Where Am I? Part – lll

“Oh,” he sounded sad.

“I’m sorry, was I being rude?” I ask.

“No I just thought how I made you feel,” he said looking down.

“It’s okay I’m probably not gonna make it out alive,” I said smiling to hide the sadness, but you could tell in my voice I was sad.

“We’ll try to keep you alive,” Sebastian said smiling.

“Thank you, let’s dance,” I said dragging him on the dance floor. There was about 179 people left numbers were dropping. My chances of surviving were so low.

“Victoria! Duck!” I heard Liam yell.

I spun around soon to be met with a terrible fate. An axe was in my head and I felt like I was ice cold. It felt like I had a terrible headache. I was right I was never gonna make it. I didn’t get to say bye to no one. Not to my family nor my friends. Then it all went black. Goodbye cruel world.

I rose up and took a big breath.

“What happen?! Where am I?!” I said bonking into someone.

“Ow!” I heard Melissa yelled. I looked around and everyone in my gym class was surrounding me.

“Maggie hit you a little too hard with a volleyball and you passed out,” Melissa said getting up.

“Oh!” I said. So it was all a dream I thought.

“Melissa, Victoria go to the nurses office,” Mrs. Davis said. I got up but fell back on my b**t. Melissa offered her hand. Sebastian. I took it.

We started walking to the nurses office.

“Y’know when I passed out I had this weird dream,” I said watching my feet as I walk. “It all felt so real, especially the end,” I said looking up at Melissa.

“So, what was it about?” Melissa asks.

“The massacre ball,” I said thinking of the whole thing.

“What?!” Melissa said looking confused and horrified.

“The massacre ball. At first I thought she meant the masquerade ball I was so wrong though. The main people in my dream was Desi, tuxedo guy or Liam, crazy pissed lady, and Sebastian,” I said looking back down at the floor.

“Crazy pissed lady, what’s that about?” Melissa asked as we enter the nurses office.

“Hi, we need ice for our heads,” Melissa said with a smile. The nurse smiled at us and gave us both an ice pack.

“Thank you!” me and Melissa said unison. I put the ice on the back of my head where most of the pain was.

“So like I was saying, crazy pissed lady she stepped on my foot, got mad at me cause I wasn’t wearing shoes, and said acting sassy is gonna get me killed around there,” I said looking Melissa in the eyes.

“Wow she sounds so rude,” Melissa said.

“But Sebastian or BPD guy decapitated her,” I said kinda smiling remembering how scared I was.

“Oh!” Melissa said sounding surprised.

“Yeah…” I said trailing off but ended up giggling.

“Why’re you giggling?” Melissa asked.

“Oh I’m just thinking of the dream,” I said thinking about it all.

“I was really scared though,” I said looking down.

“I’m gonna call my mom and ask if I can go home,” I say getting up.

I take my phone out of my bra and start dialing my mom’s phone number.

“Hello?” my mom said questionably.

“Hi, can you pick me up from school please?” I ask my mom.

“Why?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you when you get here,” I say hanging up. “I’m gonna take a nap,” I said sitting down.

“You can’t sorry you might have a concussion,” the nurse said.

“Okay Mr. Nurse sir!” I say looking at Melissa.

“Tell me more about this dream, please?” Melissa asked.

“It was kinda like Alice in Wonderland, except you had to be the last to survive except Desi, and Liam,” I say looking at the floor.

Suddenly a girl walked in.

“Victoria, Melissa, your mom is here,” she said and left. I got up and went in the office. Mine and Melissa’s bags were already in the office.

“When did are bags get here?” I ask the office people.

“Oh Deserlynn, she came in with your backpacks, did you see she dyed her hair a sky blue?” one of the office ladies asked. Desi.

I just nodded my head and slung my bag over my shoulder. I walk past my mom and go out front. I look up from the ground and I swear I see Liam. I blink a few times and then Liam isn’t there.

“That was weird,” I say thinking to myself. I’m going crazy. Again.

I feel a hand on my shoulder but when I look up I see nothing. Sebastian.

“Ready to go home Victoria?” Melissa asks. Home.

“Yeah…” I say nodding.

“So what happened?” my mom asked.

“I was hit in the head with a volleyball, and then I passed and had a really weird dream,” I said explaining to my mom.

“Oh what was the dream about?” my mom asked while getting in the car.

“The massacre ball,” me and Melissa said in unison.

My mom got that she should be quiet the whole way home. When we got home I jumped out of the car and shouted dips on the first shower. I ran in the house, grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom. When I walked in the bathroom I saw me not me but the dream me.

It was the dream me the red dress, the blood and everything.

“Why was I seeing stuff from the dream?” I whispered. I set my clothes on the counter and quickly get undressed. I get in the shower and turn it on hot like really hot. I know the blood wasn’t real but I can still feel it on my skin.

I scrub and scrub until every inch of my body is red. The water is now ice cold and I can still feel the blood on my skin it’s like it’s burning my skin. I turn off the shower and get out. I dry up a bit and get dressed. I put on my pastel purple crop top and ripped jeans.

The dream felt so real, all of it. I can remember every bit of it and I don’t think I’m gonna forget anytime soon. I grab my towel and leave the bathroom. I start to dry my hair walking to my room. When I enter I see something. It’s Desi. I feel all the color drain from my face, and what she says scares me more.

“We’re not over yet.”