There was an old house that sat upon lakeside hill. A long dirt driveway lead you to the front of the house. It was a Victorian style home, quiet, there was a pond with a beautiful fountain in front, a tall willow tree sat at the edge of the pond. Story has it that this house is haunted by a tormented woman, one who seeks vengeance on anyone who enters her home. Being the young explorer I am, and adrenaline junky I decided to put this story to the test. Normally I wouldn’t be afraid of the supernatural or the unknown, that is until the night I stepped foot in lakeside manor.

The house was vast and seemingly endless. There was a spiral staircase leading to the upstairs. There were white linen cloths draped over furniture, dust and cobwebs filled each room. It’s obvious this place has been vacant for a long time. After some exploring and picture taking, I decided to set up camp in the master bedroom upstairs. It was close to midnight before I began drifting off thinking about the stories of this poor woman whose soul is eternally bound to this place.

It’s one o’clock in the morning and I was awakened by a noise. After investigating I saw it was just a small mouse who was scrounging for food. I decided to have a late night snack, and look around some more. I came across a small study, there were books that lined one side and a desk facing a window on the other. Old pieces of paper littered the desk, a coat of dust resting there. I pondered about the brave souls who entered before me, had they escaped? Or could they to be damned souls bound to this blissful place? Curious I examined the papers on the desk when one particular piece caught my eye. It was a sticky note with a message scrawled in messy handwriting on it.

She feeds on your fear.

I didn’t quite understand that message, so I took it back to my room to ponder over. I searched for clues or possible hidden meanings but found none. It’s now 1:45 am and I need to get some rest, but I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head telling me to remain awake. It’s getting darker in this room and seemingly colder. Crippling fear is grasping at my chest, although I’m not afraid of anything I can still feel fear.

2:30 am and I can hear her now, her serine voice like angel song. “Fear is a funny thing, even those who fear nothing fear something. Trapped in darkness, numbness, you shall remain. A world of nothing that has everything. An endless void with an echo will forever surround you.” I can’t feel anything, but I still write from a dark unknown place. Is this what death feels like? I don’t know. I’ve lost all sense of time and place here. I leave this note in hopes that someone will find it and unveil the mysteries of this home.

One week later…

A team of investigators searching for young explorer Candice Webber has ended their search of Lakeside manor. The only evidence of her whereabouts lies in her journal investigators say. They do not wish to give out further details at this time.