Black Lily

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl I knew. She was my stepsister, and fifteen when I first met her. I’m one year older than her. I’m telling this story now because I don’t think I’m going to be alive much longer, they found me again somehow.

My stepsister had long dark purple hair. Do you know how hair dye washes out over time? Well, her hair stayed that color forever. She only wore black dresses and just had yellow socks. My mom wanted to be friendly by buying her different colored clothes, but Lily never wore them. People around our town called her Black Lily, but kids at school called her Freaky Mute due to her never speaking, and if she did speak, it was more of a whisper.

You see, before my mom married her dad, Lily, and her real mom got in a car accident. The car flipped nine times. Her mom was killed on impact when the vehicle flipped to a stop on top of the roof. Lily, however, was thrown from the car. A large piece of metal had sliced her throat and damaged her vocal cords.

She almost died since the police and the paramedics thought it was just her mom in the car, but one of the paramedics saw a blurry looking man standing away watching them. That paramedic walked over to see if the man needed any help. When they got there, the man was gone, but they found Lily fighting for her life.

The accident left her partially a mute, a nice long scar across her neck and left her motherless.

My stepfather blamed Lily for the death of his wife because it happened on the day of her birthday, Halloween. They were going out for dinner, but it started to snow, which made the road slick. Her mom wanted to cook dinner, but Lily really wanted to go to her favorite restaurant. So off they went. Her father was at work, so he wasn’t there. Lucky him…

When Lily was in the hospital, he never went in to see her, no one did. But according to the staff, whenever they would walk by her room at night, they heard her whispering to someone and when the person answered, it was so quiet that they couldn’t understand it. They said every time it happened there was a ringing sound mixed with static like from an old radio and the lights in the hall were always dim.

One night a nurse opened the door to see who Lily was talking to, and sure enough, there was no one in the room, just Lily. When asked who she was talking to, she pointed behind the nurse… That same night the nurse went missing. Police questioned Lily if she saw who did it, she wrote on a paper saying. ‘The tall man took her, she shouldn’t have come in our conversation was private.’ When interrogated more and pushed more to draw the “tall man.” She hesitated then wrote, ‘He won’t like that. I’ll ask him tonight if I can, though.’

The next night the police stayed over to wait for the “tall man.” They watched the security camera like a hawk watching its prey. Nothing happened for hours. Thinking it was only a waste of time, but around three in the morning, there was a malfunction with the cameras on Lily’s floor.

They began to hear the ringing and static sound as the cameras were cutting in and out, and the lights flickered. One of the police officers swore he saw an odd-looking man going into Lily’s room. Just as the lights and cameras cut out completely, he and the other two ran to her room. However, her door wouldn’t open.

Trying their best to get the door open, from inside, they heard Lily and another person talking. The ringing and static sound in the hallway was getting much worse, making the police officers’ ears hurt. Soon the door popped open, and all was quiet.

Once they entered the room, Lily was sitting up in bed and holding a piece of paper in her hands. They asked her if the man came? She nodded then hands them the picture. When they looked, they were stunned.

The drawing was of the man. He had no facial features, wore a black suit and red tie on the bottle Lily wrote ‘The Operator.’ When the police started to question Lily more, she grew agitated to the point, she yelled at them. It was more of a whisper telling them to shut up and to leave her alone!

After that, Lily never said a word but would glare at the police every time they or anyone who would ask about the missing nurse and The Operator. The longer they stayed in the room, the more they feared for their lives. Just something about being in that room didn’t feel right. They stopped coming, and the nurse was never found.

When Lily was allowed to go home once everything was healed and everything looked to be alright, she stayed for two more days because her father wasn’t ready to face the person that was at fault for the death of his first wife.

As soon as Lily was home, she locked herself in her room and never came out, nonetheless she’d still be talking to someone. Her father didn’t dare go in knowing the story of the last person who did. He didn’t care either way. He wanted nothing to do with her. After her mother’s funeral, Lily started to change more.

Once a happy child was now a depressed little girl. Then she turned to an angry, hateful girl. She was kicked out of many schools due to her having violent outbreaks and hurting other kids. Her father had enough to the point he had her put in a mental hospital for a few years. Close to Lily’s birthday, she was let out, and the same time, she learned that her father married my mom.

Halloween night was when I got to meet her. My mom and her father wanted to have a party, not a birthday party because my mom didn’t know it was Lily’s birthday and her father forgot or didn’t want to remember or again didn’t care.

My mom and I were new to the area, considering we just moved in with her father. It was nice, but I didn’t have any friends and didn’t know anyone. The only people at the party were adults and maybe one hand full of people around my age. I stayed around them talking and getting to know them.

