Madison’s Story

It was a weekend normally the best time of the week. Halloween was a week away. I downloaded this game online it had many ripoff versions and I got them all. All of them downloaded pretty fast and I played the original version first. When I finished the game I checked the time,”Oh it’s midnight. Better get going to bed.” As I got off my chair to go to bed I heard another game start up. I turn to see the screen and it was the Halloween version or ROM hack. I looked around before closing the game and turning off the computer.

The next morning came around and I played the game that came on last night. When I started up the game I selected my character and named myself Madison. The loading screen had my mom, dad, brother, and Madison in the car. The car drove by the woods and I saw pages on the trees in the background. I thought to myself that a Slenderman fan made this. My character looked lifeless as they drove by the woods. Later on as the family stopped at a bathroom along the street I saw the options to get out of the car or stay in and wait for the rest of Madison’s family. For some reason I got out of the car. When I got out in the background I saw slender man spying on me. When I went back to get in the car bold letters came on the screen shaking saying he won’t let you then the screen went black. I didn’t see any game over screen I pressed all of the b*****s trying to escape the game but nothing happened. I turned off the computer then turned it back on. It was normal, I didn’t play any longer.

That night I was wanting to play more wondering what will happen next. When I managed to fall asleep it felt like I slept only for 5 minutes. I almost went sonic fast over to the computer turned it on and played the game again. When I got on the loading screen was different. The trees had blood on them and a torn in half bodies was on the ground. The body looked like Madison. Madison noticed and looks out the window having a reaction. I was questioning why Madison looked out the window now but she wasn’t facing the body she was facing me. Her eyes were cold and dead slightly glowing a silver color. Getting to the restroom again I clicked stay in the car. After my family came back out they got in the car and got to their house. I was confused and I saw some kids go by. Madison had no reaction as the kids went by ignoring her. I was finally able to play freely and go around the town. I took my character to shops and houses of the other kids. When Madison went back to her house and got her pajamas on. In the morning Madison woke up put a white shirt on, blue jeans, and a light and dark purple stripped sweater. I took Madison to her virtual school and before I went in I saved and had the option to go in or ditch school. I clicked go in and after a minute of waiting Madison was out of school.

Many days within the game went by and slowly Madison got sadder and more suicidal. I was confused of why this happened and then Madison got up by herself and went to the dresser and pulled a mask off the dresser. The mask got closer up and without me touching the mouse the eyes were drawn black, there were pink cheeks, and the smile was painted a red color that looked blossom. I then saw Madison go out of the house and run into the woods. The screen turned black again so I turned off the computer and watched the news.

In breaking news people have had their places robbed and some were killed. “There were no stab wounds but how the suspect killed them is unknown. So far the only suspect is a run away 15-year-old named Madison,” said the news reporter as the TV had a glitched face of Madison with her mask and all.

  • MadisonAshley

    Nicely written lol

    • MadisonAshley

      It’s also weird because my name is Madison