The Cursed Day

It all… felt so real to me. Was I living a nightmare? I felt like in that moment… I would blink and I would wake up in my uncomfortable, designer dresses again. Doing so… it didn’t work. All I saw was my nightmares. Whoever finds this journal… trash it for all I care… but just know that I am about to tell you something that might change what you thought you knew about this world.

So… where does a lady start? I guess I could begin where my life took its unfortunate turn… when I was born.

Once upon a time, there lived a rich and uncaring family. This family had a name… The Davis Family. Abraham Davis, the eldest brother, married Sara Smith, the eldest daughter of her family. This time was a time when love was non-existent… and everyone married for riches and wealth.

If you haven’t guessed it, this was the Victorian Era, when we were ruled by Queen Victoria. To me… this time-frame was a time of suffering for me… for it was the time which I lived.

Dear Reader… my name is Elizabeth Davis… and this is my story… the story of how a rich girl lost it all in a fire.

I was born on March 2nd,1834. My father and mother were rich and wealthy, along with my older brother and sister. During this time… status was everything… and I, along with the rest of my family, needed to fit the part.

“Just a little more, Elizabeth,” my maid said, “it won’t be much longer.” It felt as if I was going to die from suffocation. My maid, Rose, was helping me fit into a death trap called a corset. Why did they exist? Don’t ask me. “Rose… why must I wear this again?” Rose smiled, tightening the trap with the strings. “To acquire your desired figure, my dear!”

With a finale pull… my figure was “acceptable” for court. My older brother and sister were married… while I was forced to get a husband. I never wanted a husband… I thought it was stupid to marry for money and wealth. I went for two seasons… and if I didn’t get a husband now… than I would be nothing but a nuisance to my family.

“Tell me, Rose,” I began, “why must a woman be married to a man?” Rose didn’t give me an odd look… not even a slight one… which quite shocked me. She simply sighed, grabbing onto the foundation of my dress. “In this world… it is simply what is expected of a high-ranking lady, such as yourself.”

Every man I met… all of them were looking for money, wealth… and some for s*x. Not once in my life… have I met a man searching for pure love.

Step after miserable step, I walked closer to my carriage. Wearing an uncomfortable dress with feathers, I began to open the black doors. “Ready to go, miss?” The carriage boy turned to me from beyond the window. With a slight sigh, I nodded. “Yes… go on.”

The carriage began to move. I sat there… in my lonesome… holding my book in my hand. I lifted the book, hoping to make time pass. The piece of literature I held in my hands… wasn’t the most… respectable of pieces.

The entire book was in Latin… in English… The title of the book was, “The Devil’s Creations”. Looking back on it now… I had very weird taste. I was interested by witches… werewolves… demons… I was interested by superstition since I was but a little girl.

I remember that carriage ride all too well, like how unbearably bumpy it was while I was trying to read. No matter how bumpy it was, the ride could never compare to the dresses of the time. As I sat there… I wondered why I had to be born into such a rich family… into such an uncaring family. My family wasn’t exactly the most friendly… in private at least.

My mother and father never loved me, my brother, nor my sister. My sister, the eldest, was quite vane… only caring for money and her looks. My brother, the second eldest, never loved his beautiful and caring wife… only loving her for the image he gets from her. Here I was… alone… yet unlike others, I sort of liked it that way.

I caressed the ominous book under my fingers. If you ask me today… I probably could not give you an answer as to why I adored Satanism, evil beings, or anything of that sort. I never worshipped them… I was just… very fascinated by the very thought.

“We’re here, my lady.” The carriage driver snapped me out of my daydream, stopping the carriage in place. Shutting my book, I sighed… regretfully. “Thank you, good sir.”

I don’t know who you are Reader, so let me inform you of the idiotic traditions of the time which I lived. The women and men would participate in a stupid tradition called, “appearing at court”. All of the finest single ladies and men would gather at these idiotic parties where they declared themselves as single nutjobs who are desperate for money, gaining it by getting married to someone in the room.

Step after step… I begin to remember how idiotic this tradition was. Still to this day… I still think they are idiotic… yet at this certain event… things turned out a little differently.

Everything started out as the same as always. All of the men were tripping over their heels for some of the ladies in the room. Most kept a calm and cool expression… yet I saw them for the idiots that they were. One of the only good things about this party, was one of my oldest friends, Allison.

