Sally Face – Intro and Episode One

This story is based off of the game ‘Sally Face’ and there is only 1 episode out right now so this may be a series! I’m trying to keep this the same as the game’s story line. If you haven’t seen the first episode gameplay of ‘Sally Face’ then don’t read any further, thank you very much for reading this beforehand and I hope you enjoy the story! Bye~




-It was just like last time. Only this time, it started in a hospital….-

Order of Choices«» Turn on Lights, Answer Phone……

-Hello?- Sally Face answered the phone.    -It’s okay, Sal… Everything is going to be okay now…. Come and see…- Said the Caller. -Who is this?- Sally Face asked.       -Sal, come and find me…- Said the Caller.  -Werid, sounded like my dad.- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Push the Cabinet, Pick up Key…..

-A key!- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Use key on Door, Chose door D, Chose door O, Chose door G, Talk to Dog…..

-Who’s a good doggy? Who’s a good boy?!- Sally Face said. -I buried her alive, kid. You tell me.- The Dog said. -Huh?- Sally Face said confused. -Go see for yourself.- The Dog said disappearing.

Order of Choices«» Climb down into Grave, Try to open Door….

-It’s locked- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Put password In, Open the Door, Talk to your Dad…..

-Dad?- Sally Face asked. -You are not my son. My son is not a murderer…- Dad says before disappearing.

On the wall it says. -This is your FAULT-

Order of Choices«» Talk to your Mom…..

-…Mom?… are you? . . .- Sally Face said as he looked as best he could at his Mother through his bandages.

-And that’s when I woke up.- Sally Face said. -Hmm, yes, it’s an interesting dream. I think we should come back to that dream later but for now can you tell me more about the body?- Dr. Erion asked. -Which one?- Sally Face asked.       -The second one, the one from the apartment…- Dr. Erion said.

-I had a weird feeling about the place right away…- Sally Face said.

«»Episode One«» «Strange Neighbors»


-This will be our new beginning. We can finally leave what happened in New Jersey behind us now… Why don’t you go explore the building and make some friends while I finish unpacking.- Dad said as he went in his room.

Order of Choices«» Look in bags on the kitchen Counter…..

-Just some stuff dad got from the store. Nothing important.- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Go in bathroom, Look at sleep aid….

-Dad still has trouble sleeping at night, after…- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Go in Sal’s room, Look at Gizmo…..

-I see you’ve made yourself at home already, Gizmo. Must be nice.- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Leave Sal’s room, Go in Dad’s room, Talk with Dad…..

-Hey kiddo. Decided to take a break from unpacking? That’s not a bad idea, we’ve been at it for a while now. Maybe I’ll take a break myself.- Dad said. -What do you think about this place?- Sally Face asked. -It may not be as nice as our old house but we’ll make the best of things. As long as we have each other, I think we can make a real home here.- Dad said. -I miss Mom…- Sally Face said. -…Yeah… Me too, buddy. Me too…- Dad said. -See ya..- Sally Face said. -Try not to get into too much trouble.- Dad said.

Order of Choices«» Leave Dad’s room, Leave apartment, Knock on neighbors Doors, Talk to Police Officer….

-……-The Officer didn’t say anything.          -Why are you standing there?- Sally Face asked. -I’m protecting nosey little freaks like you from seeing what they ought not to see. Now scram. I don’t get paid to babysit.- The Officer said. -What happened in that room?- Sally Face asked. -Police business, kid. Why don’t you run along back to your parents?- The Officer said. -… I wish I could…- Sally Face said. -What was that wise a**?- The Officer asked. -Nothing.- Sally Face said.   -That’s what I thought. Stupid, weirdo kid…grumble, grumble…- The Officer said.

Order of Choices«» Use elevator, Talk to Lisa….

