Fortnite Scams

I’ve always been terrible at Fortnite, my friends used to make fun of me and call me names such as, “Big Default” and “Noob”. While trying to get my first solo win thinking that it was a good idea to keep on landing at Tilted Towers. I keep dying over and over, finally I decided to do some research on how to become a better player. I typed, “Fortnite tips and tricks,” into the Bing search engine and clicked on the first YouTube link.

Unfortunately I was wearing headphones and the ali-a intro was too loud and hurt my ears. I spent hours that evening watching clickbait Fortnite videos in a poor attempt to become better at the game. Suddenly a “Free V-Buck” ad popped up on the video. The very quick and poorly made ad claimed to give free v-bucks to me and that would make me a better player, as I could buy the battle-pass. I clicked the link and I was redirected to a very sketchy website where I needed to fill out a survey. I gave the website my username and password, so they could give me my V-Bucks, I was promised 10,000 of them which is a very good deal for free.

I quickly launched Fortnite, I was eager to get my V-Bucks. When it loaded up I was surprised to not see my 10,000 V-Bucks, I was only given 666 V-Bucks. I first thought that would receive the rest of my V-Bucks later on so I was not too disappointed.

Before I went into another solo match, I had a quick browse in the item shop. To my surprise, there was a new demon skin for exactly 666 V-Bucks. So like any rational person I immediately  bought it and then when into a match to show off my slick skin.

The battle Bus was replaced with the Tranzit Bus from Black ops 2, I thought to myself , “Holy Moly, what a crossover. Mate Steve will be a fan of this update!” As I dove from the Tranzit Bus, I noticed that the sky was pale red with black clouds, and that Loot Lake was full of blood. I landed at Tilted Towers, which now looked more like a ghost town. From my first chest I found a common revolver and 5 bandages, “Pretty wicked,” I muttered to myself.

I turned and no-scoped Ninja, dealing 666 damage killing him instantly. I dashed out of Tilted Towers unscathed, with a few bandies and a shopping cart en route to Haunted Hills.

When I arrived at Haunted Hills, I noticed a new cave system and was curious by its eerie presence. It was a dark and reeked of Durrr Burger foot lettuce, I gagged. Like the absolute madlad that I am, I coasted down the cave on my shopping cart. On my my way down, I could hear a strange voice call out my real name, “George… George… George…” each time getting louder and louder, soon becoming quite painful. I whipped off my headset but could still hear the voice holloring my name with malice. I snap my head around my room trying to find what is calling my name. “Ight who goes there, gowan say it to my face why don’t ye,” I exclaim. The power goes off, and it went silent for a minute. All I could hear now was the sound of the default Fornite dance, coming from the corner of my room. I shun the flashlight on my phone onto the corner of my room, revealing a default skin with my face and no eyes. I was so shook from this encounter that I black out.

I woke up in the back seat of my dad’s Fiat Multipla, I asked him what was going on. He replied, “You’ve been diagnosed with ligma.” As I looked out my window, we turn into a place called, BlueBeach Mental Asylum.

It’s been 7 months, I can still hear the default dance and I see him in my room every night. No one believes me, and the worst part is that I never got my 10,000 V-Bucks.

  • IronMosquito

    Great Trollpasta mate. Cheers✊

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    Gud memz

  • Deven

    Do u guyz pway fowtnite?

  • StrayGD

    Ligma balls!

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    This was better then real pastas