. She said goodbye to Matt then returned home. As soon as she got inside she immediately plugged Megan’s phone in and waited for it to be charged. After an hour or so it was fully charged, she quickly turned it on.

Siya felt bad about looking through her friends messages, but she had to uncover the truth. She saw that Megan had a message that she didn’t send yet. Siya’s blood ran cold when she read the text.

“Siya please help me Matt is-” Siya read the text. Siya became enraged, Matt killed Megan! Siya grinned widely, she knew what she had to do.

It was currently 2am, the streets were silent as a lone figure walked through the night. She very quietly slide open the window and crept inside. When she neared the man’s bedroom she slowly twisted the doorknob, after entering the room she saw the man sleeping soundly.

She walked up to the male and pulled out her blade. Of course she hesitated for a moment, she never killed anyone before but she knew it had to be done. She also knew that once she did this single act she could never go back to her normal life. Her hand trembled as she raised the sharp blade above her head before plunging it in his chest.

His eyes opened wide in fear to see a black wolf mask staring back at him, this didn’t stop the woman though as she retracted the knife and repeated the action. It was finally over, Siya… no the vigilante had avenged her best friend’s death, but she still had some unfinished business to take care.

“Ethan and Philip you’re not innocent! Your time will come, after all revenge is a dish best served cold.”

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    And i thought 13 was an age too old to be picked up.

    • John Boone

      Yeah, it just came to me as I was typing. xD

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Not a bad story. There were questionable parts… Why would two experienced killers/burglars refer to each other by their first name in front of witnesses? That’s really unprofessional. Did her dad know she was alive or not? He definitely would’ve been notified that she was alive, and since he’s her legal guardian, she couldn’t have legally been sent to a group home anyway, because he had custody of her and she was underage at the time. Why did Matt kill Megan? There was no explanation for that. And why did he leave her phone in his bathroom? That doesn’t really seem to make any sense. But, all in all, it had a pretty solid plot and original characters. Not bad.

    • John Boone

      Thank you for the honest review! Looking at it now I know I could’ve done a lot better with this story and I will. I’ve gotten better at writing so I will rewrite this story.😁

      • Daniel Di Benedetto

        I look forward to the edited work! Thanks for not getting offended by my criticism. I only mean it constructively.