Sleep Walker

The following was recorded in Jack Stellar’s diary recently found a month ago before he mysteriously disappeared after being sent to an Asylum for treatment. He kept talking about a doll named Alex and we are to believe he fears it. After his wife and daughter received the doll they mysteriously died in a fire.

You are now entering the Sleep Walker massacre.

July 8th, 6 P.M.

I am currently brought in to the Rissa house hold to investigate on their little girl Lucy for 2 weeks. The report says, “Paranormal activity, knocking at night, horrid smells, our daughter’s sleepwalking issues. More frequent every day.” They live in a remote house near the side of a highway in the woods. There are crucifixes everywhere. Lucy is in bruises right now.

Lucy has sunken ocean blue eyes in a plain white dress. Her parents say she won’t take it off and she has to bathe in it. I am watching her right now, she is silent in the bathroom and has to be watched by her sister Lessia, red top and blonde red hair, age 17. Abuse?

8:45 P.M.

At the dinner table with them, very silent, the middle child (brother) looks paranoid and keeps staring at his reflection in the mirror by the TV. The parents are abnormal. Tried to get into a conversation with them.

“About the paranormal thing…” I said. The mom teary eyed looked at me. “What’s wrong with the household?”

The mother paused to swallow her food and then cleared her throat, the children looked at her, their expressions plain. “I wouldn’t expect you to believe us but… our lil girl got a doll on her birthday about a month ago,” she pointed at a stuffed doll. The doll had red button eyes, wool black hair, and an evil looking grin made of red cloth. The dress was plain white and the shoes were a dirty yellow worn with age. “She found the doll on our doorstep. We were curious on who sent us the doll but we never found out. But, she was so thrilled to see that doll. It was like the doll had a soul,” she smiled. Her expression changed into fear. “Then it started.” She paused.

“What happened?”

“At first it was knocking, but then we got the feeling we were being watched. About 2 weeks later we started to get scratches, bruises, and hallucinations,” her voice started to crack. “But we couldn’t handle it on the 4th week. The doll was out of control, things fell off the shelves, we would hear whispers, and the doll would be in random places.”

What happened first I don’t remember but I remember a breakdown and her blabbering about the doll and how it wants to kill her family. I didn’t wanna put more pressure so I left the table to smoke on their porch and thought of the things they said. The girl, the smell, the knocking, the doll, hallucinations, bruises. The knocking could be pranksters because they live near a campsite, the smell because of a dead animal, hallucinations because of carbon dioxide poisoning, and the bruises from iron deficiency. I have no clue what the deal is with this doll.

The father opened and closed the door behind me, he walked up to me and offered me a beer. I accepted it silently. He opened his beer, the cap popping.

“How’s it been with you?” I said trying to start a conversation.

“Ageing,” he laughed.

“So what happened, exactly?” I said awkwardly changing the subject.  He sighed and then paused.

“Ever since our little girl got that doll she holds, it has been tearing our family apart.” There was silence as the sun set, turning a deep red and a solid orange. The sun nearly under the horizon. “My old poor wife is confused,” he took a sip.

“About what?”

“All this crazy nonsense happening,” the father watched as the sky grew darker. “She thinks it’s an act of God.”

“Why does she think that?”

The dad shook his head and walked in a circle. “God has a way of showing you things,” he started doing some hand motions. “If you can’t see it he will put more things in front of you, he’ll never harm you physically to get things right,” the dad sipped his beer. “Satan tricks the young-ins and can sometimes get into your head,” he looked at me and patted my shoulder. “Please save my little girl and prove we are not all that crazy, for all our sakes.” I nodded. “Thanks, please end this… you don’t know what we’ve been through,” he went inside.

I walked in half an hour later and saw a fire going. It was confusing.

“It gets cold at night,” I heard a voice. I turned and it was the dad still with his beer sitting at the wooden coffee table staring into the heat. That was when I noticed my breathe in the air.