Allison was the kind of person you would go to for gossip, yet she was probably the nicest lady in the room. She was the youngest of her siblings, just like me. She may have been the youngest, yet the men all wanted her… And just like me… Allison was quite picky with her men.

I remember her it like it was yesterday… Allison running up to me as if we were little girls again. I always wondered how that woman could run in her heels. “Elizabeth!” She came to a screeching halt, turning toward me. “Calm down, Allison. Breathe… now what do you wish to tell me?” Allison attempted to keep her balance after her quick rush of faith.

“Haven’t you heard about the new rich charmer in town?”

“What are you talking about?” Allison chuckled as she turned to me.

“I heard that there is a new, single man in town. I heard he is quite the charmer.” It was quite typical for Allison to try to play matchmaker. She believed she was Cupid… yet everyone knew that I wasn’t going to be one of her subjects.

“Why does that matter? It’s not like I’m going to “charm” this man with my looks. Who knows? I might just run away and never get married.”

“Don’t say that, Elizabeth!” Allison beamed at me with optimism, making me a tad uncomfortable. Allison smiled… yet in a serious way.

“I just know… this one is the one for you! Stop tripping over your heels and stop being so uptight!” She leaned in… giving me chills.

“Give this one a chance… please.”

Allison… pushy as always. Honestly… how could I resist her eyes? Something about them… just made me want to fall in. I sighed… turning away from her.

“Fine… you win.” A smile formed on her face, making her jump up.


I don’t know why… but I could never say “no” to Allison. I have known her since we were but little girls. I could never say “no” to Allison… and there was a reason for that. Unfortunately… you must wait for the answer.

Once again… the grand doors opened once again. “Here he comes!” Allison whispered into my ear, acting like a little kid. I never knew what the fuss was about until… I saw my life unravel. I saw something you could only see once in a lifetime. I… I saw true love.

From across the room, a tall man stood… with white hair… hair like the finest white stallion. His eyes were like a wolf’s… like a hungry yet stable tiger. All of the ladies instantly flocked toward him… no wonder. Something… … he’s all yours.” I could hear her heels tapping across the room… as the mysterious, silver-haired man began to approach me.

“Hello… my lady.” In my mind, I was freaking out. I didn’t know what I was going to do next. He grabbed my hand, staring me down.

“Good day.. Good sir.” The man smiled… giving me chills.

“And what might your name be?”

“Elizabeth Davis… fellow rich person. What about you?” He paused… saving his breath.

“David… David Flynn.”

The name… it rang in my head. I could have sworn… yet it was all in my imagination, “David Flynn? What an odd name.”

“I’m foreign, you see.” I smiled.

“Of course… no man such as yourself is seen in these parts.”

“So I’m strange?” I shook my head, instantly regretting my words.

“No… I mean this place is trash so-”

“I’m just kidding, my lady.” For some reason… he smiled. Was… was he mocking me? Did he find me funny?

“Oh, I see,” I said, “I will have you know that I do not appreciate men who take advantage of my feelings like that.”

“Oh, so I have an effect on you? Am I that charming?” I felt like slapping him, yet dancing with him also. Never have I wanted to dance with a man… a man I say… a “man”… Was what I thought.

David sighed, turning toward the crowd of people. “I never liked parties like this… do you?”

“Oh no, I never liked coming to these. I always saw them as… idiotic.”

David turned to me… with a little smirk on his face. “Then… shall we leave this… idiotic party?” I couldn’t believe what he was implying. For the times… how scandalous this was.

“Are… are you implying… what I think you’re implying?” David gave off a scandalous smirk… yet a shy one.

“I don’t know… am I?” His eyes turned to mine. So… this is how our story begins.

The next morning… wasn’t what you would call an average morning. It felt so cold… almost like ice.

“Morning…” Opening my eyes… I saw the eyes of a hungry wolf once again. David laid next to me, with his short, silver hair hanging forward. His smile… it haunted me.

Looking around, observing my surroundings, I could see we were in the comfort of my bed.

“What… Happened last night?” David sighed, holding my cheek.

“What do you think?” I couldn’t believe the act I had committed. Was I that gullible to have slept with a stranger? Most would respond by saying “get away” or something like that. I simply stayed quiet.

