The Big Bad Wolf

It was the same old story you know. It’s been almost a century since the story was changed.

Red Hood was really sick of that.

I digress, let me start over from the beginning.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood.
Well you all probably know the story by now and that’s perfectly fine, but what you DIDN’T know is that every story ever written, every character in that story, no matter how small, how unimportant, was trapped in it, having to relive again and again and again.

You get the point.

You seem confused.
Let me explain.

Every time someone writes a story he or she creates a whole new universe.
In this universe history does, literally, repeat itself.
So now that we know the horrors these characters were put through, let’s get back to the Red Hood, as she preferred to be called.

Her story was indeed what you read in the books, but the books…

Books tend to… sugar coat things for children.

You see, in the book there is not a single drop of blood everything is cartoon like, everything is like a fantasy, while in Red’s universe.

Let’s just say the hoodie used to be white.

Red was used to that.
She was used to seeing her grandma being eaten over and over again.
And she vividly remembers every time the woodsman cut open the wolf to retrieve what seemed to be a mangled corpse of her grandmother.
Now you will probably say, “But the story says grandma survives!”

Not quite…
In the book anything is possible but remember this is a universe much like ours.

Red could never do anything but watch as the woodsman would place the bloody carcass, if it could even be called that, mangled bones and bits of flesh dropping from it, on the bed and pretend as if the grandma was alive.
He would run off happy and the story would reset because that’s how it is written.

Red would always sigh at the end as she knew that she was the only one that remembered every reset.
The others had no recollection.
She could also communicate with other lucid characters in different stories.
She heard a few of them escaped but she never got to know how.
She could never snap out of the stream of the story.

Her body always moved on its own. This made her a helpless bystander in the never ending massacre.
“Oh grandma your teeth are so big.” “That’s so I can eat you,” and then the woodsman comes in…

Red sighed as the story reset.

She stopped contacting the other stories as they couldn’t tell her how to escape, they were useless much like she was.

Decades passed and she was getting tired, and she was slowly slipping into madness, the lack of power and free will to do anything were slowly but steadily tearing through her sanity.

Only this time besides being tired she felt something…


She got in the house and saw her “grandma”.
She could always tell it was the wolf but the story said otherwise and she had to play along.

Same old massacre, blood dripping everywhere, her grandma died on the bed, the sigh at the end, everything was normal.
Or rather, normal for her and the story.

Next time the strange feeling was so strong, so intense, that if she could control her body she would have puked.

She entered the house and got ready for the carnage again.

Something told her the wolf was different today.

“Oh grandma what big teeth you have.”

“That’s so I can eat you,” said the wolf.


She was waiting for the door to burst open and an axe to cut the wolf up…


She turned to the wolf only to see him grinning wider than ever before.

She didn’t know that today, beside the grandma, there was another mangled corpse in his belly.

She had time to whimper once before the wolf bit her head clean off.

She stopped listening to other characters thinking she’d never find an escape.

The wolf never stopped listening.

She was right, she never was able to find it…

But the wolf sure was…

  • Noodles

    Wow! This was really good. I was expecting some dark morbid cliche Red Riding Hood story that I’ve read before. It was very interesting, the whole universe repeating itself I never thought of it like that!

    • Wold42

      Thanks man i appreciate the feedback and im really glad you liked it!

  • Ray Ramirez

    This was an awesome read