Nothing else to report. No knocks tonight. Will be writing back tomorrow.

July 9th, 9 A.M.

Breakfast was the same. Decided to watch the kids today incognito. They walked to the park and swung on the swings. No talk, blank stares. Very Awkward.

10 A.M.

Exactly an hour later they went back home. I drove my car to their house a little later. I saw them walking along the road and waved. They stopped in their tracks and stared at me as I drove into the parking lot. Kids these days.

12 P.M.  

Saw Lucy in her room during lunch, the doll was set across from Lucy on a small table in the middle of the room. Her room had the scent of fresh lavender.  She called the doll Alex and kept talking about how her parents are afraid of her. The wallpaper was a faded pink with purple stripes.

9 P.M.

Sleepy. The kids are asleep and I am currently on the table reading a letter from my daughter Anna. She keeps writing on how she misses me.

9:10 P.M.

Heard knocking at the door later on. Opened the door but there was no one there. Closed it and seemingly on que behind me I saw the doll in the center of the room.

Lucy walked down the hall rubbing her eyes. “There you are Alex!” I stood still while she picked the doll up, not to disturb her. “I told you stop hiding from me!” she hugged the doll and walked down the hallway into her room.

I sat back at the table, when her room door shut I heard another knock. I opened the front door again but saw no one. This time I turned on the porch light and peeked down the highway. No one, no cars, and no odd noises. The only thing I heard were the trees swaying in the breeze. I closed the door and then heard scurrying behind me. I turned and the window was open, the curtain swaying in a ghostly motion. I slowly peeked my head out. There was a note by the window on a chair and I picked it up. It was an eye with the words behind it ‘I Am Watching.’

July 10th 11 A.M.

Woke up at 10 and decided to run some errands. I started writing about how it was going to my pals in Newfate. I started thinking about how the kid was staring into the mirror, how paranoid he was and how the parents seemed to act. I looked at my paper and realized I was drawing a detailed version of the doll. Something is surely off about this case. Deciding to research history about the house.

4 P.M.

Saw Lucy drawing, asked what it was and she said her family. I looked over her shoulder and she smiled like she impressed me. It was a picture of the family, but they were dead. The brother had black eyes, the mother and father had graves, the older sister’s mouth was all black and her eyes were white, I looked like pottery, shattered and put back together again still missing a few pieces in the drawing, then there was the doll Alex and Lucy smiling untouched.

8 P.M.

Had dinner and saw the middle child in his room sobbing. I went up to him and he told me to go away. He said I didn’t believe them and I replied when I was young I saw strange things to, and that was true.

Didn’t go into detail about death and stuff but generalized when we die we’ll be safe in god’s arms. He sort of smiled and I patted his back. I went to get up to leave when he said, “Wait.” Then he asked if I ever get scared. I replied Yes. I said we should talk sometime and then left his room. Danny still seems paranoid of mirrors. Sometimes he’ll go into his room for no reason and lock his door.

10 P.M.

Knocks is becoming more frequent as I fall asleep. Woke up the parents to talk about the picture and asked if there was any abuse going on in the house, they seemed confused and said no. The mother replied she (Alex) did it.

July 11th 8 A.M.

Woke up to strange bruises all over my body. Currently reading news articles of the town to find something.

10 A.M.

Found a grave site about half a mile from here, the red-tree massacre happened a block away, and the house burned in 1943. The fire was caused by a little girl named Lucy and killed her parents. Died in 1950 for some unknown reason. Coincidences these days always freak me out.

2 P.M.

Something peculiar happened today. Danny and I had a short talk about nightmares.

Supposedly he had a nightmare of his family, all dead, because of the doll. He said he awoke and saw the doll watching him through the shadows, even though there was no doll in the shadows when I checked. I am beginning to show signs of insomnia, I only get about an hour or 2 of sleep.

