A Wife’s Love

Roy stands in front of a casket of his late wife who tragically passed away due to childbirth and he is left with a baby with no mother and little money to his name.

Roy spoke, “Lucy I don’t know what to do. I am only one man and only one man can only do so much.”

Roy kissed her on the head and said his final goodbyes to his wife. They buried her that same day and now it’s only him and his baby girl Susie. Years went by and Roy I had to get back out there and meet someone to help him raise his little Susie.

So Roy called babysitter to watch Susie while he went out looking for Mrs. Right. Roy went to a bar known as the gorilla to see if he can find a winner of his heart. The night went on as usual. As he sat there and had a few drinks, he was about to give up looking for the one… until she walked in.

She was radiant and beautiful. She had hair like golden silk. Skin as white as milk and a lace cocktail dress short enough to show off her sweet thighs. She walked to the bar where Roy was sitting and sat down right beside him. Roy was stunned by her beauty and he was nervous. He couldn’t find the words to say. All he could do is choked out a hello.

Roy said to her, “Hello.”

She looked at him and smiled. Not just any smile, a smile that could light up a room. It nearly knocked Roy flat on his a*s. Then, he finally found the courage to talk to her.

Roy smiled and said, “Hey there beautiful. My name is Roy, what is yours?”

She smiled and said back, “My name is Jessica. It’s very nice to meet you handsome.”

When Roy heard these words, he nearly fell out of his seat again. Thinking he finally found the woman of his dreams. Finally get over his grief of his dead wife Lucy. Those that set them the entire night talking to one another. Having a good time. Talking about life and family and that’s when Roy made his move.

Roy replied, “Hey, I was wondering how would you like to get a hotel room and we can talk more there?”

Jessica said, “Sure, I would love to handsome.”

So Roy and Jessica went to his car and got in. They started to head to a cheap hotel so they can get to know each other more. Before Roy forgot, he called the babysitter and told her that he would be out all night. He would pay her extra to keep his little Susie a little bit longer.

*ring ring*

The Babysitter spoke, “Hello?”

Roy answered, “Hey this is Roy. I am going to be out all night and probably won’t be back until morning. Do you think you can watch Susie for a little bit longer? I will pay you extra for your time.”

Babysitter smiled, “Okay sure. Sir, your daughter is in capable hands.”

Roy thanked her, “Thank you so much. Talk to you when I get home, bye!”

Roy hung up the phone. They pulled into the hotel parking lot and went in. They ask for a room and as they got into the room, it was, as you would expect, a hotel room: two beds, a small TV, vanity mirror with a bathroom, and cheap artwork on the wall.

But that didn’t matter. All that mattered was, this hot woman throwing herself all over Roy. She unbuttons his shirt, unbuttons his pants, and started to go down on him. Roy was in heaven.

Then she stopped and stood up the started to take off her dress. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in and started to make out with her. Their bodies became one that night, with steamy hot passion in the air.

After a hot steamy love making session, they laid in the bed close to each other and Roy was thinking to himself.

Roy thought to himself, ‘What am I doing? This is probably going to be a one-time thing and I will never see her again.’

As he thought about this, she spoke up and I soft tone:

“That was so amazing. I would like to do this again sometime if you want to.”

Roy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This stunning woman wanted to go out with him. Roy quickly agreed.

Roy smiled, “Of course. We can do this again, but maybe next time we would go on an actual date.”

Jessica agreed and after that night they had became close and started to see more of each other. Soon, she had gotten close enough. Should be like a mother figure to his daughter Susie.

After a year of being together, he finally pop the question to her 1 July afternoon.

Roy spoke, “Jessica, my love, would you do the honor and make me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?”

Jessica was speechless. After a moment of looking at Roy and looking at the ring, she finally said yes.

Jessica cried saying, “Yes Roy, my love! I will marry you.”

And just like that, they got married. A few months later, everything was going good. They were happy. They were in love. Until it started to slowly crumble.

Roy had to work while Jessica had to stay home to clean and watch after Susie. This upset Jessica and she brought this up to Roy but he ignored it. And this upset Jessica even more. That’s when a fight broke out.

Jessica yelled, “Dammit Roy! Why won’t you f*****g listen to me while I’m talking! Every time when I try to say something, you just shrug it off and ignore it. Well, I’m sick of it damn it!”

Roy retaliated, “How about you wait one goddamn minute here! I work my f*****g a*s off to support you and my daughter. I don’t want to hear f*****g complaints, all right!?”

The fight went on what seemed like hours. Nasty words were said, feelings were hurt, until Roy did the unthinkable. She hit his wife Jessica, knocking her to the ground. Jessica gone up. And she became afraid of Roy.

