The Nightmare

It was a stormy evening. With clouds blacker than the night sky, thunder that could seemingly split the Earth, and lightning brighter than day.

In the midst of that storm sat a little girl who, being afraid of thunder, rushed to her parents bedroom to find comfort. As she cried and cried to her now annoyed and exhausted parents, she settled down enough to fall in a benevolent sleep along with her parents. As her chest rose and fell throughout the storm, she began to fret and turn in between her parents.

She awoke after much of this with a film of sweat around her body and a frightened look on her face. The girl then started to become frantic and thrash throughout her tantrum. She awakens her father who, in his daughters frenzy, managed to grab his daughter and settle her down. He assumed it was due to the storm because it was pounding against the roof and windows.

Every flash of lightning blinded him, and every roar of thunder sounding unnatural and ominous. The father calms his daughter down and looks to his wife who, miraculously, slept through the whole ordeal. The daughter finds comfort knowing that her father is there and lays her head down to rest her mind.

Before she could settle back to sleep however, she suddenly remembers her nightmare. The child sits in fear of what she just dreamt for, it was too surreal and mind-boggling for her to have the imagination for that. After what seems like hours, a crash of lightning and the telltale thunder afterwards awoke her from that stuper to summon the courage to tell her father. She leans over to her father and whispers to him, awakening him from his slumber.

“What is it baby?”

“I had a bad dream.”

“What was it about?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because when I told you in my dream, the man came out from the closet and stabbed you and mommy.”

There was a flash of lightning that illuminated the room, and a large thud.

It came from the closet.

  • Jesus Regis

    Like the ending so scary

  • Shelby Lee

    I agree, a very abrupt but thrilling ending

  • Chaiya Monroe

    It was good, pretty impressed with the grammar, it was a very descriptive, cute little short story.

  • SouliNSaNiTY

    I like the story but I believe I’ve definitely read it before…

  • Samson Horne

    Good job! Def liked the ending