Pasta War: First Battle (4)

“Hello,” said the person behind me.

I looked behind me after jumping up in fright. What or who I saw was not human. He wore dark clothes and a blue mask. Black tears dropped and rolled from his dark, cold, black eye sockets. I recognized him as Eyeless Jack. I didn’t know what to think at first but then it hit my mind… He better not take my kidneys at night.

“Hey, you must be Jack. I haven’t heard much about you,” I said. “But my powers apparently give me knowledge about all of you.”

“Yes, I already know that. Everyone knows that,” said Jack. “By the way, you can just call me EJ if you want.”

“Okay, I’ll just call you Jack. Is there anything to do around here?”

“Actually, we have something to do in the neighborhood.”

“Does it involve blood,” asked Jeff.

“Zalgo sent a little gift for us, one of his tormented souls. So we have to kill it,” said Jack.

“Why doesn’t Slenderman do it,” I said.

Jeff and Jack walked out the door, I followed. Jeff looked at me and laughed. “It’s funny that you’d ask why Slendy doesn’t do his own work! He’s too lazy,” said Jeff.

“Look, he’s not lazy! He just doesn’t want to get involved or…” Jack seized to talk.

We all continued to walk into the town and look around in the night. I looked up at the sky and another vision came into my head. I saw… a horrific thing. It looked sort of human, but blood spilled from its eyes, ears, and mouth. It’s eyes were like two dark balls of ink. It walked towards me and then…

I snapped out of the vision before I could finish. That thing was walking towards us, it was down the street. Then it hit my mind, I have no weapons.

Jeff and Jack ran at the thing, then began slashing at it. All of a sudden, the thing’s eyes turned red and it’s fingernails grew into long blades. It began slashing at Jack and Jeff until they backed away. It’s body mass grew large and muscular. It jumped up and it’s feet became very huge. It landed on Jack and Jeff, ink began pouring out of its toe nails. The ink slowly covered my partners and it hardened into stone.

“Come on, do something,” yelled Jeff.

“You have to help or we’re all gonna fail already, said Jack.

“Yeah! I don’t wanna die on my first f*****g day,” Jeff said in an angered voice.

I immediately thought of a way to help, but it was no use. Then that thing looked at me and it’s arms began stretching out to grab me. It’s claws touched my skin and I felt the blades cut my flesh. I closed my eyes and it felt like time stopped, I felt my blood slowly running down my arm. I opened my eyes and looked around me, only to see someone standing in front of me. He was very tall and his skin was as black as a shadow, he had red eyes and eight mouths. Seven were full of ancient teeth, the eighth one was closed. I recognized him as the evil overlord, Zalgo.

“Hello my child,” said Zalgo. “I want you to kill my monster for me and show me that you can truly kill.”

“But I can’t,” I said. “I am not strong enough.”

“I can give you power, my child. I can help you if you help me,” said Zalgo.

“What do you want in return?”

“I need you to find the three demonic hearts and use them to summons me. You will need the heart of misery, the heart of torment, and the heart of death. Then you must have a suitable host take a bite from each heart, so they’ll quit beating. If you do so, I will spare you when the universe is mine.”

“How can I trust you?!”

“You can’t,” Zalgo said before touching my forehead.

I closed my eyes and opened them again, I saw that thing again. But it was away from me now, standing on Jeff and Jack.

“Come on, do something,” yelled Jeff.

“You have to help or we’re all gonna fail already, said Jack.

“Yeah! I don’t wanna die on my first f***ing day,” Jeff said in an angered voice.

I felt my forehead and realized that there was an X inside of an O, carved on its surface. I didn’t know what to do, so I just pointed my finger at the thing. It was lifted into the air and placed before my feet. It’s ink covered it any it was turned to stone, well most of it. It’s head was left normal as it looked into my eyes. The mark on my head faded away and Jeff and Jack walked toward me.

Jeff stabbed the things and watched it die before pulling his knife out and putting it in his pocket. “It’s finally over!”

We all walked back into the woods and returned to the mansion.

*the scene is cut and the scene returns to Zalgo in a circle of flames.*

“Finally, I have a good helper. I will escape,” said Zalgo. “I will be free!”

*The view zooms out and fades to black.*

  • AliveZenoBlade

    Wow that was amazing i see a plot twist happening. Excited for part 5