Mr. List Part 2 – The Wayward One

Tape Two begins.

“This is agent Morgan Tally of the FBI,  this is my second interview with the killer known as Mr. List. What you are about to hear is extremely disturbing and not for the weak of heart. Listen at your own risk.

Tape cuts then begins again.

“So Atticus, when did you show up at your moms home?”

“I showed up about 3am, she was still asleep when I came in. On the couch was her smug husband Todd, he must have pissed her off, so he went first.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Well, I had my knife in my pocket and the gun on my belt. But I felt Todd deserved some special treatment. I looked around a bit until I found his toolbox. I grabbed a hammer and a nail. I went up to him and put the nail to his forehead, not hard enough to wake him though. I raised the hammer and slammed it down on the nail, it made a lovely popping noise as it drove into his skull. His eye’s flew open as the blood from the nail flowed down his face. He began to twitch violently so I slammed the hammer down a few more times to finish the job.”

“Wow, so what did you do to your mom?”

“I went upstairs, as I decided my little sister should go last, she was the only one in the home with a good heart. I slipped into my mother’s room, I became a shadow on the wall as I crept up to her bed. I stared down on her and couldn’t help feel releaved that she was finally about to get what she deserved. I pulled out my knife and put it to her throat. She woke and immediately began to shake and scream for help. I picked her up and threw her to the wall, I then proceeded to slammed her head against the wall until she was unconscious. I could her my sister moving in her room. I figured it was about time I went for her.”

“How old was she?”

“She was 11, I made it quick though. She didn’t deserve pain like the rest…. I came through the door quick jamming my knife deep into her heart, I watched as the life faded from her eye’s. That was one of the tough kills I ever made. To this day I still regret it.”

“So back to your mom, what did you do to her next?”

“I slipped back into her room, grapped her, and took her down stairs and into the garage. I tied her up to an old wooden chair and gaged her; I wanted to make it last. I waited for her to wake up, which didn’t take long. She woke up kicking and screaming much didn’t slip throught the gag. I grabbed some tools and started off my torture. First the pliers, she always had long nails so when she slapped you it would leave scratches along with the pain from the slap itself. So I took the pliers and one by one pulled every nail she had. Then cracked and snapped as I tore them out. The screams she made satisfied my hatered for her only a little; so I moved on. Next, the adjustable wrench. It was a big wrench too, the kind your use for oil pumps. She had always prided herself on her morning runs, so the knee caps were my next target. I didn’t hit them with the wrench either like you’d think I would’ve but rather I took the wrench and adjusted around her knee cap, then slow I adjusted it more and more. It was tough but I did it. Finally, after a minute or two of her screaming the knee cap gave into the pressure and broke, the bone sounded like a tree branch if you break it slowly. I did the same to the next knee and moved on. I wasn’t quite satisfied enough, so I got out the hammer I used on Todd and bashed her jaw a few times until she could only mumble through the intense pain and blood. Then, I was done; I got out my knife and slit her throat ear to ear. It was a nice smooth cut the a warm blade to butter.

Agent Tally can be heard throwing up.

“Awe Tally, was that to much for you.”

“Shut it List!”

“Just saying, you asked, I told.”

Puking continues.

“Okay, I think I’m good now…. so what did you do after you finished off your mother?

“I took a well needed nap and left. It was about ten-ish when I left. I decided to run some errands on my way to Colorado.”

“What kind of errands?”

“The violent kind of course. I killed some alley roaches or the homless as you call them. Then I went to bust out the Wayward One.”

“Who’s the Wayward One?”

“You know her Tally, that scar on your cheek says so; Ms. List; The blade to my knife; May Ambrosia Thompson. Any of those ring a bell.”

“Yes, I remember now, so why get her out”

“I figured you forget her, most did. Anyway I decided it was time for me to go ahead and bust her out because she was just like me. She heard vocies too and had a bloodlust that made mine look passive. We weren’t aloud to spend too much time together at the institution because of this, but we had a connection regardless.”

“One more question and I’m done for today, why do you call her the Wayward One?”

“Because when we were institutionalized I told her that we’d be together someday and she said she’d rather be alone and take her own path. So from then on she was the Wayward One, the maker of her own path. The sick, twisted, evil, love of my life.”

Tape Two ends.

  • Liz Peksenak

    Awesome just like the first can’t wait for the next

  • Connor Handspicker

    You have 4 things to fix.