Virus – Part 2


Adrian woke up to the smash of something most likely glass. He heard his mom and dad arguing. Adrian sighed then looked around and saw Bianca sitting in his gaming chair.

“B-Bianca? Why are Mom and Dad fighting again?” he asked in a tired tone. Bianca sighed.

“Dad got drunk at the bar again.”

Adrian looked down and shivered when he heard another thing break. Bianca got up and walked to Adrian and sat beside him as she wrapped her arms around him, embracing him in a hug. Adrian smiled happily and hugged his sister back. But then what the two heard shocked them both. They both heard the loud noise of a pistol being shot downstairs. Adrian looked at Bianca.

“In the closet!” she said quietly as she shoved Adrian in his closet and got in beside him and shut the door. They both heard the heavy footsteps of their father’s boots come up the stairs and towards Adrian’s room. And what seemed like forever, their dad finally got to Adrian’s room and walked inside. Bianca and Adrian’s breathing increased in speed as so did their hearts. Their dad walked to the closet door and nearly ripped it off its hinges.

“It’s not nice to hide from your parents you little brats!” he said as it was very slurred. He grabbed Bianca and Adrian by their hair and dragged them out. Bianca screamed and Adrian grunted as he was thrown against the wall.

“ADRIAN!” Bianca screamed as he opened his eyes and stumbled back to his feet. Bianca was then thrown onto Adrian’s bed as their dad tried removing her clothing. Adrian’s pupils shrunk in fear and anger. He felt adrenaline pump through his veins. That’s when he did it. He glitched. It all happened so fast. All he remembered was a gun shot then his father dead on the floor.

“A-Adrian?” Bianca sat there, terrified and most likely scarred for life. Adrian wasn’t Adrian anymore. He looked… digitalized. He looked at Bianca and dropped the gun.

“Bianca, you need to go, you’re not safe with me anymore. The police will be in here in 6 minutes. I’ll stay here and explain everything.” Even his voice was computer like.

“No I’m staying too!” Bianca said. Adrian sighed as he looked at his computer.

“Alright fine,” he said. Bianca smiled.

Soon the cops have arrived and Bianca explained everything that happened. And when all seemed good, Adrian disappeared but all there was, was a little note saying, “Hello Police Officers and Bianca, if you’re reading this then, I’m already gone away. I can’t stay here… Bianca knows what I’m talking about and I probably wont be able to control myself as easily as I was able too before this happened. And Bianca, please DON’T come looking for me. Just please continue on with your life.

-Love Adrian.”

Bianca started sobbing her eyes out as she was drove to a foster home by the police.

5 Years later.

“A string of multiple murders have happened in the past 4 1/2 years as a notorious hacker known as “Virus” has hacked the victim’s account and found out where they were going and when he could intercept them. And no, we do not know who the real person is but we do believe it’s a boy named Adrian Tech, who went missing 5 years ago.”

Bianca explained to her police colleagues. A police man rose his hand.

“Yes Bill?” Bianca said.

“Is it true that this person was in fact your brother?”

Bianca sighed and nodded. “Yes he was and he still is!” She shook her head.

“Alright, you have your profile. Let’s roll out!” She ordered as her colleagues exited the room. Bianca sighed and held a worn out note to her chest.

“Don’t worry Adrian. I’ll find you…”

  • Claytone

    So… make a sequel

    • SecretProxy54

      That is a good idea. I think I will!

      • Claytone

        Thanks it’s awesome good story line

        • SecretProxy54

          Thank you

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    This is awesome! Keep up the good work my creepy pasta fren! Please make more 🙂

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      You got it! 🙂

  • Amber Izer

    You have the potential to go so much farther with this. But you also left out a lot of stuff that we want to know. Like, how did being shocked turn Adrian into a computer program? Is he killing bad people or just anyone? And other stuff. Keep going. You have plenty of room for growth here.

    • SecretProxy54

      I’ll explain all of that in the next chapter

  • Ayemdee Music

    This is great! I just feel like it could be way more detailed. Take your time with things, there’s no need to rush. Anyways very good creepypasta!

    • SecretProxy54

      Thank you soo much! Ill take the feedback into mind

  • The Malicious Glitch

    Heyy, that’s pretty good.

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