Miss Genie

A few years ago I started using tor to go through the dark web. Something about going through the areas of the web not normally accessible was intriguing, and enticing. I originally shied away from using it after hearing horrific stories about it, but curiosity won out fear. Hours had gone by searching around and a lot of sites that were either obviously fake, or did not work would show up until one link caught my eye in particular. Clicking onto the link i was greeted with a black page and cursive words in dark purple reading out “Miss Genie, She can make wishes and tell your future!” Under which in white reads out “Miss Genie can make your any wish come true and tell you your future. There is no need to pay even if there is a price!” followed by a download button. Clicking on the button a .zip file was downloaded straight into my downloads folder.

Using the never-ending trial for winrar I open up the zip file and export it into my C drive’s programfiles (x84) and open the .exe file named “MISSGENIE.EXE” in all caps. Opening the execution program I was given a message box titled “Miss Genie” with two b*****s designated “Future” and “Wishes”. Clicking on future another box showed up titled “Years”. Under this was many many b*****s spanning from my current year to around when i would be eighty. I had wanted to test this out part of me knowing this would be some trashy wisdom app, but another part of me hoping this would be real. I clicked on my year and another box appeared with today’s date all the way up to the final day of the year. I clicked on tomorrow and a window opened showing a picture of a beautiful woman, words began to materialize below her reading out “Tomorrow will bring great enjoyment, the one you crush will allow involvement” before closing. I exit out of my year and notice that the list of years had been shortened by one.

The next day I got home with the biggest smile on my face, during school for some reason I gained the nerve to ask my crush Courtney out, and she said yes! Josh did not believe me until he saw us talking, not only was I happy that I was actually dating my crush Courtney, I knew that the MISSGENIE.EXE worked! I wanted to try out a wish today so i got on my computer and booted the execution file up, this time pressing wishes at which a different window popped up, with three text boxes labeled “Date”, “Item/situation” and “quantity”. I put tomorrows date and, money, and 300 just to see if wishes worked. After I hit accept the beautiful woman face showed up again, this time the words said “Tomorrow you will get the check, but please do fret for the price of such greed is ten my friend.” I wondered about what they meant by the price of greed is ten for a while, before going to bed.

The next day I was even more excited, apparently I had won 300$ from a survey I did online like a year ago, which meant the wishes worked as well. Booting up the computer I went back to miss genie, and went back to future. I stared at the screen, an entire ten years had been gone. For a few seconds I was shocked. My stomach started to knot before I realized that just means I can’t see that far into the future anymore. I went to my year and used tomorrow’s date once again, the woman popping up on the screen, only her face looked sad this time. “Tomorrow you will be about to crumble, for your friend will take a great tumble.” I pondered what that could have meant, when i realized it must have meant that Josh would fall and get hurt or something, so I decided I would watch over him the next day and try to stop whatever was going to happen.

I got to school and essentially stalked Josh whenever I had the chance. Every period he had except for the last was on the top floor, the last being on the bottom, so it was easy to follow him. Nothing had happened for the first few periods neither did anything happen in lunch. But when it came time for him to go to last period I ran to the stairs to warn him. “Hey! Hey! Josh don’t go down those stairs yet!” I yelled, as he turned his head towards me and asked “What?” not paying attention. Josh stepped wrongly on the first step and fell down the stairs landing with a sickening crack. I stood at the top of the stairs staring down at my friend’s corpse, his neck had been broken by the fall. I stood helpless in shock, tears beginning to well in my eyes as a girl screamed and soon paramedics took his body away.

I did not use MISSGENIE.EXE for several months, and while my parents were on vacation I got a note in the mail that read out “I know you have been using Miss Genie. How have you liked it? I noticed that you had stopped using it. I hope you realize that is not a good idea, for the price of stopping is worse than the price of wishing.” when I read over the mail I thought for a long hard while, debating if I should use the evil computer program or not. This was clearly a threat, and I trusted that it would be met. Eventually and reluctantly I opened MISSGENIE.EXE once again. If I had called the police, they would not have believed me. A computer program that grants wishes and tells the future? That’s the ravings of a madman, and maybe I was. I knew what wish I had to make. This time for the date I put the current day, and put “Bring my friend Josh back” with N/A for quantity. The genies words this time were “Alive your friend will seem, but dead inside he will be.” I instantly knew that I had not worded the wish right, but when I tried to wish again but reword it, all that she said was “Two wishes may not conflict” I kept trying over and over. Frustrated I eventually shut my pc off and went to bed.