8 P.M.

Lessia is not at the table and is in her room. About 5 minutes into eating the lights flickered, we heard a door shut, and then screaming.

Things only get worse from here. As I got up to see what’s wrong I saw Danny staring at the mirror, this time backing away as if he saw something. I tried to open Lessia’s door but it was locked. The outline of the door flickered as if the power was going out in that room. She screamed for help, I tried breaking it with a hammer lying just outside the house. I tried once, twice, and on the third time it busted, my adrenaline rushing. I opened the door. She was on the bed crying and was staring at the closet. She looked at me.

“She was here,” she sobbed. The mother went to her side and patted her back saying it’d be okay. According to her she was texting on her phone when the door suddenly creaked closed and then a figure opened the closet and had an “unsettling” face before the lights went off.

12 P.M.

Got up to wash my face. I was hallucinating because I saw Lucy in the hallway staring at me. Then when I blinked she and the doll got closer. Every blink was the same until she stood 6 feet from me. I tried to touch her but when I tried to she and the doll disappeared. I then proceeded to the bathroom, I peeked in Lucy’s room, she was fast asleep.

When I got in the bathroom I realized the power was out and it was getting cold. I got my flashlight and while I washed my face my skin felt rotten and fleshy, like chewy meat you could pull off after a little bit of force. My eyes widened and when I touched my skin it peeled off. I put it up to my face and then fell down in horror. I slowly got up and then looked into the mirror again, I was normal. I got out after and peeked into Lucy’s room again. She was gone. I cracked the door more open. I didn’t know it yet but she was right behind me.

“She doesn’t like your company,” she sounded sleepy holding the doll. I flinched, and then after a moment I guided her pushing her a little towards her room and tucked her in. “She doesn’t like your company,” she repeated more quietly. As I left the room my flashlight flickered. “She doesn’t like… your…”

She fell asleep.

July 12th 6 A.M.

Decided to go for a little stroll and found a nice trail that went around the house in a half mile circle. Came back and realized I left the door open. I closed it and walked to my car. Opened the trunk and opened a vodka and sat at their bench.

Meanwhile I guess I awoke the children because after a few minutes passed their father came out. “Vodka? That early?” he laughed.

“Can’t sleep.”

He sat by me, “When the world turns against you, you try your best to gain back the world,” he turned to me.

“Wise words from my father.”

He laughed. I noticed about 100 yards away a gravestone.

“Don’t mean to be rude but what’s that gravestone for?” he looked where I was looking. He laughed.

“Oh that one?” he stopped laughing. “It’s ol’ Jackaroo Jack! Our dog,” it went silent.

“Well you know we need more men like you,” he tried changing the subject, I cringed.

“Oh… well…” it brought me back to the most darkest moment of my life. “I did something, something no one should do,” my voice cracked and I teared up.

It was after my mother died, I was 8 and innocent, my father grew into a great depression. He got charged for abuse and manslaughter but at that time I didn’t know he killed her. When he was out of prison I was at age 30, I went to his house with a weapon, he became no more when I walked out. No one knew I did it, and I didn’t know how much hatred I actually had. If I only knew it was the wrong thing.

9 A.M.

Today was the 1st time I’ve seen Danny smile. Played by the creek with Danny. He accidentally fell in the creek but we laughed. Then we played tag and while I was it I saw a shadowy figure run past me so I followed it thinking it was him. It led me to an abandoned trailer. It smelled of rotten meat and I backed off because of the horrid smell. Danny called for me and told me not to go there saying it was haunted. I asked who lived there and he said the man before us.

3 P.M.

Found more information on the house, supposedly it was sold 13 times within a matter of 10 years.There were random photos of little girls holding Alex and it freaked me out. Ever see that movie Dead Silence or Annabelle? Scared the crap outta me!

10 P.M.

The fun was short-lived when I saw Lucy get up and yell at me that the doll was hers, she crouched in the corner looking at me.

