Nightmare Child’s Stories Chapter 1

You know I could tell you not to read this, but you would read it anyway. Besides, what fun would that be for me?

This is not a story that will constantly make you think that you are watched all the time. This is a story of which that would make you believe that I am insane and maybe I am. I leave that for you to decide for yourself, but not for me.

Everyone has a first memory. You know, the first thing you remember seeing in your whole life. At least I’d like to think that way. Some people just don’t care enough to think when you ask, but they know.

I remember my first memory all too clearly.

CHAPTER ONE: First Glance

I opened my eyes staring forward at an upward angle. Around me were torches sticking up from the ground burning with an eery red light. Standing at the foot of my bed was a skeleton. His or its eye sockets were pure black, its bloodied “body” was covered with grotesque veins. I know I would have probably screamed at this abomination. But I was to young to think at this time, so all I did was just, stare at it.

I remember there were being more creatures behind the first. They all started walking around me while I was lying on my bed. I think there were about six in total, but I can’t remember what they all looked like. Besides the “skeleton”, the only one I can remember is a woman, if you could call it that, she had long black messy hair that covered the most of her face, all you could see the lower half. Just enough to see her mouth. Her skin was scaly and diseased with a light green hue. And her attire was a white, torn, blood covered night gown.

(I swear this is a cult for amped up stereotype monsters)

I continued to lie there as they surrounded my bed entirely. When I first thought about this memory I couldn’t believe what happened next. They all leaned in towards me. And. Began. To. Tickle. me. They were tickling me! I tried squirming around so I could make them stop but my warms were restricted towards my head. And I began laughing as they started to tickle my chest, feet, AND armpits. What was happening here?

They continued their onslaught of tickles for a while. (And I am pretty damn sure I saw that woman thing smiling.) I was laughing too much for you to even fathom, the amount of laughter was unfathomable. I ceased though when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, I shot my head towards my abdomen and went wide eyed when I saw blood forming on the surface of my skin. (OOW). The skeleton just stabbed me with his freaking bony finger. I felt another sharp pain and winced as the woman began an onslaught of scratches into my stomach. (AAHH). I tried to escape their attack but my arms were still bounded as now were my legs. (They’re clawing into my stomach!) I kept trying to wriggle free while all of the monsters began to attack me.

They worked their way up stabbing my stomach. (WHY AM I NOT DYING?) Dear God, let me die. They continued as the woman suddenly stop her attack. She walked up the side of my bed closer towards my head. She stood staring at me while the other creatures proceeded “dissecting” me. She raised her diseased hand which now gripped a long rusted curved knife. It looked very dull which, would only make what happened next, even more painful.

I struggled as hard I could now fighting my invisible restraints. But to know avail. I slowly looked up at the woman and went still as the same chilling smile from before began to creep on her hair covered face. I cringed as she plunged the knife down.

Straight into my heart.