Visitor 06

I had to get away for a while. While my grandmother was being burried, I walked away, and I went into the forest. I closed my eyes, and I listened to the wind above my head, moving the leafless branches. My muscles relaxed, and my face had finally became cool after a day of crying. Twigs, and dead leafs crunched underneath my feet, and I pulled my jacket closer. Within the distance I could hear the roar of water, crashing over the water falls. My heart was heavy, my head was sore from crying, and my eyes were swollen. I would never hear her laughter again, ill never see her bright smile again…and ill never feel her comforting touch…

It was a soft overcast morning, and the trail led pretty deep into the woods, I knew where I was going so I wasn’t too afraid. However, I went deeper, the water was getting closer, and I could smell the salt on the wind. My cheeks were burning from the bite of the wind, and I started to shiver. I was alone still.

I reached the roaring river, above it was a guardrail and a road, that had once been the main strip, but now was considered a back road. I stepped on a rock and felt the bite of the water against my calves. I wasn’t sure how deep the water was, and I didn’t mind either. For once, the screaming was almost nonexistent due to the roaring of the river.

My hair stood on the back of my neck, my stomach turned to knots, and I was stuck standing on the slick rock. A deep underlying fesr seeped up my stomach, and I was forced to stand still. I was looking down, staring at my own reflection. It was me, I knew it was…but something, something wasn’t right. It had my sky blue eyes, my long red hair, and pale face with a mole on my cheek. Something, still didn’t fit right.

The reflection, had a wet look to its hair. The lips were set deep, and the water as it ripples, the face refused to follow. My reflection, didn’t move. It stayed still, eyes watching me. I blinked, it didn’t. It had looked just like me, yet it wasn’t me.

Its hands were creeping out, long bones for fingers wrapped around the rock, nails scratching deep into the moss.

“who, are you, waltzing into my resting place, with no invitation?”

I blinked, watching this woman’s face pull out of the water, the foam around her eyes, and corner of her mouth moved as she spoke.

“you’re quite a beautiful one…ready to have the same fate as I?” she asked, I attemped to move, and she smiled. Her clawed hands wrapped around my ankles. My equalibrium was off, my ears became filled with bees, ringing and buzzing. Eyelids growing heavy…she pulled, I fell. Face first into the cold water. She was holding me under, hands on top of my head. I started to kick, my mouth opened in a scream, but she still pushed, and pushed. One of her spider fingers, touched my lips and I held my mouth closed. Water was flowing around me, I reached out and I had pushed as hard as I could. She had a scowl on her face. My body became cold, everything flowed around me, I allowed myself to be swept away.