Mindless Cave

Well I never liked to cause trouble. But sadly I did… It all started, yes at the bus stop. Like every morning in my 14-year-old life, I was waiting at the bus stop, hoping that the bus will come soon so I don’t have to stand in the cold any longer. I was the only one in town that was going to this school so I had no trouble with any neighborhood kids.

It was an October morning. Dark kinda dusky a little bit rainy. Looking at my phone I recognized that the bus was late again. But after 5 more minutes I could hear the humming of the motor in distance. I was stepping forward as the bus stopped. Sneaking myself past the bus driver, I could feel chills running down my spine. Not because the bus was empty or some bullies were sitting on the next seat no. As my eyes drifted off to the back window, I saw a creepy looking figure standing at the end of the road. Or so I through. Because as I blinked that thing was gone. Don’t minding it again I was blaming paranoia for it. Never mind, never mind. Quickly my gaze was looking for an empty seat.

Soon the motor started. Finally. ‘And hopefully the bus will drop me off in 15 minutes’. But like every day I came to school 25 minutes too late. The only one that wasn’t happy about that was my teacher. With the typical ‘Who cares’ gaze I made after rolling my eyes at the tall blonde math teacher I sank into my chair. Another normal day in every normal week. Yes. That is how I lived. Never caring ’bout anything but also never being violent. It was never my style to break another kids nose. But someday suddenly a new student showed up destroyed my system and well became my enemy.

“Sanchez wait up you douchebag,” I heard the voice behind my shouting. Turning around I opened my mouth to shout bag but soon a fist crashed into my face throwing me backwards. Blood dripping down my nose I screamed out. Lewis. Yes that was the name of the idiot that was messed with me. Well I couldn’t do much about him. But who wonders 1.55 cm vs 75 kg dumbness and strength. I guess it was normal that my weak childhood me was scared.

I picked myself up and washed the blood on my face away with the sleeve of my jacket, death glaring at Lewis. But you know what? This crap right here isn’t the normal bullied child fights back and kills everyone including his family story s**t. My eyes wide open I saw Lewis running towards me. Quicker then a gunshot I dropped my bag and ran, the douchebag on my tail. Like a hunted fox I sprinted past side streets houses and people, nearly crashed into a women. Not thinking about consequences I crossed a street with busy traffic. First not minding about it I heard a loud scratch. ‘Sssqqqeeeeeeeeeck. S**t! My head turned to the side so I could see what happened. Lewis layed on the front window of a car. Both of them crashed, blood all over the place. It didn’t took much time, after some seconds the people were jumping out of their cars pulling out their phones and were trying to wake the boy up.

I froze on the place staring at the scene. ‘is he dead?!’ a feeling of guilt overwhelmed me, but soon after that unexpected fear. Making my way into a dark small alley I could hear the ambulance in the distance. My small figure sprinted down the dark side street panting heavily from what I’ve seen moments ago. Adrenaline and fear pumped through my veins. I stopped somewhere in a dirty old backyard. I think it was abandoned. I never was more afraid than in this moment. Did I killed him? Was it my fault? I sank down on my knees on the inside still panicking, freaking out and screaming. I held my mouth so I wouldn’t cry out.

“Tsk tsk you’re even more weak than I expected.” I heard a voice behind me. Or was it? With small pupils my eyes scanned my surroundings. No there was nothing. Until I realized that these words came out of my one mouth. Did I just spoke out my deepest fear? Yes. My biggest fear was ending up weak. And I was weak. Still shaking I got on my legs again. What the hell should I do now? I was caged! How can I go home after what I’ve done?! Never mind. Slowly trying to find my way home I knew I had to go through the forest. How I hate it. I had such a lovely family. My father worked as an author that was local kinda famous and my mother had a small store. Still both of them became happy with their lives.

My father was sure that I would do something creative with my life or that I will take his place sometimes. But for myself I still just don’t fit in this family. It pressured me that I could disappoint them. ‘You forgot your bag’ I though to my self. S**t bit I won’t care about it. I don’t want to bump into the police or something. Slowly entering the forest I followed the road back home. Or I tried to. I mean I didn’t want to bump into mad people or the police! Again fear raised inside of me. Personally I was unsure about the darkness. Happily I welcomed every street light that lighted the road.

It was kinda a 30 min walk in my pace a 45 minute walk. Even if I knew that the voices or steps behind me weren’t real I still was afraid to turn around. After time I was running towards my house throwing the door open. The deadly silence again made me fearful. Cared of everything I was walking towards the kitchen. Only to see a lake of thick red blood. Following the red trail my gaze stopped on that black furball. Rottens?! Rottens was a black white toed cat that I once found next to the bus stop at my way home. But why the bloody hell were the tom cat dead!?

“Mom,” with my voice raising I looked around the house. Suddenly everything turned blank the colors I saw were going blank! My head began to hurt and I felt… ‘drugged’? I can’t remember much after that. The memories are blurry and grey. But what I remembered was that now I wasn’t standing above my dead cat. I was standing above my dead mother. My head turned jerkily to the side. There he was. My father. Now pointing out a gun on me. In my hand was only an old baseball bat that I used to play with when I was younger. A smirk formed on my face as I could hear the shot. Everything I saw in that moment was going real slow like I played with the time and broke it. I simply stepped to the side and swung the bat at him. Crushing his skull I kicked him brutally. Crushing the bat down at his body again. Have I lost my mind? I think so. Camile Sanchez was a killer what he didn’t know the neighborhood dog was one too.

Author’s Note: Well I am from german so please excuse my bad English! A more detailed story will be published in german!

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