Stranger Chat

Let’s start with this:

I’m a loner. I’m a loner but I am not a lonely person. I like to be alone and I have friends that I sometimes meet. (rarely)

People often don’t understand people who like to be alone. I don’t mind it so much…what they think but, as a human trait, I got curious about the so popular chats that are everywhere in the internet nowadays, so I just chose a farely safe one and register.

Accordingly to the preferences I filled in, the engine found me a compatible partner to chat with.

When we started to talk, I immediatly regreted the decision. Not even an “Hi” or his name, my chat partner started to about live or dead situations. What would I do “if”…

However, instead of getting out, I decided to indulge him for a little bit and answear his questions. In the end, if I were to be completly honest, it was a little funny and entertaining.

Eventualy, he had to log out and I didn’t think much about my strange chat partner until he messaged again with a really urgent situation. He wanted the directions of the closer hospital. He couldn’t call for help. Not an ambulance. Nothing. It was a situation of life or death…seriously.

At that point, I really considered the idea of reporting him to the manager of the site or even to the police, but I ended to give him the directions and he thanked me later. He said sorry too, for not saying his name and, after telling him his, he asked mine. I simply told him the fake name I use in these kind of situations.

I couldn’t believe I was still talking to him but, maybe because my life was boring at that point, I wanted something misterious to cling onto and my chat partner was indeed misterious. A little afraid, I asked what he did for living but it turned out he was a simple professor, so I stupidly deduced that the situation with the hospital was simple. Like he lighly bumped against another car and panicked.

He was studying the human paterns or something like that. His theory was that all humans behaved the same way in the end. However, he was still studying the variables, taking into consideration the situation.

In last message he sent me before I left the conversation for good, he was drunk. He didn’t ask me any questions. Now that I think about it, he was more talking to himself.

The characters were all messed up but I still could understand what his drunk self was writing. About a life or death situation. A very realistic life or death situation, this time. He finally asked “You would think that a killer wouldn’t feel sad, since he doesn’t know his victims, right?” He didn’t wait for my answear “But I know everyone…”

And, before log out, he wrote my name.

My life isn’t boring anymore.

I won’t reveal the name of my chat partner here because I think it would be dangerous, not to him, but to you.

You can end up like me. Looking over your shoulder everytime you hear a sound

  • Viomily13

    Not to be rude but it sounds like this fake chat sim called “hello stranger” or “no stranger” play the sim and you’ll see the major similarities between the sim and this story

    • Saryn Prime

      i got the same vibes i was like this must be plagiarism. That game was amazing though, i fast tracked the puzzles though.

  • Haylee

    Even though it sounds a lot like a game, you should have direct dioouge in the story. It just isn’t extremely interesting.

  • Stephanie

    Where can you play this so called game?