A Lucid Dream Gone Wrong

This is the first story I’ve ever written up here. So I hope you all enjoy.

One night I was casually listening to music when for some reason I had started listening to a song called “Hot Milk” by Snail’s house. It was a good song but I had for some ungodly reason decided to start breathing in with the base stretches. Deep inhales and exhales matching the rhythm buuuuuuum with a 2 second pause. Holding my breath. Buuuuuum and so on. At one point in the song the beat picked up and inhaled and exhaled so sharply and quickly to the beat.

Buum, buum, buum, buum and so on I began feeling very light, and my body began feeling numb. My face feeling the most numb. My entire body had soft pins and needles all over. It was entrancing. When the song ended I reported my findings to my friends. Which was at 3 am and no one was awake. So I did it again, and again. The third time I did it I passed out. I found myself in… somewhere I don’t know, all I knew was I was outside my house on my local block but something was off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I figured since I was higher than a kite. I would chill  and not worry, I was so so wrong.

I began to see things, And hear things, and feel things I didn’t care at first but then everything began to change. These tripedal creatures began to appear and that’s when I figured out what was off. There were red splotches everywhere on the ground. Like blood but more vivid than you would see in the movies. I began to hear whispers and feel things touching and grabbing me with these creatures approaching looking like lumps of flesh and muscle and tissue dripping blood and three long stick like legs sticking out the bottom to the ground. These things were at least 8 feet tall. And were groaning and screaming in blood curdling agony. There were at least six of them. That’s when I realised the whispers were saying run. And the things touching me where hands pulling me away from the tripeds.

So I ran towards my town center which wasn’t very far. With those things chasing me I noticed another strange detail which were no lights were on anywhere. No streetlights, house lights, nothing. The cars were frozen in place. Not literally but they were just there. Completely dead. I checked most and there were no signs of life anywhere. Not even crickets. I kept running and eventually came up upon town center the big hotel in the middle was pitch black. Nothing was illuminated. The only light came from the exceptionally bright moonshine. It helped but not much.

I heard those terrible howls again so I hid. What insured was an endless cycle of running, hiding, trying to wake up, and more running. This continued for what felt like days. Or even weeks. The sun and moon continued their normal cycles. But I found these tripeds didn’t care about what time it was. They only wanted to find me. So I hid during the day and ran at night. Before I just… woke up.

I woke up down the street at the corner. Not far from my house mind you I only traveled 50 feet. And whats crazy is I have a fractured spine and four ribs that were broken but fixed up, same with my spine. And I just crumpled to the ground in pain. Not very bad pain but enough to knock me down. I had my phone to call me room mate but when I looked at the time. Only 7 minutes had passed when I presumably passed out.

I promised myself to never sleep or I would see those horrors again. But a few friends convinced me to just sleep. And book a therapy appointment. I took their advice and never saw those things in my sleep. I went to therapy the next day and it was written off as. “A lucid dream gone wrong”. I agreed and have never since attempted to get high in such a way again.

  • Bonnie Manz

    It’s has potential! I think you really just need to edit it.

  • Naosaki

    I will never listen to hot milk again