That night I was woken up by a strange noise, I investigated looking around my house. I eventually traced the sound to my back door, and opened it looking around outside. Nothing was there. Walking back inside I started to go down my hall when I heard a hoarse groan. Turning towards the bathroom I saw him sitting on the floor. The mostly decayed body of Josh was slumped on the floor groaning. When I got closer he slowly turned towards me and croaked out “Heeelp… Meeeee… “ and began to crawl towards me uttering words like “pain…” “Cold…” “Help…” over and over, Tears welled in my eyes once again at the sight of my friend. His head was leaning against his neck and his bone showed in a lot of places. I stumbled back as he got closer. “Heeeelp… Meeeeeeee…” I was unable to move, fear was holding my body in place. When Josh had reached me he merely sat there staring into my eyes. Josh was not there to hurt me, he needed my help. I picked him up ignoring the smell and brought him into my room, putting him in my closet to hide him, no one would understand the situation. No one would have believed me.

Each day for two years I abused the Genie program, wishing things for my and Josh’s safety, and checked the future to make sure Josh would not ever be found. But then I decided to see what would happen on the last day that I was able to view my future. I had abused the Genie so much that it was limited to only a year ahead. When Miss Genie showed up on my screen, her face had a kind of smirk, and the text materialized in a dark purple color much like the  webpage “Greed you have shown, and pain you have grown will end on this day, a bullet in the head is the only way.” I was shocked, I had not expected something like this and I began to openly sob, I knew my last day and there was nothing I’m sure I could have done to stop it. I sat there for a long time. In the following months I stopped caring about school. I did not eat much, I was not motivated to do anything. I kept seeing the woman’s face everywhere I went, and in all my dreams. I had a fight with Courtney and stopped talking to her. My parents went on vacation again the week that I was due. I sat at home and only barely ate to survive, and not by my own choice. The day before my death was scheduled, I decided to try and board up my house entirely. I had known deep down that it would not work so I sat at my front door not sleeping and watching, listening, Josh’s muffled moans ringing out every once in awhile.

Eventually I heard a car pull up, and a woman’s hum. When she reached the door and could not open it due to the boards she chuckled to herself and made the boards themselves crumble into dust. Opening the door she smiled at me, it was the beautiful woman, the Miss Genie herself. We both just stared at each other for the longest time, when she broke the silence. “So you know what is going to happen don’t you?”

“Yes i do.”

“And you realize you cannot do anything to stop it?”

“Yes, i understand.”

“Than what is your final wish?”

“What is my final wish…?”

“Yes, you get one final wish before you die.”

“I wish, that I get to write what happened here and send it to a website of my choosing.”

So I chose this one, if I had posted it somewhere random I would have seemed like an insane fool, at least here it will be taken as simply a horror story and nothing else. I wish for my story to be told so that at least I can leave my planet with someone knowing what happened to me, even if they don’t believe it to be true.

I heard her gun click, and she knows that I am close to being finished. The second that I hit send I will be gone. I’m sorry Josh that I let this happen to you, I’m sorry Courtney that I stopped talking to you, and that I was a jerk the last time I talked to you. Most of all i’m sorry mom and dad for not telling you anything, and leaving you both like this.

All I know now is that when I hit send, I will stare into the gun barrel and accept my death, for I deserve it.

  • Aya

    Love it
    Just love it

  • Anita Hardin

    This was a damn good story!! I would love to see more writing from you!

  • Alex

    He’s dead, how can he wrote more?

    • NitrogenBubbles

      He gets shot AFTER he posts it, not before he does.

  • Cynthia

    Damn this was good, if I was him!, my last wish would be that Miss Genie never existed. Plain and simple.

    • NitrogenBubbles

      Smart, though i feel like Miss Genie who had the power would deny this request.

  • Tostyhat

    Loved it