I Hate My Job

I’m a doctor, a doctor who’s been around for what a lot of people would say, a long time. I’ve helped thousands of patients, really in the millions at least. I’ve had a natural gift of helping people, with their wounds and with their ailments. Sometimes, I even ease mental pain when people pop by. I’ve seen so much pain, so many wounds to the skin, heart, and soul since I was younger that, I’ve studied and learned to cure them all.

A thing that I love to put on resumes of mine if I ever needed to switch hospitals is that I’m a specialist in every form of medicine. Most don’t believe me, they think I’ve lost it. They thankfully let me show them my techniques and know how anyway. I know everything from herbs, to chiropracty. From emotions to the feeling of emptiness.Heart break and extreme emotional pain affect the soul more than the body, trust me, I have experience.

My favorite parts of my job are when I get to see two things. One, the faces of the families that I help, and my handiwork in action. Take a man whose leg was broken, I can use a few hours to fix it, and I know the right procedure to make him walk again. He can hobble around and be perfectly fine, quite soon I might add.

Now, you’re asking why I hate my job. Well you see, being a doctor is not the job I speak of. No, there is the other job, a job that I do every single second of every single day. As I grew older in my youth, I had wanted to become a doctor, that way it could offset all of the pain that I could cause. I use my mind for most of my work, sometimes a wave of my hand will do the trick, but most of the time, I can’t be there in person to do my job.

I suppose it is the best when I’m in person, that way I can be Sure it is painless, at least when I know the people were kind. I will give you a little special piece of information. I grow as technology grows. Not in height or weight, nothing that silly. No, I grow in power. I now have a watch that vibrates on my arm, it then tells me who’s time is up. If I’m operating on a patient and the watch goes off saying it is in fact the patient, a nurse’s hand slips making a complication out of an easy procedure. If I’m in an observation room watching a surgery and the surgeon needs to die, well then he trips and breaks his neck.

All over the world at every second of everyday, my powers are being used. Killing off people has become second nature, now I don’t even have to think about it. How do you think I know so much about the body? How do you think I know how to treat everything? I never gave an age, nor did I ever tell you when I started. Well consider me someone who is very old, after all, a being from the beginning of time has had a lot of experience around this place you humans call Earth.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I thought it was interesting, but it felt like it was missing something. Honestly I’m not sure what, it just felt as though the story didn’t quite get there. Not very helpful, I know, but my only advice is to maybe go a bit further and develop more. There wasn’t anything scary here either. Just an essentially divine being that knows when people die. Good concept though, and that’s the hardest part. Keep writing!

    • Puddin Tane

      I agree with you. I was waiting for something that never showed up. Very anti-climatic, but good in its oan way.

  • Korra Thunderstrom

    Can I borrow some of your powers?
    Please T_T

  • Burlierbard

    Good writing but there was no umpfh.

  • Bonnie Manz

    I kept waiting for it to be creepy but it never did. But it was well written.