Knocking is more frequent but I ignore it, shadows walk along the hallways. I heard long taps getting closer and then it stopped. I then saw a ball roll towards me. I felt something puncturing my side. I tried to shake it off but it wouldn’t go away. All of a sudden figure walked slowly across the room, fidgeting and glitching. The light bulb shined bright slowly and it was gone, greeted to the cold. Dolls started moving around and I kept hearing knocks everywhere, giggles and laughing.

Saw my childhood, a ghostly image in front of me, the doll was in a girl’s hand and her 2 goons started chanting “Loser! Loser! Loser!” The girl crumpled up a paper and threw it at me as I toppled towards the ground, the boys on the sidelines laughing, I felt helpless and undesirable to the world. A surging emptiness filled me, I had no point in living. It almost got to me but I remembered as a kid moving on each grade without blowing, how I remembered I can do, that was when I woke everyone up. I led them outside the house. I was scared for them.

July 13th 10 A.M.

I guess they filed a report to the police. I feel I’ve failed them as I sit on a metallic chair in a small empty room, a police officer across from me.

“Now tell me what in the hell happened here?”

I told him how paranormal stuff started happening and how I was an investigator.

“Alright then,” he said like I was crazy.

I overheard them talking in the lounging room. 1st some inaudible whispers, then louder chatting.

“Now I don’t know what in the hell happened!”

“What do you mean?” a voice chimed in.

“6 People telling 6 separate stories!” he cleared his throat. “This Girl Lessia describes it as her demon basically… talks to her one day and goes violent,” he turned a page. “Now the son says it is seen in mirrors all around… The Father says a robbery and the mother says God is punishing them. Now Lucy… Lucy here says Alex did it, who’s Alex? An imaginary friend?” They all laughed even though it wasn’t that funny. “Mister Investigator says paranormal activity.”

“They sound like a bunch of coo-coo clocks.”

“We should check and monitor the house for a day or two,” a girl said.

“Agreed, well I’ll be on break. Case closed,” he left the room, the people inside laughing.

12 P.M.

We stayed at a motel, one that reminds me of Bates Motel, a peephole for some odd reason, empty halls. It was lightly raining. What if they filmed it in this motel? That would be awesome!

11 P.M.

Woke up to Lucy walking up to me, looking behind me giggling. She then sat down looked back at me, and passed out.

Had a nightmare, I had to make a deal with the devil, it’s either save my mother and do something for it or don’t save my mother. Of course I had to say yes the doll appearing beside me, and that’s when I woke up.

July 14th

Generally hung out at the pool, the entire day with the kids. Lucy came up to me and said I made Alex mad. The parents let me go and said sorry for putting me in harm’s way but I said I have to get this case.

Whatever the doll was like a bully and if I failed this one I’d go too far. I gotta call from my daughter.

“Hey daddy? When will you be back?”

“Soon honey, very soon.”

“Mommy wants to talk to you,” she handed the phone.

“Where’ve you been?”

“At a haunted house.”

“Stop it with this ghost business of yours!”

“Look…” I sighed. “I gotta family that needs me and-“

“You’ve already got one! Right here in Newfate. We have a life to you know,” she started blabbering about our marriage. I didn’t know how to respond but I hung up in shame.

Had a nightmare of me playing video games for some reason, a light flickered in the closet and I opened it, nothing. It happened again, nothing. ON the 3rd time I saw a dark entity grab me and push me into the closet. When I came back out everything was chiseled and a sandy white, cracks everywhere. Family photos all crushed and I was all alone. No outside, trapped in a black and white cracking house.

Lucy kept wailing about something, she either said bomb or blonde. Knocks started off slowly, then got faster and faster, then all of a sudden it stopped. The TV turned on and static appeared, then a ghostly face showed up and moaning could be heard through the white noise. Saw the strange entity running at me but when it looked like it was gonna run into me it vanished. It may have to possess to really do damage. Left the motel just for the night to get some fresh air. Bought some of the matches and a pack of cigarettes.

