This story might relate to yours, or rather be the same.

He, an individual that I will not name, woke up on a monday morning, made his breakfast, ate his breakfast then left for work.

This was a daily routine for him, and after a long day, he would go back to his apartment and stay there for the rest of the night.

However, the next morning is going to be different, you can tell. He woke up as usual… but instead of starting to practice his daily routine, he sat on the edge of his bed trying to recall a strange dream he just had. He rolled his eyes around his room… something seems off.

All he could remember was this: Darkness, voices of a crowd of people coming from the distance, voices getting louder and louder… then a flash of light and snap! He wakes up.

He dismissed it as he thought it was a nightmare caused by exhaustion from work, and he went on with his day as if it was a copy-pasted script.

Despite his carelessness, the same ‘dream’ kept flashing in his sleep for days, weeks, and now months. By now, he is annoyed, frustrated, angry and going insane. What’s with the dream? What does it mean? Why me?

These were the questions that ran through his mind with no answers to extinguish their fire.

Your story and perhaps mine is coming to clarity very soon… all you have to do is keep reading and examining my words…

9 Months have gone by and it was time. Time for what you may ask? Time for this dream to move on to another person and fulfill its purpose. This last dream was the one to end them all.

The voices are now clearer and louder than ever, the light no longer flashes but it’s there to stay for a long long time now. He was born! Yes, the dreams were hints of the upcoming main event that was not to be expected. All he could do now is cry for he was shocked and extremely confused by this surprising scene! And as a baby, he could not speak and tell his story or even ask for any type of information that will explain what is going on.

You know how our memories from birth vanish? That we can not remember these moments unless told by our parents or by any witnesses? Well, Do you remember yours?