When Roy snapped out of his anger, he realize what he had done. But it was too late, the damage already had been done. He try to console her and tell her he was sorry, “Jessica baby, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you, it just happened all of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking.”

Jessica cried saying, “You stay away from me! You monster! Don’t come near me!”

Roy begged her, “Jessica sweetheart, please, I am really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me. Don’t hate me for this!”

After Jessica had come down, she saw in Roy’s eyes that he was genuinely sorry for what he had done. She ran out and hug him. Even though she forgive him, she will never forget the fact that he has struck her. But everything went back to normal after that.

That is until Jessica was going to surprise Roy and his work with his daughter with her. They were going to have lunch together, all three of them. When she got to his office, she noticed that nobody was at the front desk. Her husband’s office door was cracked open. When she walked towards the door, she heard moaning coming from behind it. What she saw shocked and disgusted her.

Roy was making love to another woman, touching every inch of her body. Jessica watched for a moment as Roy making hot passionate love with his secretary like a bunch of wild animals. And that’s when Jessica’s head snapped. She grabbed little Susie by the arm and told her, “Come on Susie honey, let’s go home. Daddy is busy right now. We can come back later.”

Susie smiled, “Okay Mommy.”

She told Susie home and I never went back to Roy’s office. Instead when they got home, she put Susie and her crib and give her a bottle and put her down for a nap.

That night when Roy came home, he noticed everything in the house was spotless to the point where it seemed like everything was shining. He called out to his wife that he was home, “Honey I’m home!”

Jessica smiled saying, “I’m in the kitchen, Darling. Dinner is almost ready. I hope you’re hungry!”

Roy went to wash up for dinner. He’s getting very hungry after smelling such intoxicating aroma is coming from the kitchen. It filled his nostrils and had drool dripping from his mouth. When he came out of the bathroom after washing up, he went straight to the dining room table. Waiting for him was a huge spread of food that looks like it was straight out of a catalog. Without hesitation, he sat at the table and filled his plate with delicious cooked food made with love by his wife. As he was sitting there, gorging himself, he realized that his wife hadn’t eaten a bite of the food.

Roy questioned, “Honey why aren’t you sitting down eating dinner with me?”

Jessica looked at him with a sinister-looking smile and said:

“Oh I’m not hungry, Dear. Besides, this is all for you my special man, and my special man gets what he deserves.”

He shrugged it off and agreed with her. He went back to eating until he was full and then he helped her clear the table and put what was left in leftover bowls. As everything was put away and clean, he walked upstairs and went to the bathroom to change his clothes and get ready for bed. After he was done brushing his teeth and using the bathroom, he came out and right before he went to bed, he wanted just saying goodnight to his beloved daughter Susie.

When he got to his daughter’s room, he open the door and walked to the crib and noticed it was empty. Susie was nowhere to be found. He was in a panic he yelled for Jessica, “Jessica sweetheart, where is Little Susie? She’s gone!?”

Jessica walked up the stairs and calmly walk to Susie’s room. As she stepped inside, she started to laugh psychotically. Roy ran up to Jessica and started to shake her violently demanding where his daughter was, “Jessica where is my daughter, damn it! I don’t have time to play f*****g games with you! Where is my little girl?”

Jessica looked at him and just gave him that sadistic smile again and said 3 words that would not only make him puke and disgusted, but would haunt him for the rest of his life, “You ate her…”

His eyes begin to widen as he started to puke and she just kept on laughing psychotically. After he was done hurling, he pinned her up against the wall and grabbed her by the neck. He started choking her and demanded an answer.

Roy yelled, “Why the f**k would you do this to her? She was an innocent child, you psychotic b***h! Tell me why?!”

After he let go of her throat, she dropped to the ground. She told him everything she saw. She saw him having an affair with the secretary. So to get back at him, she took little Susie home and put her down for a nap. When she went to make her bottle, Jessica slipped in a bunch of sleeping pills enough to kill Susie and then she chopped the body up into pieces and made dinner with her body parts.

Roy was in tears after her confession. So he did what he thought was right and beat Jessica to a bloody pulp until the neighbors heard the commotion. They call the cops. When the cops got there, they broke down the door and noticed Roy standing over Jessica’s body. They arrested Roy and called an ambulance for the barely breathing Jessica. As the paramedics lifted Jessica onto the gurney in her incapacitated state through all the blood and shattered bones, she still let out a sadistic laugh because she was proud of what she had done. Proud that she punished an unfaithful woman-beater by taking away the one true thing that he loved more than her, his daughter.

Meanwhile as they hauled Roy to jail and put him in a questioning room, they went back and forth to find out why he did it. One of the officers sat down at the table across from him and switched on the reporter and started to speech,”This is officer Riley questioning Mr. Roy Walker. Mr. Walker please state your name and tell me what happened.”

