Restless Lucille


Today I noticed a kid in class didn’t seem right. Her name is Lucille and I sit behind her. My name is Lizzy I’m 13 and close friends with Lucille. Today she wasn’t acting herself. No jokes, no smiles, nothing to show happiness. Usually she is always smiling and making others laugh and giggle, but today she seemed sad. I talked to her for a while but she said nothing was wrong and it was fine. I didn’t believe her, not one bit.

I followed her after school to see if she is ok. What I saw broke my heart to pieces, she walked into an alley and walked out with bruises, cuts, and probably a broken arm. I rushed to her to try to help but she kept walking away. The next day I didn’t see Lucille, but a white flower on her desk. The teachers usually do that when a student passes away… I thought, “She can’t be dead right…?” so I decided to find out.

I went to Lucille’s house after school that day. I knocked on the Parker’s door. Mrs. Parker told me to come in. When I did it seemed like a funeral was taking place. All of Lucille’s family was there and some were crying. I asked what happened and what I heard shattered me… Lucille died last night from blood loss. I couldn’t stay any longer I ran out and started crying. My best friend Lucille… now gone and no longer here. I headed home and went to bed.

The next night when I was sleeping I heard singing like a lullaby. I sat up and looked towards the noise. It was coming from my soon baby sister’s room. I walked into the room and the lullaby gotten stronger and what I saw I didn’t believe. I saw Lucille singing a lullaby looking into the crib as if someone was in it. I looked inside with her and saw my baby sister’s spirit. She wasn’t born yet so I was probably dreaming. Then Lucille looked at me and putted her hand on my cheek. She said, “You’ll be a great big sister Lizzy… I know you will be. I promise you will be ok without me around. I’ll be watching you and your little sister from heaven… be strong Lizzy… and remember we are always friends… ’til the end,” and she disappeared. I started crying again and the next morning I checked my baby sister’s room and I saw something in the crib. It was a little plush that looked like a wolf and it had a collar on it saying “Lucille”.

  • DeadCry3232

    Awww!!! The last part made me just cry, idk why it just did lol

    • Elizabeth The Killer

      Lol. At least you liked the story i wrote and yes this is Izzydrowned i just went with what my gmail account username =P

      • DeadCry3232

        Ooh lol you can check out my story as well, if you wamt to. Its called STitCHeS. Have you heard? lol