It was going great until I noticed Lily was nowhere to be seen. I asked her father, who was drunk off his a*s and slurring his speech. He told me she was outside like a selfish b***h. Real nice to call your daughter that, but anyways wanting to be a friendly person I went out to search for her.

The night was cold and dark. I didn’t see her until the clouds passed over the moon. There she stood in the yard with a cigarette between her fingers, and beer bottle in the other hand. She was dancing a little, humming along to the song that was playing from the house. Walking over, I smiled when she looked at me with her green eyes locked on mine.

“Hey, how come you’re not partying inside with us?” I asked nicely. Lily put the cigarette to her lips then blew out the dark gray smoke. Before she could speak the kids from the party came outside.

“Don’t waste your time! Freaky Mute can’t talk!” One of them laughed, they and the others began to make fun of her by calling her Freaky Mute and other horrible names. Lily just stood there with a blank expression. When the clouds covered the moon again, she blinked then turned her head towards the dark woods. Then a wicked smirk formed across her face.

Lily was about to walk away towards the woods, but a boy that’s my ex-boyfriend’s little brother grabbed her arm, saying she wasn’t going anywhere. Before anyone could do anything, Lily turned, smashing the beer bottle over his head. He yelped and fell back as blood ran down his forehead. I was in shock as the other girls screamed, and a few guys ran back inside for help as for Lily? She stood there, still smoking her cigarette. When it was getting little, she freaked it at the boy, which burned his cheek.

I stood by my mom watching Lily’s father, who was talking to the police, then to the parents of the boy. Lily sat in the back of a police cruiser with her hands cuffed, the whole time she was smiling. When they started to pull away, she looked at me with cold eyes. She had to do anger management classes after she came back from god knows where! Her father and my mom never told me where she went, but I figured it was back to the mental hospital.

What I never got with Lily is one day she would lock herself in her room crying and never came out, or she would be outside sitting in the woods watching the birds just smiling like nothing was wrong. When her father would yell at her for something, she would cry or stare at him blankly. I’ve seen him hit her before. She would again cry or laugh at him. Now at school, she was quiet and keeping her head down, or she would be walking down the hall with her head held high with that blank expression. I think she has multiple personality disorder or something.

Every time someone messed with her physically, something always happened to them, like one time a girl tripped her at lunch that same day that girl “fell” down the stairs. Everyone knew it wasn’t an accident, but there wasn’t any proof of Lily pushing her, but things like that would always happen. You could call her names and make fun of her. She did nothing, but if you touched her, you’re more than likely going to get hurt that day.

Besides the beer bottle incident, and the people at school getting hurt, Lily really never went extreme. She was still talking to someone at night. There were a few times I saw her talking to someone in the woods, and I swear I saw people standing behind a tree, but when I blinked, they were gone, and Lily would be staring at me. However, on the night of Lily’s seventeenth birthday was when it all happened. I was lucky because I was out with friends for the night. My mom and stepdad had one of their parties.

I wanted to ask Lily to come with me to have fun, but I knew it would mess up my reputation. Just being her stepsister kind of put people off. But whenever someone would make fun of her, I never stood up for her but would join in with the bullying. I was cool in their eyes…

I’m so sorry, Lily. If I would have done something, maybe what happened that night, my mom would still be alive, and my life wouldn’t be in danger.

On October 31, 2015, in a small town in Ohio, there was a murder. A man and a woman both stabbed to death before a Halloween party. Two of the guests came early to find the couple dead with the young daughter standing in the room with the bodies lying at her feet. She was holding the knife. Both she and the blade was covered in blood. Before she took off, she looked at them. They said they’ll never forget the look she gave them, pure evil. Her eyes were bright green. Her lips were black that formed a wicked grin as the blood-stained her face.

I had to be held back by a neighbor as I watched them wheel my mom out on a stretcher. They had a white sheet on her body as it slowly turned red. The police went searching for Lily and had a warrant out for her arrest. She was never found.

Over time I was in fear because it felt like I was always being watched and being followed. I’ve moved away from that town and kept running, but the feeling never went away!

Oh god! I think they got into my apartment I’m going to die! It’s Lily’s 21st birthday, and she found me again!

She’s outside the door knocking lightly and giggling. There are other people with her because someone is outside my bathroom window watching me! He has no face! I can hear the others walking around in my apartment, trashing the place. Lily has started to slam her hand on my door. She’s still giggling.

Oh, god, I’m sorry.

Lily, I’m so sorry!

  • Ethan Hayes

    Really great story. Love the plot, but the writing needs some work. 😉

  • Angel

    Great story!!! Loved it!!!! Could happen too which makes it so much better!!!