King of the 5 – Part 1

A rumor was going around about a monster that would steal your sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, After stalking you for many months. Some people would go hunting for this thing trying to stop it before it took any more senses. I for one did not believe this one bit. The paranormal was never something I gave one glance to until a couple weeks ago. It was the average day go to my collage classes work play some video games and then sleep.

But that one faithful night I “woke up” from a dream I had about getting stalked by a creature then mutilated. Turns out I did not wake up but was almost lucid dreaming, the thing was I was not the god of this universe just a pawn in the grand scheme of things just like in real life. After I woke up in the dream, a figure stood at my window staring at me until it saw I noticed it. The thing had a human-like face but it was somewhat mixed with a deer and wolf. It had long sharp teeth inside its human mouth with antlers of a deer. Other than it looking like an unholy beast the skin was grey and bloody. Where the grey skin was not you could see black broken bones.

The face ducked out of cover but I was still in shock so I just lay there shaking. After moving past the deathly face of the beast, I got up and moved to the window. It was no longer there. Vanished into thin air. Gone into the cold midnight wind. I turned around to grab my gun from under the bed. I had one because I was a college student so I did not have enough money to pay for college and a nice house in a safe neighborhood. But before I had the chance to make the dash for it the beast was there behind me. Tall and lanky smelling of a dead body with loose skin hanging off the bone. “Good,” it said in a deep scratchy voice. It touched my forehead, then I woke up for real this time.

Chills up and down my body tears running down my cheeks as I sit there shaking. I was already shaken enough but all on top of it my window was open. I tried to think logically. That explains my chills and the tears was just from the bad dream. Deep inside I knew what happened was real. I checked the time and I was going to be late for work so I put my clothes on and rode of to the pizza kingdom on my bike.

I went to night classes, so I opened at work. Nothing had happened all day until I was called to do a delivery. The address was off the beaten trail a little bit but I knew the road so it did not take long to get to the house. Some cars were parked out front so I thought it was party but I was wrong. I knocked on the door and to my surprise a priest answered. He was not the average priest though. Wearing grey-black robes. Great another cult spouted out. In my town there were many crazy cults, but they tipped me good so I hopped to get them again. I walked out to my car and a man was standing there, “Hello.” I tried to say politely but it was my last hour of work so I wanted to leave as soon as possible. His face was concealed by a mask so I could not tell his expressions. “Would you like to stay for the words of our god?” The mask muffled his voice so what he said was hard to make out but I just shook my head and opened the car door. He grabbed my hand, “Stay.” I yanked my hand away “Get off me!” I lost my temper like anyone would and slammed my door. He then stood in front of the car I hit the gas but stopped before I hit him. I would never purposely hit someone, I just wanted to scare him. “My faith in him will always protect me.” He stood there and said that in the same monotone voice.

I just backed up and drove off. “F****n’ creeps.” I mumbled as I speed off. After I clocked out I unlocked my bike from the racks and peddled to my collage classes. After biking for about five minuets I smelt a skunk. I thought I had hit a something but I felt no bump which was weird but I payed no mind to it. I was studying zoology. I had always loved animals and observing their behaviors. Our professor talked of a phenomenon that was just discovered where some animals from different species even carnivores and herbivores would gather in a pack to almost mourn the death of a wolves and deer. She continued with as humans evolved maybe some animals are finally evolving as a we did to become more sophisticated. Although this would make sense there would be signs of smaller evolution before something this major. At the end of class she said we will be dissecting a brain of a wolf and a deer from ten years ago and from three days ago to see if we can find a difference. All the way home I thought about this until I realized the skunk smell was gone. Maybe it was just a section of the road where the skunk was hit I thought. Finally I got home after a long day. I had small snack, took my shower and went to sleep.