The Foreseer

It was the year 1976,
There was this old man at the end of my block. Mother told me to steer clear from him. He had no family and everybody despised him. I never knew why. He was very creepy and lived in a dark mysterious house, barley left it.
I, Jone Reaman, a 12 year old girl, was walking my dog. It was mid fall. The town i lived in was quiet and nothing ever happened. I never had to use a leash to walk Rulley, he was an old dog and never ran away. I was walking past the woods blocks away from my house when i seen something quite odd. A figure, it was deep into the woods and just standing there. I stopped to take a closer look. Rulley was barking at it. I was about to walk away when Rulley ran towards him. I couldn’t catch him and he kept running deeper into the woods. I tried running after him, after a couple minutes i couldn’t find him. Rulley and the figure was gone. I started crying, Rulley was my only animal and I’ve had him before i was born. He has never ran away before. After an hour of looking for him, I decided to go home and tell mother what happened. She said that he would come back and everything will be fine. I went looking for him the next day, I was walking down my street. In order to go to the woods i had to go past the man’s house, it sent a shiver down my spine.i got to the end of the block when i realized someone was following me. It was the man. He kept walking faster and faster towards me. He called out my name. How did he know my name? I turned around and couldn’t find the guts to move. i was frozen standing there. He asked me if i was looking for Rulley. I just turned around and walked the other way. He just stood there, didn’t even attempt to catch up to me. I walked into the woods, where the figure was standing. Something caught my eye. A red worn out collar. It was Rulley’s. I picked it up. It was torn off. I started crying.
“I can help you”
I turned around and it was the man. I never really looked at him. Then i realized something strange. He had three eyes. One in the middle of his forehead. It was odd. It stayed closed.
“How?” I whispered
“Come with me”
I was a little hesitant but followed him. We walked back to his house. I went inside. It was dim, there was a rocking chair near the window. I asked him how he could help.
“I can tell you where your dog is, but there is a price.”
I was quiet, what was he wanting? Especially from me?
I told him to continue. He was explaining that he can see things throughout his third eye. He opened it, it was cloudy.
“How can you see through a cloudy eye?”
“That’s the thing, i cant see without a new eye in it”
I was speechless. Was he wanting one of my eyes?
“In order to see where your dog is, I need your eye”
“I CAN’T DO THAT!, ill have one less eye and everyone will know!”
I was scared. Mother would notice instantly. What would people say? How would i explain it?
It’s for Rulley, i have to.
“Okay, I’ll do it”
He told me to lay on the couch, head up. He looked at my eyes and picked one. He grabbed tape to hold my eyelids open. He then grabbed a tool and just scoploped it out, it didn’t hurt. It didn’t feel like anything. The feeling was a little odd at first, sorta when you lose a tooth and it just feels empty. I stood up, we walked to the back room. There were 3 shelves. Jars were placed neatly on the shelves. There were eyes in them. How many people did this? He opened his eye again and took it out. He put it in an empty jar on the third shelf. He took my eye and put it in. It glowed, a yellow-y goldish glow. He looked up for about five minutes, i was having second thoughts. I was really scared and just wantes rulley.
He looked at me.
“He’s in the woods. In a small shack at the west corner.”
I wanted to leave right away. As i was walking away he grabbed my arm. I turned around and stared at him.
“Don’t tell anybody about this, or i will come after you”
I promised I wouldn’t tell anybody where my eye went. I ran out if his house and to the woods. I went to the west corner of the woods. There was a shack. Old, creepy and run down. I walked slowly to it. I opened the doors, they were rusted and hard to open. As i looked to see inside, Rulley jumped on top of me. I was so relieved. How did he know?
On my walk home with Rulley, everybody was staring at me. I know it was because if my missing eye. I just ignored it and continued home. I walked into my house. Mother was cooking in the kitchen
She screamed
“What happened to your eye?!”
I didn’t tell her, if he knew where Rulley was, he knew where i was.
I walked into my room. It was so odd. I looked at my missing eye. I now only had seven eyes. No wonder people were looking at me. The girl with seven eyes instead of eight.
“I’m the new foreseer, and I have so much power in my hands”

  • RyanZ

    Although the spelling and grammar is laughably bad, the concept here is intriguing and the end caught me off guard, despite being a little convoluted. 5.5/10

  • Peter David Phoomahal Jr


  • ∆_R.H_∆

    It’s a mysterious but awesome story! 6/10