Don’t L3t Me Down (Part-3 Final)

Days passed and my thoughts grow more questions every day. As I kidnap people and bring them to her I beg them not to scream, I tears my heart. I don’t know how long I could keep going on like that, just hurting people for someone I love with no moral reason. I keep looking into her eyes and all I see is fire for something terrible.

I lay by her side and hold her as she sleeps but I can’t help but think, is she the killer or am I? I walked into the living room and saw what my mind wished was a dream but was there in front of me. Dead bodies made a giant circle with candles lit on the outside and she… she was dancing. I could hear music but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, the noise of a piano and a violin playing to her body.

The more she danced the louder the music got as the bodies starting slightly moving on their own. The bodies would shift when she did and float when she raised her hands. Every time she lowered her hands the bodies would slam on the floor cracking more bones every time. I couldn’t take it anymore and ran to our room where our shotgun was kept. I ran back down and jumped into the circle pointing the barrel right at her face and gripped the trigger.

She looked at me and stopped dancing at the same time everything went silent. The candles soft light hit her face as we stood looking into each others eyes. A tear rolled down her face and she just kept looking at me, didn’t move, didn’t blink, just looked into my eyes. I put the shotgun down and held her tight as tears ran down my face in shame.

“I can never kill again” I told her with my voice shaking than ran out of the house. I kept running and gave it all I had. When I came to a stop in the middle of a park underneath a full moon I thought of all the horrid things I’ve seen than an image popped in my mind, her face. I didn’t know what to do and fell on my knees and looked at the moon and said sadly “Why have I been in this mess?” than a faint voice said “Because I loved you when the world abandoned you”. I turned and saw Kitten barely walking up to me then fell into me.

I asked her why she was so weak and she explained how she did the dance to regain her strength or she would die being around me, because I held her near. I brought her back to the house and let her do her dance, It was the only chance I could keep her alive. I went to bed and wanted to just love her without her being her or me being me.  I woke up to her voice telling me I would never have to kill anyone again because she found eating live animals kept her alive.

I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders as I held her and laughed with her for the first time in weeks. I took her out to the park at midnight and set out a dinner for us. Kitten looked in my eyes and I saw the girl I loved again. I walked her along the outside of the pond and enjoyed her company until she got sleepy and fell asleep.

I carried her back to the house and saw a man digging dirt into a grave, I looked at the headstone saying “Jerry Glace” a man I remember killing by his name tag. I looked further down and felt my heart hit the floor and my mind stop as I read the imprinted letters under his name “Loving father and husband”. I stopped for a few seconds then kept walking with a sad heart as I thought of the family out there that lost a family member. I kept thinking out of the fifty-three men I’ve killed how many dads or husbands did I take from people.

The day after that Kitten felt sick and had to lay down. I got back to doing things I like and felt good about what I was doing but knew I didn’t deserve the joy. Later that night I went to the bedroom to see Kitten wasn’t their. I looked through the house but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I barged out the door and started yelling her name as I ran and looked down the streets.

I ran to the last place I wanted to and saw her laying in the parking lot with a pile of blood around her. She said she lied about herself getting better and tricked me because she didn’t want me to be sad. I took her back home and bandaged her up quickly but in my frantic state she grabbed my arm and said “It’s to late love I will die”. I held her and told her I love her as she did the same as I saw a light flash into my window.

“Get out with your hands up the mansion is surrounded!” I glanced to see the cops outside with dogs barking, and a swat team with loaded guns all pointed towards the front door. Kitten kissed me then whispered in my ear “Don’t let me down” and faded out of life. I got up and carried her through the front door and fell to my knees. “Let the hostage go!” they screamed. I looked down at the girl I feel in love with and said “I won’t let you down”. I surrendered and they took her away and arrested me for several counts of murder and kidnapping.

And that’s why I’m here today in front of the jury and you judge to tell you my story of a love horror story that got me in a very bad place. “The jury finds you guilty of the killings and kidnappings as I sentence you to fifty life sentences in a fully guarded prison” the gavel drops making a pound noise that echos in the room.

  • ComradeNikola

    Can we get a movie hased on this?

    • Alexis Peters

      That would be awesome!

  • Kasaba

    Id love to see a sequel

  • Matt

    Absolutely loved it!

  • Rand Al’Thor

    The ending was kinda anti-climactic but the rest would make a great movei

  • Boredfluff

    Dude wats up with the ending. I was excited but now sad