Color-Void Short Backstory

She was a girl without color.

Dreary and gray.

Everywhere she wandered, little children would mock her and laugh at her, for she lacked even the slightest tint of coloration.

“Why must I be so different? Why must I be cursed with this gray shade?” The girl asked herself every day as tears streamed down her sullen face. She felt as dull and lifeless as her appearance, and she wished she could feel what it was like to have colors too.

Time over time, she went through this torture, knowing that she was the shadow of the world and she would never be able to feel the warmth and joy of basking in the essence of the many marvelous shades of green and red and blue. The yellow sun would shine brightly upon the land, but she would glare back at it with her void-like stare. People would frolic in their clothing of a variety of different colors, their eyes shining bright blues and their teeth gleaming with bright white smiles.

Yet, the poor colorless girl would sit in sorrow and black.

One day, a group of children were making fun of her, picking on her for being so sullen and dull. The girl tried to ignore them by playing with an old rusted coil she had found laying around; there was something about this coil that attracted her to it, and it was the only thing that gave her slight happiness in her world of despair.

The teasing got worse as she sat there with the coil, and one of the children; a young boy eventually shoved her in the side, causing her to fall off of the bench in which she had sat alone.

Out of sudden anger, the girl quickly got back up to her feet and sprung at the child, raising the coil and jamming it into their neck. The other children backed away in horror and watched as the colorless girl lodged the coil deeper into the boy’s neck, making him choke out in agony.

To all witnesses’ surprise, the coil began to glow a bright shade of gray and slowly, colors began to flow through the rusted edges of the spring right up to the girl; at the same time, the boy was beginning to go pale, and slowly color began to drain from him.

The colorless girl began to gleam with bright colors all over her; bright blue pupils took place of the white, and long red hair replaced the dull gray. Her dress turned from dark gray to a warm purple and her sleeves and stockings became a rainbow of multiple colors.

Finally, the girl had attained what she had always wanted—color! She felt happiness and warmth surge through her as she looked down at the now colorless and seemingly lifeless boy that was sprawled on the ground, blood pooling from his throat. She removed the coil from his neck, and he took his last breath. She then turned to the other children who were gathered together in fear.

A wide grin spread on the now colorful girl’s face—she knew the only way she would be able to attain colors now. She would take it from others and have it for herself. Then, they would feel what it was like to be colorless. They would not only feel dull and lifeless, like she did, but they would be in such manner. Lifeless.

“My name is now Color-Void,” She murmured to the other children, slowly approaching them with the coil wrapped around her arm. “And I want you….to help me fill this colorless void…”

Some children tried to run, but Color-Void was swift and was able to bring them down before they could escape. One by one, she began to take their color—and their lives. Color laughed as the screams of the children slowly died and went silent as she sapped away their lives with her coil, gaining her more and more colors. Though she was now vibrant with many shades, she felt that it still wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

Color gleefully began hunting down people—not only children, and taking their colors to keep herself from going back into that hideous state of gray she was before. Never again would she be laughed at or demeaned for being colorless and dull. She would be feared for becoming the color hungry monster she had turned into.

The few children that escaped her first attack ran to tell their parents and to tell the world around them that a new threat had taken to the streets, the girl who was once looked down on for being bland and gray—was now the one and only Color-Void.

This backstory took place in the early 1900s; the time she was accounted for being first sighted in the entry version. Color-Void is not humane, but an entity, and now lives on to the 21st century, still continuing her craze of draining human lives for her own benefit.