The Black Robe – Part 1

Every time I look in my closet, I always see a black robe, although I had no idea where it came from. It always stood out as it had a red gem on the front of it. I never look in my closet tho because every time I see the robe, I could hear voices calling me. Sometimes they echo, but most of the time, I hear a deep… static mans voice. Not very often I can hear it clearly, but every time I look at the robe, I always hear a laugh. That same sinister laugh… Anyways, I am getting far ahead of myself. My name is Nova, and I am 13 years old! Anyways, I should head to bed now.

Did you hear that? It is that laugh again. I must be hearing things. Anyways, I want to tell you about a… weird dream I had. Not exactly a dream. A nightmare… Every time I fall asleep, I always wake up in a pitch black room. Except I know now that I am asleep. After mindless hours of wandering, I will always end up next to a door. About ten feet high, the door it usually black, but there is always a red circle with a X through it. I never make it through the door as the sinister laugh comes and I wake up, but last night was different. This time I made it through the door and I will never live the same again.

I was walking in the dark abyss again, but this time I felt like I was being watched. Every time I looked to the side, I always saw a glimpse of white eyes. They would always glow. After finally making it to the door, I heard that voice again.

“Nova you can go through the door… or you can leave right now.” After the voice disappeared I saw a tunnel. But being me, I was stupid and went through the door and there stood him. He was kinda floating as if he had no feet… or legs. He was wearing the black robe and I knew because it had that red gem on the front of it. The sleeves of the robe hung loosely as if this… person had no arms. I could see now. He was the thing that was watching me. His eyes where pure white… no pupils.

“Nova do you know why you are here?” I was confused which was natural for me but… this time it was a different confusion like… he didn’t expect me to know.

“You meet me before Nova. Can you remember me… Gold?” At that moment it struck me. Gold was my best friend when we were younger. If I remember correctly he was killed by the town because he cheated when he completed the Pokedex with ease. Except I didn’t believe he cheated. He worked hard and I knew because I helped him collect more than half of his Pokedex.

“H-How can you talk to me?” I asked.

“…Are you not happy?”

“N-No no I am but… how?”

“…After they killed me I rouse again. I guess I am supposed to be vengeful.”

“Why are you wearing that robe tho?”

He laughed.

“Do you really want to know?” I should have said no but I said yes. After I said yes he took off the robe.


“I guess you didn’t know… When they killed me, they cut off my arms and legs and left me to die…”

“Wait… but what happened to your Pokemon?”

He stayed silent.


“It is Silver now… Lost Silver…” After that I started to get dizzy. “When you wake, up go to the garage sell across the street. Grab the Pokemon Silver game and ask the person how much it is. He should start to panic a bit and say it is for free. After he says that, go home and put it into you Gameboy Black and White not Color. I will tell you more later.”

After that I woke up… and now I am here ready to test it out. The game is loadi- Huh?

“So you actually did it?”


“Open your closet and grab the robe.”


*Goes and grabs the robe*

“Huh? What is this?”

“There should be a knife in the pocket.”

“A KNIFE?!?”

“Yes a knife, I want you to go and kill the Elder.”

“I-Is this your revenge?”

“Yes now go. You have one hour or else I will kill you too.”


*Heads outside*

I don’t know if I can do this… For heavens sake, I am about to kill the Elder, but I must do it for Gold.

Thirty minutes later at the Elders house.


“Yes Nova?”

“I… I need to do this…”

“Do what?”

“It is for Gold.”

“Did you just say G-”

*Stabs him*


“…You killed him s-so now I will kill you,” Silver appears in the room.


To be continued…

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    I’m so confused :3

    But I’m excited for a part two, bc I like finishing things.