Roy put his hands on his face and slumped over the table. He started to speak into the small microphone, “My name is Roy Walker and I’ve beaten my wife half-death because she murdered my only daughter.”

Officer Riley replied, ”Mr. Walker, can you tell me why and how she killed your daughter for the record please?”

Roy took a deep breath as tears started to roll down his eyes out of grief. He started to explain to officer Riley the Horrors of what his wife did, “Well officer, I was at work and time had gotten away from me. I forgotten that my wife and daughter was coming to have lunch with me. My secretary came in and started to come on to me. It started innocently enough. She started to flirt with me and show sexual advances. I thought nothing of it, that is until she got down on her knees and started to… well you know what I’m talking about. I really don’t have to explain what comes next.”

Officer Riley spoke, “Okay I completely understand but, go on, then what happened?”

Roy spoke calm as he could, “Well, I believe in the middle of my little session with the secretary, my wife, Jessica, saw everything. She took my daughter home. That’s what she told me and…”

Before Roy could finish that sentence, he started to break down and cry. He became a broken shell of a man that he once was.

Roy crying spoke, “She took my little girl home, placed her in her crib, and then she did the unthinkable. She filled her baby bottle up and fill it up with a large amount of pills then gave it to her. She took my baby’s lifeless corpse and chopped it up then put it in tonight’s dinner and fed it to me!”

After he got done speaking into the microphone, officer Riley was speechless. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. What type of evil person would kill an innocent child and proceed to chop them up? Not to mention, cook the meat and proceed to feed the meat to someone else but her father. Officer Riley gathered his thoughts and continued the interrogation.

When officer Riley was finished interrogating Roy, he put Roy in a cell by himself and away from the other criminals because officer Riley thought that he was unstable and wasn’t fit to be in a cell with other people. So as Roy sits in the jail cell sobbing his eyes out, officer Riley wanted to dig in deeper into this investigation, but he had to wait until the so-called victim, Jessica, was stable for questioning at the hospital. Hours go by and officer Riley finally got the call. He rushed to the hospital to get her statement but he wasn’t prepared for what he was about to hear once he got there.

He went inside the hospital room where she lay there, hooked up to tubes and wires keeping her stable and alive, as he approached her bed calmly, cleared his throat, and started to speak to her, “Miss Walker, my name is Officer Riley. I’m here to take your statement on what happened. Can you tell me?”

The room went quiet for just a few moments before Jessica started to speak and when she did, Officer Riley listened. What he had heard from her lips will probably haunt his psyche for the rest of his life.

Jessica spoke, “Well officer, I just want to say that b*****d of a husband of mine got what he deserved. I cooked a meal that’ll b*****d like him deserves to get.”

Officer Riley spoke calmly, “Miss Walker, I understand you wanted to get back at your husband. But why kill an innocent child just to get revenge?”

Jessica spoke with tears, “Because I knew to get back at him! I would have to take away the one thing that he loved more than me! Then was his only child. After putting up with his constant abuse, then him cheating on me. I couldn’t stand that f*****g child no longer! So I took her home and laid her in her crib and poisoned her bottle so it would be much easier to chop her up in little bitty pieces and cook her so I can feed her to that low down piece of s**t I called a husband! The funny thing is I enjoyed every minute of what I did!

After she was done speaking, the room went quiet once again until officer Riley spoke, “Well, that will be all this is, Walker.”

Officer Riley got up and started to walk away. Before he was able to get to the door, Jessica grabbed his gun from its holster and put it to her head.

Jessica yelled, “You may have gotten my confession, but you will never have me! See you in hell officer!”

Jessica had killed herself. She believes she rather be dead than spend her life behind bars. And now her lifeless body lays there as blood painted the walls. All you could hear now was the machine letting out that ear-piercing beep.

After the mess was cleaned up and papers were filled, Officer Riley headed back to the jail to tell Roy his crazy ex-wife killed herself. After officer Riley broke the news to Roy, he automatically broke down and never said anything after that day.

So about a month after all that happened, Roy committed himself to a psych ward where he would spend the rest of his days alone in silence. That is until the silence became way too much for him. So he ended up taking his own life even though he knew he had no life anymore. He was just a hallowed husk of a man. The only way he can get rid of the bad memories is to get rid of the body. When the mind is already gone and never to return again…

The end.

  • jeevith

    see kids, thats why cheating is bad.

  • Amazing Guy

    A few grammatical errors but the story itself was amazing! The stomach wrenching feeling when she tells him what he ate was a major plus to the overall mood of the story. Loved it.

  • Lostspecies

    Could hardly get through it… terribly written