“So,” David started, “That book you had was quite interesting… “The Devil’s Creations”… It was quite a read.” My heart stopped as he spoke.

“You read my book?”

“Yeah… I speak perfect Latin.”

This little show-off. Suddenly, something caught my interest. Looking at his bare neck… I stared in curiosity. “Are those… fang marks?” Two, deep holes rested in his neck. It was obvious that no human could make that bite.

“It’s nothing, my dear.”

“You said you was foreign, right?” Why was I so stupid? It hit me like an oncoming carriage.

I have read my book far too many times not to realize. I may have been born into a rich and idiotic family… but I wasn’t going to follow in their tracks.

His eyes grew smaller as he sighed. “So… you aren’t as dumb as I thought you were.” He stood up, getting out of bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Leaving… it is quite obvious you do not wish for me to be here.” He sighed. “You… sure did read that book well.”

I quickly jumped to my feet. “Wait…” “Wait? You know what I am, so why wait?” I growled, turning to him.

“Can I just speak?” He paused… turning to me. His eyes narrowed as he sighed. “Go on…”

“You…” I began, “You’re… a… vampire.” David chuckled.

“Marvelous detective work…” He quickly strutted toward my window, opening the curtains. As he opened the curtains, rays of sun hit his skin.

As the rays hit his skin, the layers began to peel away, and turn to ash. With an angry expression, he turned back to me.

“This is what I am…” Of course… I was an odd person. So… I reached out toward him and said, “I know.” I quickly shut the curtains and turned to him again.

“I know you are a vampire… but in a way… that was why I was so swayed by you. I don’t remember anything from last night… but… I think… I can make this work.”

His eyes stared into mine… making me nervous. “I… have never loved a single man in my lifetime. I have never loved a human… not for a single day of my life! I think… I think how we met… maybe it was meant to be-” Suddenly, I felt my lips being pushed against David’s. It wasn’t until then when I noticed his sharp teeth.

Almost every night… David would climb into my window… and spend the night with me. Usually in the morning, he would put on a large hat or hood to guard him from the sun. We soon made it official to everyone… that we were an official couple.

I knew all about David’s race. Let me explain some of the rules.

-A person can only be turned into a vampire by a bite, or by two vampires having a child.

-Vampires may only die from sunlight or stabs to the heart.

-Most vampires live in places with cloudy weather.

-Vampires are hunted by witches.

-Witches despise vampires because of the witch slaughter from over 500 years back, when an army of vampires massacred a tribe of witches.

-There is a vampire meeting every 100 years.

-The vampire meetings are composed of the elite vampires, killing off “the bad seed” of the vampires, and breeding for another generation of vampires.

There were multiple points of being a vampire. All I cared about… was that no one knew about David’s secret.

Being with David was like Heaven. Being with him was like a dark fantasy I had never known I possessed until then. Nowadays… it sort of puts a chuckle on my face looking back at our old conversations.

God… there was this one time when he came over and all we talked about was some of our secret fetishes. He told me he always fell for girls with long, brown hair, like myself. I told him that I always sort of had a thing for men with long hair… is that weird?

There were times when we talked of children and marriage. One night, he came over and laid in bed with me. Our conversations were normal… until we started talking about our future. I never wanted to be a vampire… yet David always asked for him to turn me… yet I always turned him down.

We continued the conversation with me saying, “I want to be mortal… yet I want my legacy to live on.” I told him… that I wanted a child… and if I died before I was ready to have a child… I would want David to have a child with another woman. It sort of hit him hard… the thought of me dying and him having a child with another woman.

I knew he was upset… but I believe he came to accept it. He started to mess around with me and asked what he wanted to name our child. I told him, “If we have a boy… I want to name him Jake… which means “God is merciful”.”

“And for the girl?” I thought about it and smiled with glee.

“I wish to name our daughter, Jane… meaning “God has been gracious”,” I was surprised… David actually liked those names. For some reason… he especially liked the girl name. Perhaps we wanted a girl more than a boy.

I never knew anything about David’s past. He said he was foreign… yet I didn’t know the context of “foreign”.” For some reason… he never had a British accent… but an American one? I never questioned it though… since it really didn’t matter.

Looking back on it now… I’m starting to realize just how much I loved David. How he would kiss my neck… take me to dinner… made the world feel feeble compared to our love. I didn’t care if he was a beast… I loved him.