-Hey.- Sally Face said. -Oh, my. Sorry, you just startled me a little. You must be one of the new guys from 402, yeah? With all the excitement going on today, I haven’t had a chance to stop in and say ‘Hi’.- Lisa said. -Yeah, it’s just me and my dad. My name is Sal.- Sally Face said. -Pleasure to meet ya Sal. I’m Lisa. I take care of this place. Keep things up and runnin’. So if ya ever need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask, okay?- Lisa said. -Sure, thanks.- Sally Face said. -You’re quite welcome.- Lisa said.

Order of Choices«» Knock on neighbors door…

«Behind Neighbors door number one»

-Yeah? Who’s there?- Charley asked.          -Hello. I’m new in the building. Just wanted to introduce myself to the neighbors.- Sally Face said. -Okay, come in.- Charley said. -Hi, my name is Sal. I just moved in today with my dad.- Sally Face said. -What the hell is with your face, child? Oh, I know. Young teens, a new generation of self expression. I was young once myself. I get it. Just as long as you not in a gang or anything. You’re not in a gang are you?- Charley said. -No, no. It’s nothing like that.- Sally Face said. -Wonderful. Well, I’m Charley. Don’t mess with my stuff and we’ll be okay. I’m a collector, you see. I collect many things. These things are like my family. So if you mess with my collections, you’re messing with my family. Got it?- Charley said. -Yes, sir. Not a problem. I won’t be giving you any troubles.- Sally Face said. -Good to hear.- Charley said.

Order of Choices«» Knock on neighbors Doors, Talk to Detective….

-What’s going on?- Sally Face asked.          -Hello, young man. You just moved in today correct?- The Detective asked. -Yes, sir.- Sally Face said. -I already spoke with your father, seems you two were out of state when everything happened last night. Story checks out, that’s good. Try not to get in our way for now, okay? We’re investigating a serious crime.- The Detective said. -Was it a murder?- Sally Face asked. -I can’t talk about that.- The Detective said. -Bye.- Sally Face said. -So long.- The Detective said.

Order of Choices«» Talk with Lisa and get basement key card for the Elevator, Use elevator….

Sal walks into the kitchen in Lisa’s apartment and see’s a black shadow with red eyes. -What the hell was that?- Sally Face said.

Order of Choices«» Go in Larry’s room, Talk with Larry…..

-Yeah?- Larry asked. -Hey, uh, Larry? Your mom said I should come say hi. I just moved into 402.- Sally Face said. -Oh, hey, come in. Door’s open.- Larry said.


«»Episode One Part One«»


·Hey guys just a little end note. My fingers grew tired, which is why I’m putting episode one into parts since it’s like 9:00P.M. right now. Thanks for reading this! Bye~·


  • Simon

    Well, this is certainly a weird way to tell a story.

    • Rose ThePainter

      I wrote it like the game

      • Konner

        Why would you just remake the series as a book?
        Be a liitle more original

        • Rose ThePainter

          People on my youtube channel suggested that I write it, so I wrote it.

          • Konner

            Cool. Could I get the name?

  • ShYgUy

    I’m not going to vote on this one. This is definitely a niche story for those into the character you are talking about. So…

  • Fiver

    The way of writing is particularly odd. Even if you mean to take it from a game and replicate the game style it wouldn`t hurt to introduce some imagery, properly format dialogue and add some depth where the game lacks it. All you seem to be doing is putting into words someone else`s idea which isn`t really right. Add some originality, form your own little plot and characters in there somewhere. Even if you stick to the game you have some wiggle room to push in your own creativity.
    Have you ever read a nonfiction novel? It is nonfiction yet the authors get to express a creative license and speculate on certain details and dialogue, including and excluding certain information, and interject their own thoughts so that in a way this real event becomes their own. Reading these books they hardly seem like nonfiction because the author puts in so much originality. If nonfiction novels exist then surely you can interject some more creativity within this without really straying from the game. This will improve the story, your writing in general, and keep you from essentially taking someone else`s idea almost entirely.

  • Konner

    Hey! I actually never read the story because the way of writing confused me but I was just watching some Youtube and I saw a video about Sally Face so I watched it. The game is pretty nice!