Killer Jaz and Ticci Toby – Part 6

I wake up to the warmth of Ticci Toby.  I sit up and look at him. I kiss his cheek then go out of my room quietly. I see that everyone else is asleep and I go into the kitchen to make breakfast. Of course the only on that doesn’t eat is eyeless Jack. He eats kidneys, so I cooked him on. I made everyone else their own special breakfast. Then of course I hear slenderman come out of his room.

I look at him knowing that he’s hungry. “Morning sir. ” I say preparing the table with a name next to each plate. I put Slenderman at the head of the table. “Morni….. Omg did u make all of this!” He says surprised. “I did sir. Ur food is at the head of the table.” I say still setting the table. Jeff the killer comes out because he smells food. “Mmmm the food smells good! Morning Jaz! Thank u for…. Is this a joke?” He says looking at me. “No it’s not! U can’t eat the other food unless its urs!” I yell that in his face and wake up everyone else. Eyeless Jack comes out and sits where I put him with out saying anything. Of course I had to lead him to where it was. Everyone else sits at there seat even me. I prayed to God like I do everytime I eat. Eyeless Jack knew that he had his favorite meal in front of him but then he looked at me confused to why I knew his favorite meal. I looked back at him and just said, “I have read ur story more then once so I know what it is.” He smiles at me then looks at everyone that’s not eating and looking at me instead. He looks at me confused to why everyone was looking at me. I then ended my prayer with Amen and the rest of them said it too. Eyeless Jack just ate his food after they said Amen. I kicked Jack.  He looked at me then said, “Ow what the f**k Jaz!” I looked back at him. “Say Amen Jack!” I say to him angry. “Amen.” He says rubbing the leg that I kicked.

We then eat and I’m the first one that gets done with me meal. Everyone is talking and laughing. I hit the table with an angry face. Everyone looks at me. Slenderman looks at me confused. “IT’S NOT FAIR TO ME WHEN I WAKE UP AT FIVE IN THE MORNING AND MAKE U ALL UR OWN BREAKFAST! THIS IS B******T THAT THE ONLY THREE PEOPLE EATING IS ME, EYELESS JACK, AND SLENDERMAN! NO EITHER EAT UR FOOD OR STARVE!!!” Toby looks at me and smiles. Then he stands up and takes food and shoves it in my mouth. I do the same with him. He then sits down and eats his food. I rinse and put my plate into the dish washer. “Now if I see a single dish in this sink that isn’t rinsed and in the dish washer I’m having whoevers plate was in the sink clean this whole house!! Got me!!!” They nod but Jeff the killer and Ben drowned. Then I see slenderman look at me. He comes up to me and just sets the plate in the sink knowing that he will have to clean the house. “Slenderman I meant the fools that were talking and laughing not u.” He looked at me and said, “This house needs to be cleaned anyway so I’ll help.” I nod.

  • IronMosquito

    This whole thing is like a really bad sitcom but with 100% more edge.

    • Jackii-Dakota Ferris

      Agreed! I did actually LOL at the part where she wrote that “Slenderman said “”OMG..””. I just stopped right there for a bit…my vision of Slenderman has forever been painted as a tall slender fairy type gay man that prances around with a high-pitched voice and a hot pink sleeveless suit jacket and bootyshorts🤣😂

  • Jackii-Dakota Ferris

    You forever made me think of Slenderman as a flamboyant tall gay man.
    You know, because as you write out a dialogue for him you start it out with him stating “OMG…!”
    So terrible, it’s hilarious!

  • vanessa

    I love the stories. I have read all of them from the start. They are awesome. Keep up the great work. Your stories keep my attention really well. I give your stories a big thumbs up

  • vanessa

    I love the stories. They keep my attention and they have a few twists and turns. Keep up the great work regardless of what people say