Poem: Midnight Lies

Exactly 12 O’clock is when you left me

Left me so in the dark that couldn’t even see

You hand was so cold it burned

But you kept that smile without concern

You said you were going to be okay

We were ‘Going out for a walk’ the very next day

You lied straight to my face

And when you left I felt so out of place

My heart broke in two

A hole in the shape of you

My mind is frenzied

If I ‘left’ would anyone miss me?

I know they would but still…

All it would take is a couple of pills

Or maybe a slice or a click

But it’s not my place to pick

It’s the voice that talks to me

The one who holds that special key

It started out with a whisper

But with each passing day it got louder and louder

When the screaming started I just couldn’t take it

Nobody would care; not one bit

Those words finally pushed me over the edge

Literally… at exactly 12 O’clock

  • Yaboi

    Good writing, rhymes, short, of course, bit much to it, 9.2/10

  • Jed

    2/5 A nice poem.