July 15th 8 A.M.

Hired a priest to come over. Will be here in 3 days. Pray to God we have hope for the family.

Starting to write more sloppily because it saves me time to talk to my family. Currently my wife is threatening to break up, she is having another baby soon. What is wrong with me and why am I so selfish?

Later on at night the TV played again. But this time my daughter’s screams and my father’s voice rang through the screen, “What have you done?” his face appeared, decayed and fleshy, some neck ripped from a knife. One of his eyes sunken, then it was gone and a picture of the other family’s house burned, then dead bodies with bruises through the wreckage. It is all coming together.

Had a nightmare my family was gone again, and I wasn’t living… I fell down into a dark abyss as I called for help. Nothing. Helpless.

July 16th

Need to survive 2 more days. My wife is threatening to divorce. The Rissa’s parents are beginning to stop believing in me, but I must carry on. The doll watches me daily, I see her through the trees and through mirrors. Her echo’s of pain fill my head with terror. She is taking over.

Currently nighttime and me and Danny stay up most of the time, the parents are terrorized with guilt and are beginning to show signs of PTSD. Lucy is fine as if nothing has changed. Lessia gets more violent as the days go on.
So as I said earlier it’s nighttime. Danny asks of everything will be alright, I said to just pray to God. Bought some crucifix necklaces.

July 17th

1 more day. Woke up with a bloody nose. My cross turned upside down so I had to twist it back in its place. I am being watched as I speak. Her eyes are demonic, same with everyone. I have scarred tissue cracking open around my legs, chest and a little on my fore head. It wants me dead.

She wakes me up with the dead. The dead walk to my doorstep. I can’t talk about her or she’ll get me. She is moving things and tells me stuff that I don’t wanna hear. I am beginning to feel more mad as the days progress. My hair is all dirtied up and is falling apart in large clumps, clothes are not in the best condition. They moved back in the house now that the police deemed it “Safe.”

Tonight I slept earlier, my knife in my hand. Lucy sleepwalked and kept saying she wants to kill me.

I had a nightmare, a good one, but I didn’t know it at the time. I awoke from my bed, the house was silent. I heard a creak and I realized I was in a different room, but I’ve never seen this room. There were objects in the room: furniture, kids toys, etc. Then I saw the doll, placed so it looked at me. I heard scurrying everywhere. Then as the doll shot forward at me I started running. I open a door and I’m in a dark abyss running to a light at the end of the tunnel, the doll getting closer. The gravity changed and I laid back in the living room seemingly in a smooth movement, the doll in my arm.

I looked at the doll and threw it as I got up. Then that’s when I saw Lucy. She lit a match and looked at me, she had a blank yet evil stare. “No don’t!” She dropped it on the floor with strange liquid that filled the hallway.

The living room was set ablaze as I shielded my face. Danny woke up but Lessia stayed asleep in her bedroom. I yelled Lessia’s name through the fire and ashes. I ran outside and told Danny to wait there. I opened Lessia’s door, it was locked. I ran outside to her window, broke the glass, and jumped in.

“Lessia!” She woke up. She was in mass panic and started screaming as she looked at her mirror.

“She’s right there!” Lessia pointed at the mirror. There was a girl with long hair across her face and a charred body. Suddenly her dresser fell down blocking the window. The door’s hinges ironically fell off seconds later.

I coughed as I ripped my sleeve which fell on the floor. I picked it up and handed it to her. I tried to yell ‘put it against your mouth’ and did the motion. I coughed more as I tried pushing the dresser out of the way, no use. Then I felt a tap and turned. The closet slowly opened and a metallic item got thrown at me. I dodged it and looked through the hallway. The parent’s faces looked terrorized as the fire crept closer towards their room. They slammed the door to keep the fire away.

