The Insanity Flower – Part 2

It’s been a while since my brother disappeared. I knew he would go missing in the woods. That’s why I never go into the woods. My family didn’t even bother reporting him missing to the police. I hated them for that. Then a couple of days later, they told me something that made me very, very upset and mad. They said, “Do not tell the police about your brother’s disappearance. He would have been a failure in the future and was an embarrassment to our family.” I hid the fact that I was angry. When they left to go shopping, I got some supplies and ran away.

I was going to find my brother. And no ones gonna get in my way.

Now I’ve made a grave mistake.

I took my pocket knife that my dad gave me just in case if something happens. I never walk in the woods. I don’t know what’s out there. As soon as I was in the woods, I felt someone was watching me. Looking right into my soul. I looked everywhere to no avail. So I carried on searching. I was walking in the woods for an hour, but there was no one here. I saw a deer and a fox. But not my brother. Then I smelt something. It smelled like rotting meat. I felt like I was going to puke. But I walked in the direction hoping it would be a clue to my brother’s disappearance.

It was a deer. It died and its insides were rotting. I was terrified. I puked and then ran in the direction of my house. But it just seemed I was running through an endless forest. Then something caught my leg. A vine. I tried to rip it off with my pocket knife to find I accidentally dropped it. So I then tried to rip it with my bare hands, but it had tiny needles all over it. My hands were bleeding out a lot. I heard music playing in the bushes nearby. A flower emerged from them.

“Hello kid! Want to see your brother? Well, he’s no more! Hah! Hah! Hah! And soon, you’ll be too,” it told me. I screamed so loud that birds from a nearby tree started to fly away, but they couldn’t escape. The flower turned to them and started to stare at them. Out of nowhere they fell to the ground. They were dead. Then it turned to me. “Night night, Kid!” it said while it threw a vine at my head. It knocked me out.

I woke up on the ground with the sunlight on my face. I guess I was knocked out for an hour or two. I got up and looked around. I was filled with terror. Then I noticed something. The trees weren’t the same. The bush that the flower was hiding was gone. The sun was starting to set. So I started to walk back home. Or at least I tried. I couldn’t find the way out of the forest. It seemed it was infinite. I started to hear music again, but it sounded different. Slower and reversed and mostly just broken. I found the source. It was a blue flower in the distance. It twitched and, glitched? It looked like the red flower, But it was “glitching”. Everything around it was also “glitching” too. I hid in some bushes. Unfortunately, it saw me. It started to hover in the air. It flew to me. The bushes started to “glitch”. I ran. It was slower than me. Thank god. But then I came across a cabin. I entered it hoping it wouldn’t find me in here. I couldn’t hear it anymore. I guess it lost me. Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps from above.

“Who’s there?!” he yelled. He walked down the stairs. He looked old and tired. Scars and scratches on his hands and face. He had a rifle too. He gasped when he saw me. “Wha, who are you?” he asked me.

“My name is Jackson. I’m trying to find my brother. Now I just want to leave and see my parents,” I said. We started to talk. His name was Chris. He’s been in these woods for about a month now. But about a minute into the conversation. He said something that gave me chills.

“We were still surprised when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. What’s your opinion?” he said randomly. I was shocked.

“Chris. What year was it when you were taken here?” I asked.

“1865. Why?” he asked.

“The… the year is 2017,” I told him. He stopped for a moment.

“What? I fell down here only about a month ago!” he said.

I guess time flies in the real world while you spend time in this world of infinite forests. I’m just wondering. If we somehow escape here, what year would it be?

We have to get out of here before it’s too late.

  • Creepy spaghetti

    Still waiting for part 3

    • TEMGamingYT225

      Oh yeah sorry about that. I’ll start on that soon.