Pasta War: The Book (1)

*Bee beep bee beep… Bee beep bee beep.. Click*

“Hello,” I said. A voice spoke to me through my cell phone, I continued to respond.

“Yeah… Yeah… I got what you want… Do you have my money… Alright, you better… Yeah, I need it to support my family… You better have it… Okay, I’ll be there at twelve… Okay, see you then…”

I looked at an old book on my desk. “I wonder what the hell he wants with that old thing,” he said. “It’s just full of stupid childish campfire stories. Well, I’ll give it to him if I really get that ten grand.”

There was a knock at my door, I got up to open it. However, the door to my apartment flew open and a black cloaked man came in. The cloaked man spoke,”I couldn’t wait.”

“So Thomas, you couldn’t wait. Well I better be getting a bonus if you want it now.”

“Sure… Your added bonus can be the right to serve my master. If not, you will die when the apocalypse comes.”

“You know what, just give me my money.” I handed Thomas the old book in exchange for my money. As he got up, he offered to give me a hand shake. I stood up and wretched my hand out, only to find myself in utter fear a few moments after.

He grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. He then pinned my to the floor and with a swift blow to the back of my head, I was out cold. When I woke up, he was reading from the book as strange figures surrounded him. The figures were like blue spirits, who were staring at the book.

Somehow, I noticed them… Slenderman, Jeff the killer, the rake, they were all there… At least a lot of them. But as I turn my attention to Thomas and his words, I heard one name ringing in my head… “Zalgo Zalgo…”

I began coughing and all of the blue figures stared at me. Thomas stopped read and cocked his head towards me. The figures turned red and their eyes dripped black blood. I was frozen in fear and I tried to get up, but I was strapped to a chair.

Thomas slowly walk towards me. “Have you read the one about that guy who steals Kidneys, or the one about that tall faceless guy, or… the one about my master,” he said. “I told you the apocalypse would come, its destiny. I told you that stealing this book from Mr. Creepypasta was worth it. Ha ha ha ha!”

“Screw you, you’ll never get away with this!”

“Oh… But I already have,” ge said. “You see, these monsters were trapped in this book. You can only unleash them by reading their story and I already have. Besides, I sent a copy of the book to my friends. You’ll never stop this.”

I almost had my hands free until Thomas pulled out a revolver. I quickly tipped the chair over and pulled my hands loose. He fired and missed, which allowed me to get up and take his gun. I tackled him to the floor.

He smacked the gun out of my hand and we fought and rolled across the floor. I pushed him off and grabbed the gun. He quickly grabbed the book and through it out the window. I quickly shot him in his arm ran to look out the window. The book wasn’t there and of course, Thomas wasn’t there when I turned around.

I ran out the door and bumped into someone. “Sir, you’re gonna have to move. I need through, I gotta get help!”

The man looked at me with a bloody, unnatural smile. He was dressed in a white hoodie and he had jet black hair. Once again, I knew who he was, it was Jeff the killer. He spoke to me with a voice of hatred yet, of pity. “I think I could help, that is if you can give me something.”

“And that… That’s just the beginning… I’ll give you an update on the situation as soon as I can. Stay safe, the apocalypse has begun…”

  • Puddin Tane

    Your story needs work. You jump from first to third person in the beginning of the story. From there it sounds like you didn’t even try. 1 out of 5 stars. I’m not even going to waste my time reading the rest of it. I’ll have to give serious thought about reading the rest of the chapters. You might try proof reading, ie: reading aloud to yourself to listen for any mistakes, before posting.

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    Idk about that first comment but I’m intrigued