“Follow me Lessia!” I led her through the flames running as the fire seared my legs. I pushed her towards the doorsteps and closed the door behind her. Now I had to save Lucy. I ran through the flames to open the flaming door of Lucy’s bedroom. I saw she wasn’t in there so I ran to the parent’s room. I opened it and saw their bloodied bodies. I got confused, then I saw Lucy attack my legs from behind the door. My already bubbled and raw meatish legs spewed out blood. I cried in pain as she stabbed both my legs. The roof started to fall. I limped as she crept slowly towards me. I climbed on the bed, a trail of blood behind me, and opened the window. I fell out with a hard thud, the fresh air filling my lungs.

Lucy was right behind me when Danny and Lessia ran to my aid. They tried to pull me up. Then Lucy jumped out of the window and stabbed my back. I cried in pain. Danny grabbed her hands in a struggle.

“Go!” Danny said. We paused and looked at him. “Just go!” We left into the woods. We heard Danny scream as we entered the woods. The glow of the fire fading. I saw faces in the trees watching me and I rushed quicker.                 “Put me down.” She put me down by the log. After a minute I got up myself, as I tensed, blood bubbled out. “Okay.”

We jogged to a market a mile out as screams of pain fled into my head. I rapped my left leg (which was severely cut from the falling wood). We came into the market and asked to borrow the phone box. He said yes. The guy was 5ft 4 and looked like a teen. I had no nickels so I asked. He said no. I threatened him with a knife and called him selfish. I called 9-1-1.

“9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

“Yeah-yeah I’d like to call a huge fire on 2291 Road.”

“Hold on a sec and I’ll get the ambulance and fire trucks… Got it. The police will be on their way.”

My fingers tapped on the ice cream box. “Okay.” I hung up. “Let’s go.” I said looking at Lessia.

We hurried and asked to borrow his car and he handed me his keys. We went out and saw a big puddle under it. Gasoline. “She’s here.”

All of a sudden Lucy stabbed Lessia from behind. Her eyes widened and she fell to the ground. Then Lucy walked towards me.

“She doesn’t like you.” Lucy said. I started to breathe heavily. “Why did you run away from me!” Lucy said in a demonic voice. Lessia screamed. I limped towards the car. Lessia’s eyes started to turn a white as blood oozed out of her mouth and eyes. Her body went limp. I backed up.

“You can’t hide, Jack!” I backed to far and touched the puddle of gasoline beside the car.

“I didn’t,” I pulled out a match from my chest pocket and pushed her into the gasoline puddle, I held her down. It seemed over as I lit the match. “NO!-NO!-NO!-NO!-NO!” I dropped it, as fast as a virus taking over the fire spread across her body. My body was scorching through the blue-orange fire and my arm was on fire.

When I walked into the mart the teen was calling for the police saying he was being threatened. He had a pocket knife out. He dropped the phone and it hung by the cord nearly hitting the floor as it dropped. “Stay where you are or I will fight back.”

I went on my knees. “It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me!”

July 18th

Awaiting trial after getting arrested for a “Massacre”. The teen said he was attacked but he wasn’t. Fear causes paranoia, and paranoia leads to confusion, confusion leads to the wrong doing, and the wrong doing is considered a ‘mistake.’ Mistakes happen.

As I lay in the cell I see her roam the halls when the light flickers. I see her everywhere. The one called Alex. She torments me, my wife divorced, she and my daughter stopped talking to me. The doll still survived and was salvaged by the firefighters. Whoever has it next will know there is no way out.

The “curse” of the Sleep Walkers still continues to this day and is still a complete mystery why the doll is involved. Each death from a fire or homicide, each time the firefighters recover the doll. Old timers living in those woods know what happened but don’t mention the doll for they fear they’re next.  You are now leaving… SLEEP WALKER


Author: 123KidZ
Cover Design: Night Walker.child

Proof Readers: Horror Wolf Stories Official and Night Walker.child

A Heroes With Hoods story…

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