When It Breeds: Part 2

Journal entry: date: June 6th, 1919

I continued my investigation since yesterday and each time I get closer it leads me to a dead end. That is until I was walking home after being tired of searching for clues and answers I heard another scream. It was a young woman.

When I got to where the woman was screaming and that’s where I saw it happen. This young woman no older than 18 was screaming in pain shaking on the cobblestone street with no one else around to help her but I. I rushed over to help her and when I went to pick her up. She began to cough up blood and again to grasp her stomach I looked at the woman’s stomach. As I looked at the young woman’s stomach it appeared to be something moving within her squirming around like a serpent trying to break free of the ocean as is this creature trying to break free from its flashy prison.

The woman begins to go into shock and begin to foam blood from her mouth this time. As I was trying to get her to stay calm and stop her frantic movements she had died in my arms. As she had died, the horrid thing thirst out of her stomach screaming and tearing through the flesh of the deceased woman.

The monster was horrid. It looked like something I have never lay witness to before. On eyes, it wears a bright shade of purple I have never seen before and its claws were sharp as daggers. It also had the smell out of a pig but the talons of a hawk on its feet. This creature was horrid, something that’s spawned out of hell. How it got in this poor woman? I’ll never understand and then I don’t think I ever will. As I had the poor woman in my arms while I was covered in her blood, the creature just kept on feasting on her and ignored me. For what it’s worth, I do believe it was for the best because if it wasn’t feeding on her, it probably would have gotten to me instead.

As the thing was on her, I made it an opportunity to escape. But I do have a feeling that this isn’t going to be the last that I have seen of this monster and it probably never will. Because knowing what I know now. I’m dealing with forces that I am not prepared to face. But I do know if I don’t do anything it will just keep devouring people and as God is my witness, I will not stand by and let that happen.

That being said I’m going to stop right here for now and probably get some sleep or at least try to get the nightmares don’t wake me every moment. So goodnight, for now, you will hear from me soon.

~ w.j.~