Road Trip

I sit on my bed looking at a photo of me, my friend Jake and his sister. When we were kids we would go on long camping trips till we would run out of food. While on one of those camping trips, we talked about going on a road trip when we had the money but sadly we never did. One year ago Jake’s sister sadly passed away. That brings us to now.

I pack my things till my mom see’s the gun I plan on bringing and in a shocked demeanor asked, “What the hell are you doing with that?!”

“Nothing it’s just for protection.”

“From what? A bear?!” mom said while picking the gun up.

“It’s just precautionary mom.”

“Well I don’t like it Brian.”

I grabbed the gun from her while holding my bag and walked to my bedroom door while saying, “Don’t worry me and Jake will be back three weeks.”

My mom quickly walks over and hugs me tightly and says, “I love you Brian.” I tighten my hug and reply, “I love you to mom.” I stuff the gun in my bag and walk out the front door of my child hood and look back at it with a feeling of dread while thinking, “I might never see my family or this place again.”

I slowly pull into Jake’s driveway as Jake stands in front of his house with a determined look on his face about what he is going to do. Jake fast walks to my car and sets his bag in the back seat then sits in the passenger seat. Jake stares forward and asks, “Are you ready?”

“Ya I think I am,” I answer while griping the steering wheel. I back out of his driveway and begin our decent into an unknown outcome.

Me and Jake make our way in to a small town ware I can see groups of people standing out side holding signs that read such things as, “burn in hell” and “He is guilty”. We drive up to the entrance of a parking garage ware we see a man in a cops uniform. The cop walks over to us and asks, “Where do you think you’re going?” as I’m about to answer Jake interrupts by saying, “We are here to get our camera we left behind by accident.”

“I can’t let you in here right now,” the cop said. Jake takes out a one hundred dollar bill and held it in front of the cop while waving it. “Hurry up,” the cop said while taking the money. The cop pushes a red button resulting in the yellow barrier going up.

I press forward descending in to the dark parking lot. I stop next to a metal door with a number keypad beside it. I pull my bag out of the car as Jake does the same. When I see the keypad my heart drops to my feet. Jake walks past me as I ask, “Well how we going to get in?”

“I have an idea, just hide over there,” Jake said as he stands behind a pillar. I quickly run to a truck and hide beside it. We wait there for some time till the door opens ware a security guard emerges. The guard is on the phone saying, “Listen, they haven’t come out yet so just hang on I’ll tell what the verdict is.” Jake runs at guard and attacks him with a punch to the back of the head knocking him out. Jake grabs the card off the guard as I run to the door and wait with adrenaline coursing through my veins. Jake swipes the card on the card pad then a green light blinks, I pull on the door and we rush into the bright hallway.

At the end of the hallway I see a group of cops holding back reporter as the door to the court room is behind them. Jake lies against the wall with an irritated look on his face and says, “F**k, you’re going to have to do it.”

“Why can’t you?!” I quickly replied. “Someones got to hold those cops back.” I grip my bag tight in my hand as Jake looks around the wall. At that moment I realized why I was really here, “Jake couldn’t go through with it himself.” I run past Jake then past the cops and the news people. I pull the double doors open to see a courtroom full of people. I scan the room before anyone can realize what’s happening and then I see him, man who kidnapped Jake’s sister and is the reason she died. I pull my gun from my bag and point it at the killers head. As I pull the trigger, a cop grabs me and pulls me to the ground. I am held on the ground by several cops when I hear a series of gun shots and a female voice scream, “JAKE NO!” it was Jake’s mom and Jake had just shot the killer three times in the head and chest.