The Broken

There was a family that came from Greece. They had a child who was born in Arizona but they moved to a quiet city in Pennsylvania. They also had a Grecian familial secret. An ancient, magical one that they tried their hardest to keep.

He was tall and handsome. He had jet black hair that was shaved on the sides and fell into his eyes because of it’s length. His nose was long and he had an unusually long tongue. His lips were full and he had a litle scar on his upper lip, his jawline was strong, and he was well built. His eyes were a lovely shade of royal blue. His wardrobe consisted of dark clothes, mostly black or grey tight fitting T-shirts and black jeans. He also carried a concealed weapon: a box cutter. He could have had it easy with the ladies if he wasn’t so cryptic and intimidating.

Spasmeno was quiet and kept to himself. Kids would talk about him and make fun of him by calling him Spaz. One particularly horrible day, he was in his most hated class: Physics. He loved the subject but hated being there because most of the kids that were always making fun of him were in that class.

“Haha! Look at him, Spaz, the teacher’s pet!”

“He’s such a loner…”

“I heard his parents didn’t want to take care of him because he’s so weird, and now he’s a Foster kid.”

“What? I thought it was because he killed their dog or something.”

Spasmeno couldn’t help it. He began to twitch, clench, and unclench his fists. His mother and father were murdered. He found them in their room; gashes the size of footballs in their torsos. His mother’s head had been caved in and her eyeball was hanging from its socket. His father’s hand was bent at an odd angle and his head was twisted and lolling on his shoulder.There was blood dribbling out of his nose, mouth, and eyes. Spasmeno remembered screaming. He checked to see if they were alive, but they were dead. He was only nine. He dialed nine one one and waited for the police. When they finally arrived, they found Spasmeno cuddling with his mother’s and father’s bodies. The police took pity on him because he showed no emotion and they deemed it as traumatization. They told him they were sorry for his loss but he didn’t hear them. He was numb. All he could think about was the way they died.

So hearing the ridiculous rumors that the idiots in his class were whispering, awakened something dark inside him. Something that was born the night his parents were murdered. Something he kept locked in the deepest darkest corners of his mind. It was no longer locked away. It had surfaced. He chuckled. He chuckled a chuckle that was in no way full of any type of humor. It was a chuckle full of malice and hatred. He looked towards the entrance of the room and whispered something in Greek. The door locked. He whispered something else and all the sound that came from the classroom could not be heard by the outside world. His family had a skill for Grecian spells and it worked to his advantage once again. His lips twitched into a half smile. he knew his parents tried to keep him a secret. That’s okay, he thought. Nobody in here is being left alive anyways.

Spasmeno stood up from his desk and produced his box cutter from his sweater pocket. The students couldn’t see the blade, but became silent as they watched him make his way to the teacher’s desk The teacher looked up from his computer.

“yes, Spasmeno? What do you need?”

“You never did a damn thing. You let them torment me.”

“Spasmeno if you want to speak to a counselor-”


The teacher looked at Spasmeno, startled by his outburst.

“Spasmeno I’m going to send you to the office if you continue this behav-”

Mr. Almonez didn’t get to finish his sentence. With one quick movement, Spasmeno swiped the box cutter across Mr. Almonez’s throat. Students stared, shocked into silence. One girl screamed as

Mr. Almonez’s blood spurted onto the desk and floor. He slumped forward and blood began to soak into the papers on the polished wood.

By now students were screaming and banging on the door, begging to be let out. Spasmeno just laughed at them and yelled along with them.


He approached his second victim. A girl who gossips and spreads the most rumors about him. Spasmeno grabs a fistful of her blonde hair and yanks her head back so that her neck is exposed.

“I hear you, you filthy b***h”, he snarls in her ear.

“I hear you every f*****g day I hear that stupid mouth of yours.”

She sobs, “Please oh God I’m sorry please don’t do this!”

“There is no God here who is going to help you,” he grins and before she can scream he stabs the box cutter into her neck and pulls it across with so much force, she begins to bleed after five seconds. Before he let go of her hair he puts her on her knees. He digs into her throat and rips out her vocal cords. As she falls to the floor, her neck opens and closes, gushing blood all over the white tiles of the classroom. More screams are heard from the students. They cower by the door and whimper as one by one, they are taken down by Spasmeno. He was having so much fun, that he even muttered a few spells that made the tissue in their brains expand, causing an implosion in their skulls.

Students’ last breaths, words, and gurggles for mercy, made Spasmeno’s affair all the moor enjoyable for him. he laughed as one student put up his hand to cover his face. Spasmeno just severed his fingers and stabbed him in the eye. He new he was still alive. Spasmeno cocked his head like a wolf.

“Oh no we can’t have that, now can we?”

The kid let out a garbled cry as Spasmeno began to stomp on his face. He kept stomping until his skull became a bloody bowl of brain matter and bone fragment. Satisfied with his work, he smiled and wiped his boot off onto the kid’s shirt. Spasmeno cut down the last student with his trusty blade and licked the blood off the edge. He shivered with a dark, sensual desire and let out a laugh.

“Damn it’s messy in here….”

Spasmeno scratched the side of his head with the blade. He snapped his fingers as he came up with an idea.
“prokýptoun kynigóskyla kólasis!” (Hell hounds arise)

A jagged, bloody cavity opened on the floor of the classroom and three five foot tall animals crawled out. They were dogs. They had barbed tails, a mohawk of spikes, thick, rough fur, forked tongues, each had two pairs of eyes (four in total), long necks, and razor sharp teeth. They all had collars that read: ‘Idiotita tou ypokosmou’, which when translated to English, meant “Underworld Property”.

The hellhounds looked at Spasmeno expectantly.

“Feast.”, he said. The dogs snarled and turned on the bodies of the students and the teacher. They snapped at eachother as they ate greedily. The dogs finished within minutes and licked the floor clean. Spasmeno smiled in approval. “You are free to go.” The dogs disapeared the same way they were summoned.

His parents didn’t stand a chance. They never did. They tried to poison Spasmeno. tried putting him in the oven, and even tried drowning him in his bath. No matter how much they tried, he wouldn’t die, he was never harmed. Finally he got the chance to take their lives when he was nine. He realized they didn’t love him and never would. So he did what he did best and now, here he was again. Doing the same to these students as he did to his parents.

Spasmeno chuckled to himself, twirling the blade in his hand as he made his way to the door, whispered, “The dead only know my secret.”, and closed it silently behind him.

  • Country Queen

    Loved the content. Great details​.

  • Osvaldo Perales

    U lost me in th intro

  • Natalie

    The ridiculously translated greek made it funny instead of creepy.