Massacre Mark


As the movie ends around 8:00 pm. Close to the boys bedtime, John (which is me), who is sixteen, and never afraid to speak his mind, who is the twin to Marcus, who is quite and humble, practically does everything John tells him to, says” I hate that good guys always win, its not true its a damn lie, in real life the f*****g killers and villains always win… Marcus? Are you listening?”

“Yes brother.” Marcus replied quietly.

“You know what?… I want to be a evil, to kill with no remorse, I want to be feared of. I want the world to s**t their pants at the sound of my name. Oh…and to have a voice in my head, I’ve always thought that would be cool.” i say.

“Quit playing around.” Marcus says” You know Grandpa and Grandma, would punish the both of us if they heard you.”

“Yeah… They would be the first people i would kill. Who whips kids with a piece of barb wire, for staying up for two minutes past their bedtime to do homework. That really f*****g hurt.” John replied whispering.

“I know, and I didn’t even do anything. Please don’t be angry at them, they doing their best to raise us, it must be hard being a parent, after both of their children died before them.” Marcus says whispering to John.

Tears formed in Marcus eyes as he reminded himself of their parents death. “Quit crying, men don’t cry.” John snapped, as he whack Marcus in the back of the head.” You know you would have to sleep in the shed if they heard you talking about mom and dad.”

“Ow…that really hurt.”Marcus said rubbing the back of his head.

“Come on baby, its bedtime.” John says as he headed to his room. “Good night.” John walks into his small closet sized room. He could barely get sleep since his parents death. He heard Marcus door close, through the wall. He lays down on his twin size bed. His eyes began to get heavy, he starts drifting off, he falls asleep.

He is woke by the whimpering and sniffles, he could hear through the wall, its Marcus again, he cries every night. If he docent quit Grandma and Grandpa is going to beat him.

I heard his door thrown open “In sorry, im sorry, please no.” Marcus cries, but deep down he knew they didn’t care.

“Shut up you little piece of s**t, im sick and f*****g tired of you g******n crying.” Our grandpa yells at Marcus ” Now get your a*s over here, your going to the shed.”

“No! Please, please, im sorry! Im sorry! Please don’t put me in there!” Marcus pleads and cries for his life.

I know I’m helpless, and I can’t do nothing about it. I remember the first time I had to be put in the shed, they dragged me to the tall dark building out side. When the doors opened they hissed as they are warning people to stay away. They dragged me inside, my feet scraped along the concrete. I screamed and plead but that didn’t phase them one bit. We came to a stop were a rope hung from the ceiling. They pulled the rope and put it around my arms. The rope was pulled were my feet hung four feet above the ground.
They said they would bring food.

I never did something again to be put in there. But my brother is put in there every night for the past week. They don’t go get him until 9:00 am.

Now I really can’t sleep. I got up and snack down stairs and grabbed the kitchen knife. I went as quietly as possible, to sneak out the back door. I ran across the yard to were the tall evil shed stood.

I swung the door open as fast and as quietly as I could an dashed inside my steps echoed all through. I grabbed my brothers legs and pulled him down.

“W…hat…are…you…doing?” he said between breaths.

I didn’t say anything and start slicing the rope. “We’re running away.”

“Just loosen the rope.” he mumbled back.

Why didn’t I think of that? I loosened the rope. But he took the knife and cut the rope down. He grabbed the rope and head toward the house. “What are you doing?”

“You know when you said, you wished you have voices in your head?” he replied.

“What?… Um… Yeah.” I say confused.

“Well when I was in there i heard them.” he replied.

“Heard who?” I ask worried.

“The voices they told me to kill grandpa and grandma.” he says gleeful. “Come on you said you wanted to so help me.”

“I wasn’t being for real.” I say as i stood next to him. His head started twitching, and his grip around the rope tightened. “I was joking.”

Marcus looks up and turns to me, I could see that me sweet young brother is dead. He lunged at me his fist connecting to my face blood rushed out of my mouth “… Marcus please.” I struggled to say.

” Marcus died.” he says.

“No! Your protecting them, so you die to!” he shouts he places the rope around my neck and places his foot on my back and as he pulled the rope he held me down with his foot. The rope tightened and tightened, my vision began turning blurry. My eyes burned and watered. I could feel my life slipping inch by inch.

(Switched to Marcus.)

I pulled tighter and tighter until his body gave no resistance. “Good job, now on to the next.” the raspy voice says to me. I pick up the knife and walked inside and went up stairs. Grandpa sat up and a look of stun hit his face i placed the rope around his neck and repeatedly stab him with the knife. His body went limp quickly.

My grandma sat up as a flung blood onto her face. She tried to scream but I quickly sliced her throat.

“Well that is done. Don’t you feel better?” the voice says.

“Yeses…I like this feeling.” I reply as I grabbed the rope and walked out the door and head to the closest house to enjoy this feeling. I place the rope around my neck, my brother was right bad guys always win.


Thank you for reading my story.

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