Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood set out on a path through the forest to bring baked goods to her sickly grandma, her blood red hood draped across the ground as she skipped past the treeline. Her dark brown hair blew back in the wind as she swang her basket back and forth. Her pearly white smile grew even bigger as she passed by the river. Little Red Riding Hood stopped with curiosity. If she stayed on the path she would be late. She then decided to take a shortcut through the forest. Little did Red know, something was watching her through the bushes. Little Red Riding Hood turned around and asked the big bad wolf that was behind her a question. “Would you like a biscuit?” Asked Little Red. “No thanks.. where are you going?..” the big bad wolf answered. “To my grandma’s house across from the old spruce tree.” replied Little Red Riding Hood. Without a response the wolf ran into the direction of the old spruce tree.

As Little Red entered her grandma’s house she called out for her grandma. “I’m in the bedroom, dear.” Called her grandma. Little Red skipped into the bedroom. Her grandma was laying in bed. “Oh my grandma, what big teeth you have..” said Little Red as she stared at her grandma. A drip of blood fell from the ceiling and ran down Little red’s face.

She looked up at the ceiling. There lay her grandma, stripped naked with her mouth open dripping blood. She was covered in claw marks from head to toe and her souless eyes stared straight down. Before red knew it, she was already gone. Her throat was slit by the big bad wolf, and just like you she knew it must be a dream. Although it was unbelievable, but this story is true. The big bad wolf is watching you too. Get back on the path before it’s too late or you will end up dead in a lake with nobody around to know and every year Somebody will be eaten. This year.. can you guess who?, take a look behind you.

  • LuciousFangs

    I nade this late at night, no wonder it’s horrible. 😂🐺👧👵🔪

  • Charlie Scott

    Believe it or not, it’s not too shabby. It was a fun read for a twisted mind like myself. Keep it up, maybe a tad more gore, even with ‘re-spun Grimm fairy tales. Five stars

    • LuciousFangs

      Thanks. I made this at 2 am. No wonder ot’s horrible 😂

  • Livvy heartbreaker

    I….love it

    • LuciousFangs


  • Urang Leo

    My hamsters are behind me. They’re getting a bit aggressive lately…