Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt.4

Weeks had passed. After having been excepted by Hoodie, and masky warmed up to me, they were the ones helping me out. Toby, on the other hand, I hadn’t seen for the weeks. Ever since that accident with that man, his leg, I felt as though it was my fault. I wanted Toby to be alright again.

“Hey, Casy,” Masky approached me. he seemed so happy, but his mask looked so depressed. I liked it that way. After all, I was to depressed myself.

“Hey, what is it. Did Hoddie forget you again?” I questioned. I was almost happy to hear is annoying little voice.

“Nah, just sayin’ ‘hi’,” he said.

“Hmm, okay,” I didn’t care anyways.

“No word from Toby, huh,” I jolted after hearing that. That name made my stomach churn. I became more guilt driven, I nearly fell to the floor.

‘Aurg… n-no… Toby…” I couldn’t finish. I was too  hurt. I ran out from the house, not looking back at Masky, or Hoodie walking in as I grabbed my hatchet. I ran until I met the edge of the forest. A small deer lay beside me. It looked injured, with a gash in its leg. I stared at it, as it stared at me. I knew it was in pain, it was dying. I raised my hatchet from my belt and put it near my cheek. I lashed at the small animal and killed it there. The human part of me found it terrifying, but my true self, Cracky Casy, prevailed. I didn’t care if it hurt that deer, I did it anyways. Multiple animals were around. I killed what seemed like hundreds, but were only few. After letting my rage and hatred out, I came back, covered in blood once more. One thing stood out. Toby was there, at the end of the hall, standing before me. He looked at the floor, then me. I turned my head to the left, and looked away from Toby. He ticked, cracked and stepped closer to me. I cracked my neck, without even knowing it anymore. I didn’t wanna see what happened to my dearest person, all because of me. Or at least that’s what I believed. Toby noticed my want to look at his face, but didn’t.  I wasn’t ready to see what I could have prevented.

“Casy, why don’t you look at me? I can tell you have been wanting to see me for a while. It has been a few weeks, has it not,” he finally said.

“I-I could have prevented it,” I said, trying not to speak my mind, but it came out anyways.

“No. Is that what this is about? Casy, if you came down, you would’ve died,” he said. after hearing that, a weight lifted from my chest.

“What?” I didn’t understand, but that didn’t matter. I looked back up, meeting eye to eye with Toby. He seemed so hurt, but so glad too. He slightly twitched at the amount of blood on my body, but hugged me anyways. I had gone insane over the few week of his healing, that I didn’t know what he felt like anymore.

“Who or what have you been chopping at?” Toby asked me after letting me from his grasp.

“Every animal I could see,” I said, not feeling even the slightest bit of remorse. But that’s okay. That’s what is meant to happen.

“So you must be all warmed up. We have a job. This time, we don’t need our hatchets, we need crossbows. There’s a mad woman, or should I say granny, who we need to kill. Are you up for it?” he explained.

“Hell yeah. Come on Toby, you know me,” I said nodding. We took two crossbows and headed out to another forest, accompanied by a road. this house was clearly old. It had stains on it. Blood stains. We approached with extreme caution. The door creaked open. After stepping onto the house, we walked quietly up the stairs. It was dark, and eary. Suddenly I had been hit over the head, causing me to pass out. I woke up beside a bed, ringing in my ears and a bump on my head. Toby helped me up, forcing me to my feet. I looked around, to notice a bed, on dresser, a large table with ‘5 DAYS’ engraved into it, a locker and a small round table with a vase on it. Toby looked around and opened one of the drores. The one facing that vase.

“Look! It says, ‘Leave this house!’ what does that mean?” he said looking closely at the letters, written in red.

“Dumbo, it means we gotta go!” I said rolling my eyes. Toby looked at me surprised, but began to walk to the door of the room. He slowly opened the door, and yelled out

“Hello? Anyone there?” quickly we noticed a door from downstairs opening, and out came an old lady, holding a bloody bat. She looked up at us, and I gasped. She let out a load scream and rushed towards us.Toby grabbed my wrist and pushed me into a room, the bathroom and held the door shut. Soon everything went silent, and Toby backed away from the door. The granny bashed in through the door and smashed our heads. When I woke up, I noticed a note on my chest. It read “I hear everything. You children can hide, but I can hear you breath.” I shivered, and realized something.

“Toby! Stay as quiet as you can!” I whispered, and he stood up. He nodded with no question, and we snuck around, avoiding any noise.

  • Pavlex

    Lel, you joined Granny in that story too. How do you invent this? I don’t say that I don’t like it, its cool.

  • Alice150

    A good story. Write more please. There are a few errors in your grammar. That made parts of it confusing but I hope to read more of your work.

  • IronMosquito

    I cannot express my dissapointment in a verbal format.

    • Creepy tru

      I swear you comment on pretty much every story everyone posts and they are pretty much all bad comments so i got an idea for you ironmosquito. Keep your comments to your damn self or better yet stop reading because you dont seem to like anything.

      • IronMosquito

        I only review the bad things that need work. Room for improvement is everywhere in this series as well as other stories. Like I’ve stated before, this belongs on a fan fic website because it is not scary in the least. The only people who seem to enjoy this are fangirls.

        • Creepy tru

          You complain about 90%of stories on here. You are just the type of person that clearly has a bad life and you want to bring others down…and who cares if its fan fic you arent writing it so dont worry about where its written .

          • IronMosquito

            Like I said, only the bad stories are the ones I leave comments on. As for having a bad life, spot on, but I don’t take it out on others. As for the fanfic bit, I feel like fanfics shouldn’t be here because most of the time they aren’t scary. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of “Creepy”pasta? Just saying.

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            Another triggered fangirl, I assume?

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            I’m just a little mad. Your exactly like my dad. Finding every little tiny thing and criticising it.

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            I don’t see what your problem is. I’m not criticizing anything of yours. I should be allowed to tell people what’s wrong with their work without triggered fangirls coming after me. Alas, this is the internet. (Also, saying that I criticize every little thing is inaccurate. If I was to criticize everything wrong with this story rather than giving a short list, I would be here for a long time.)

          • Deceit

            Look, dude, I’m not a triggered fangirl coming after you. I just don’t see anything wrong with this work. But, of course, I’m just a stupid 11 year old, so what do I know?

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            I have to agree withthe “stupid 11 year old” part of your comment. I have to disagree with the rest if the comment, though. If you’re not a triggered fangirl coming after me, then why do you even bother replying to my comments? With thw way you respond, it really makes you look like that.

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            Ouch. Look, I regret 99% of things I say. K? But calling me stupid isn’t going to get you or me anywhere. I don’t know why I keep responding to you. I don’t know why I do anything. So I apologize for sounding like as triggered fangirl, or anything like that. Can we just agree to disagree?

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            To be fair, you called yourself stupid to start, but whatever.
            Fine by me. Goodbye.

  • Creepy tru

    I love your work. Keep writing. Just dont keep me waiting for the next part as long as you did this one lol

  • Adriana

    I can’t wait for part 5!!!!! Keep writing 😊

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    I love these stories 🙂

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    More please!

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    I feel like we need Brandon Barret here.

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    YESSSS I LOVE THIS CROSS OVER as soon as I heard “or granny I should say” I thought of it but then I was like nah prolly not then it said yall got hit in the head is was like YESSS and I had a big smile on my face..!!