The Boy by the Road

Story Begins…

Our story begins on a dark and rainy night, the year is 1895 and young Felix is out with some friends. He has been told by his parents not to stay out late it too dangerous, but he didn’t listen.

The time was 11:59 PM one minute to midnight. Felix had said goodbye to his friends and left for home, but he felt odd like someone was watching him, he quickly moved along the dark street. He passed by a shop window seeing his reflection. And in the reflection was him and another man he turned around screaming as man grabbed him dragging him away.

Felix woke up hours later pain shooting through his body. The man stood before him and began to brutally torture the young boy. Hours and hours of torture, days, weeks went by slowly a new feeling showed up amongst the pain it was enjoyment. Felix broke free and attacked the man murdering him but before he died the man uttered his last words.

“I took you so innocent and pure. But now I have made you into something much darker.”


Some people in town say they still see him even till this day by the side the road. That he was snatched up from waiting for his chance to do the same that was done to him.