Lonely Birthday

Some time ago I lived in a small town right outside of Lake Tahoe. My town was small and only a few people lived by me. The night it all started I was turning sixteen and my parents left the house for work reasons. I sent out cards to a party but no one showed up, I blamed the heavy snow but I knew no one liked me. I sat by my fire-place and looked into the hot flames and started to cry until I heard a knock at my door.

I opened the door and a girl looked twenty walked in and said she was lost in the storm and needed somewhere to stay. Of course me being sixteen and a loner I took that offer so fast it surprised her. We stayed up and got to know each other as the late hours went on. I asked if she would celebrate my birthday with me and she said something I’ll never forget, “I’ve never been to a birthday party before I… I never had a birthday before.”

I was surprised but she seemed upset so I cut a piece of cake and convinced her it would be OK. Some time after she wanted to take a shower and wanted me to join I happily agreed but when she took her clothes off a chill ran down my spine when I saw bite marks and scars of some kind of mad man who tried to kill her. I asked what the scars were but her body stopped and went stiff as she turned around and asked, “Where are your friends?” I started to panic and felt fear in my stomach. I ran to the garage and stayed in there but she ran over and waited outside the door which seemed like forever. Two hours past and she started to hum but this certain hum got me more scared than anything because I remember that hum of a sad melody I heard it at every birthday I had.

She walked away from the door and after a few hours of silence I decided to go into the house. I checked everywhere and she was gone, call me crazy but I didn’t call the police or tell my parents about it. After that day each birthday I had I heard that hum as I ate my cake alone. I knew she is there and the fear gets to me as she gets closer and closer but at least I know I will never be alone for any of my birthdays. I’ll never worry about the worst feeling that I ever felt, the feeling of knowing your always alone. I will never be alone ever again.

If you hear a hum rise up in the middle of the night know it’s her, standing outside your window wide eyes just humming. The tune is the same song that is played at a soldiers funeral. If you her the hum know one thing, it never goes away.

  • Carmen Lopez

    Wow. That was an incredible story. I like how it made me feel sad for the kid and the woman. 🙂🙂

    • Jackson Snooks

      When I write I don’t like to do jump scares but make a story scary while still having a story

      • Carmen Lopez

        That’s great. I really like that. 😉

  • EeveeArcanine

    this is why you never let people into your house unless you know them really well

    • journee

      Lol you comment on everything

  • Brandon Barrett

    It was okay I guess

  • Kasaba

    I noticed the pic for this is a pic from the Grisaia no Rakuen series xD

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Ummm, ok?!