Of course though… all roses must wilt eventually.

One day… I had agreed to meet Allison in town. We had always agreed to meet on Tuesdays for tea. David kissed me before I left… making me regret it now. I just wish… I could’ve made that kiss last a little longer.

For some reason… the day seemed far too cloudy. Just like a moron… I let it slide.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Allison sat in front of me in her chair, sipping on her high-class cup of tea. She had been awfully quiet… far too quiet. It wasn’t like her… at all.

“So,” she started, “how are you and David doing?”

“Oh, just fine,” I said… vaguely.

“Really? Because I have heard different things.” I sighed, turning to her. “What are the rumors?”

“Rumors?” Allison set her cup of tea on the table, turning to me… with her green eyes of glory. “Don’t you think… they are more than rumors by now?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Did she figure it out? “I… don’t know what you mean.” It sounded like she had figured out that David and I were sleeping together when we were not married. It was rather scandalous for the time.

Allison sighed, staring me down. Her stare made me shiver. “Elizabeth… don’t make me beat it out of you.” Allison sighed, popping her neck. “How long is it going to take for you to realize that there is a demon inside you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“THAT DEMON HAS CURSED YOU WITH HIS SEED!” Everything grew quiet… and as Allison sighed… it suddenly hit me. “You’re… a witch… Aren’t you?”

“Can’t believe it took you this long to find out.”

I turned to Allison in fear… yet caution. “Seed?” Allison growled. “I can smell it from here… that awful creature inside your womb. I could smell it from a mile away.” She sighed, crossing her legs. “I don’t know how… but that lover of yours disguised his scent for so long… don’t know how… but he did.”

Allison sighed. “It’s quite a shame that he won’t have any essence left to have a scent.” My heart stopped by her words. My dear Allison… terrified me. “What…”I began, “What did you do to him?” Allison let out a chilling chuckle… “I don’t know… why don’t you go to his manor and see for yourself?”

The sun began to set… my heart did the same. My dear Allison… who I have known since we were three… was now the reason why I ran for the hills.

“DAVID!” I have never ran so fast in my life. Ran past every shop, home, carriage… just to see if it was all true. “DAVID!” I ran… and ran… and ran… and ran… and ran… and ran… until…

“David… no…”

Nothing had ever felt so warm. Nothing had ever hurt so badly… as tears fell down my cheeks. “How…” I fell to my knees… as I watched his manor burn to the ground.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder… the most soothing touch I had felt in a long time. “It’s quite a shame that he’s gone… no one to hunt anymore.” I turned to my left… to see Allison… smiling wickedly as she watched the manor burn.

“It was fun while it lasted I guess…” Tears continued to roll down my cheeks as I stared downward.

“How… could you?” Allison let out a sinister laugh…

“Do you really want an answer?” Her green eyes stared me down as ashes flew around the air.

I couldn’t say a word… everything… was just so… quiet. “None of this happened, Elizabeth. This shall never be told to anyone… not even that demon’s children he called his own. You will run away from here and never mention that man to any person ever again… understand?”

I turned to the fire once again… with tears in my eyes. Holding onto my stomach… I bit my lip.

“Yes Ma’am…”

November 17th… 9 months later… I gave birth… to Jake Flynn. To this day… I wonder if David… made it out alive. If only… I could tell him what his son was like. Yet… I will never forget Allison’s final words to me.

Never forget his embrace… your love… nor his sins. Your wish shall be fulfilled… for this is what you wanted. He will return… with hatred for his creation… because she wasn’t yours. You must not forget… the day your child… their child was born. Remember… cherish… mourn… on the cursed day…

  • Jane Fox

    Here is the prequel to “The Daughter”. I wanted to make something before I finished my The Daughter V. The Tracer series, so here you go. This took so long to make and I hope you guys like it. Be prepared for Chapter 2 of The Daughter V. The Tracer. Hint at Chapter 2: “He comes…”

  • Puddin Tane

    I liked this story. I think you should follow this one up.

    • Jane Fox

      I was afraid that people wouldn’t like it because I added far too many romance aspects to it. Also, this was the prequel to “The Daughter” and “The Tracer”. I am also currently working on “the Daughter V. The Tracer series”, which is getting a part 2 soon.

  • Psynderis

    I enjoyed The Daughter, but this one I loved! I agree with the other person that said you should follow up on it.