Psycho Sarah: Sims 4 Creepypasta

It started out like any normal day. I woke up around 10:00AM on a Saturday. After about half an hour of laying in bed, I began to get ready for the day. I didn’t have work or studies today so I was free to do what I loved most; play video games. I made some coffee and headed back into my room.

“Sup Riley,” my dorm mate, Michelle said to me as she walked out of our room. It was around the end of the school year, which of course, meant all the popular girls getting drunk with their horn-dog boyfriends and the football players.

“Hey, Michelle,” I said, waving a friendly hand towards her.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” she asked.

“I’m good. Throwing up and getting high aren’t my thing,” I said, giving her a jokeful smile. She sighed before nodding.

“Okay, if you want to be a nerd and just sit on your a*s and play games then go right ahead,” she said tensely before walking out.

I just sighed and sat on our old, worn out couch. After starting up the PS4 I looked through the game choices. “Minecraft? No, I already play it too much. Call of Duty? It isn’t any fun without multiplayer.” It went on like that for about every game until I just decided to play Sims 4. “I haven’t played this in a while,” I said to myself.

After creating me in Create A Sim, I thought it would be better to add someone in the house to talk to. I tried to think of someone I knew to add, but I didn’t feel like creating any of them. “Maybe they have some new Sims in the Library…” I whispered to myself as I went to open it. There was only one Sim in the entire library. “What the?” I asked curiously. Letting that curiosity get the best of me, I added her to the household. “Sarah Phillips? This one is new…” I said, examining the Sim.

She didn’t wear any of the clothes I owned, nor hairstyles. She had waist long brown hair, her side bangs a pastel blue, an oversized, black hoodie with a pentagram on the back, fishnet stockings, and black and white striped slides. I pressed on her to see what clothing she was wearing when she suddenly looked at the camera, her face completely doused in rage. I stopped, shocked for a moment. I assumed it was just some weird joke the original creator made to try and scare the people playing and then took a look at her traits. Again, she possessed things I had not installed nor owned. Her first trait was ‘Demonic’.

“People with this trait tend to…” I stopped noticing two things. One, the trait is supposed to be for Sims, but it said ‘people’. Two, Sarah was looking directly at me ever since I opened traits. I stopped in fear, as she took a mask out. Before I could see what happened next, the game crashed. It started back up to a more demonic version of the classic Sims song. I jumped as a notification popped up on my screen. ‘Version 6.66 now available’ I read. The main menu finally loaded as my jaw shivered. The side of the screen usually showed the multiple Sims hanging out with each other now was covered with darkness, a signal light hanging above a computer desk and computer.

The music stopped. The controller wasn’t working. Sarah, covered in blood and some weird code, walked out from the side of the screen. Her demonic smile came out from the mask, her eyes were pitch black, some of her fishnet stockings had been ripped and was left hanging off the rest by a thread. She looked at me, slowly walking towards the screen. I curled up in the corner of the couch, too afraid to walk off.

“Are you scared?” she asked. My heart stopped as she said the words directly to me.

“W-What do you w-want?” I asked, terror in my voice.

She laughed before pointing at me. Suddenly, I woke up on the floor. Michelle, Mrs. Heart (principle), and the school Nurse, Samantha, stood in front of me. I felt a major pain in my chest before noticing their face of terror. I went to stroke my hair out of the way before I noticed… my hair was pastel blue.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    See, this is why we don’t download strange mods off the internet.

    Always check the reviews first.

  • Kaci

    This was a pretty good read!